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In 2647, a young man starts his first days at a college especially for military officers in training. His first days of training are very eventful.

Submitted: September 19, 2014

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Submitted: September 19, 2014



It had been a hot and humid day over Gratihm, it was late in the evening and the large, red star that dominated over the Gratish sky was now setting over the horizon, red light streaming through the atmosphere. Though even though at a glance the world look very peaceful at the moment, that was subject to change. Vangir, a stockier built teenager of 19, was finishing up his daily practice using his Vul-Spear. The Vul-Spear itself was very primitive for this day and age of 2647. The Vul-Spear worked by running a strong electrical current through the entire shaft, the user of course had to wear specially made gloves that fit to the spear "Like a glove." The gloves also made the current of electricity non-harmful for the user. Vangir had been practicing with the spear since he was around six, his father thinking it a wonderful present, though his mother on the other hand, did not. Nearly every day Vangir would come home from school and start practicing his spearman-ship, after his homework of course. But now that he was nearly a man, he had little time for it, he had his own apartment now, starting his first years at Gratihm University, easily one of the best schools on the planet, and well known throughout the universe. His father, being a high ranking officer in the Gratihm system for the military, secured a lot of financial wealth for his family, allowing him to pay for his son to go there with ease. As much to his mom's dismay, Vangir very much wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. He remembered countless times were he had heard war stories from his father, now that he was nearly a man, he knew that these were glorified, but that still in no way deterred his passion for learning all he could about it. Gratihm had a special program training officers ready to go into the military, that was the role that Vangir had been training for. All his life, whenever it came to war, or tactics, or anything of the nature, there was a definite change in him. He wanted to know all he could, and was very interested in the idea of becoming a master tactician, commander, soldier, anything. To impress his dad, come home a war hero, to be revered by his was almost like a fantasy.

There was no sound other than static rushing through the air, and a pointed spear as Vangir thought all these things. There was an open space behind his apartment complex, a large field that had an amazing view of the mountains, not far from where he practiced there was a cliff that led to the wilderness of Gratihm. The dark brown mountains looked much more reddish-orange from the fading sunlight as night descended. Vangir stopped as a noise could be heard behind him, multiple footsteps. He did not need to look to see who it was, it was common practice for the other, more experienced (But not smarter, in anyway.) members of Gratihm academy to bully the younger graduates. The three other officers in training had been asking around for the location of Vangir, they had been annoyed greatly at him being in a higher year class such as their's due to his skill, they were jealous, they wanted some fun. Vangir had been warned that they had been looking for him by his friend Ranan only a day ago, but he was surprised to find that the three goons were able to find him so quickly. He turned around slowly, spear still in hand, electricity popping and scorching off of it a few feet into open air. He looked directly at the leader of the three, a tall, pompous-ass, stuck up prick that had been known for bullying others to the point of forcing them to leave school, either by his parents influence, or his might. The two other officers in training were very large built students, looked to be in their early twenties, obviously around to break legs when Aghaim, the leader, wanted them to.Aghaim was carrying a large broad sword, obviously heated by the way it made the air move around it, Vangir observed. Aghaim stepped forward, "I was hoping to challenge you to a duel, seeing as you mostly practice with toys." He started, very sarcastically. "I, of course, am not very experienced with weapons of these, but you don't seem that tough to be honest." He smirked, readying the large sword. The two other goons back away, but were now on both sides of Vangir, there was no escaping this without a fight now. Vangir however, was not worried. He had learned nearly every technique known to man regarding a spear, where to hold it, how to hold it, when to thrust, when to take advantage. The spear was an extension of his arm, a very large, meaty, pointy, and deadly tool. "I accept, did your daddy buy you that toy just this morning?" He asked, Vangir taking his turn to smirk. Aghaim frowned, moving forward very quickly "You'll be lucky if I don't kill you with it you brat." He said very angrily, slashing and swiping towards Vangir. It was obvious to Vangir that Aghaim, had in fact, got his father to buy him the sword just this morning, not training whatsoever. He had been looking forward to a good duel, but it was a very small hope, he could live.

Vangir quickly retreated, backing away from the other's vicious strikes of hatred. It was predictable, but he also did not want to get kicked out of the academy for murder, he was relatively sure his father would look down on him for that. Aghaim however, was enjoying this little "Duel". He had the false security that he was winning, pushing the other back closer and closer to the cliff with his strikes, he debated on how he would injure the younger officer. Aghaim did not expect the next strike though as Vangir finally struck back, his spear tip inches away from the others throat, Aghaim himself in mid slash. "Checkmate." Vangir pointed out, only to roll to the side as Aghaim continued his onslaught of swings, clearly having no honor in his heart or character. Vangir bided his time, waiting for the perfect moment to parry the other, and soon, he stopped dodging, catching the other with the blunt end of his staff and throwing the broadsword a few feet away. After that Aghaim looked rather amusing to Vangir, his mouth agape and his eyes wide with fear. They stood there in silence for a moment, the two goons off to the side taking the hint to move in on Vangir at this point. Aghaim dived for the sword, but not before the blunt end of the electrofied spear caught him in the ribs, sending him sprawling in pain to the right. Vangir quickly slashed the spear in a circle arc to ward off the other two charging towards him at this point, then quickly dashing towards one of the two large goons. The blunt end of the spear pushed into the Goon's belly, sending him flying backwards with an "Oouf!" Vangir swept around to meet the other, only to find him shaking in terror. "Go tell the others what happened, tell the truth or this will happen to you." He warned, the goon nearly tripping over himself to run away back to the complex of other officers. Vangir watched with amusement at his work, picking up the sword the other had dropped moments ago and sat on a large rock in the field, a few feet away from the bodies of unconscious officers and admired it. "I don't think he got the point, do you think so?" He looked at his spear, laughing loudly at his own joke.

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