gateway to hell 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
my first stories i have ever wrote so bad grammer is in it and 6 yrs old

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012




gate way to hell 2


When hell comes up there is no heaven


The boy heard a sound under the floorboards in his room, but when his dad had a look there was nothing there then the sound stop for the rest of the night.

Then when he woke up the sound change to a goblin sound then he heard a shotgun shell down stairs then he went down, then he saw something so unbelievable he pinch himself then he relies that he is a wake. Then suddenly he went towards to the t h i n g and just before the boy touch the undead person it turn………… and the door got kick of by some people with really big guns. The boy said to the people what it was they said it was a zombie a deadly virus then he relies that what they were telling him was his dream he had a year ago.  Then the boy said that he had a dream about this a year ago, and then they just laughed at him because what he said. Then there was a big moan off his undead father then they had to shot the boys father. Then the boy then said about some thing that was true because he said things like this will happen every 1000 years then they pick him up and took them with them for safety.


On the same night he did not eat or sleep then he saw a zombie chasing his girl of his dreams and saved her then she just fell into his arms then he carried her to where he is staying with the people. Then for unknown reason he slept though the night then roxy woke then she just screamed then the boy told her what happened to her she was in love, but she said then that she love Jamie he just went out for 5 minutes. Then he said did she tell that she loves him then they just kissed. But it is not going to have a happy ending.

Then roxy sat on Jamie’s lap and had brake fast because there were not enough chairs and roxy was not the only girl. Every thing he had in his dream is happening but what Jamie does not that in his dream when he woke up some thing is going to happen. Even in part 1 there is dead cats, fly’s, metal zombie, zombies, the monster, devils, birds, and animals and there are some new monsters

1. Dragons of hell

2. Bugs

3. Hell fire

So they came across a closed fairground because of the undead out break.

The owners could be eaten like the blood and guts and some brains they could see, then suddenly they hear some music playing some where and then a munch and crunch of some one was getting eating by some thing. Then they hear a slim then they see the brain moving and sliming and at the same time the brain was leaving a blood path, then some one walk towards the sliming brain then. ………. Jump!! Goes on the face of the walking person then it ate though the mans forehead and went down eating the mans body nothing was left but his brain and his guts and his insides. Then every one screamed and ran away and then they found a safe place, that what they think. But it was not because some one was missing from the group roxy was missing then roxy came back and then Jamie notices that she was been hurt. Then Jamie gave the cure to roxy then the bite just disappears like thin air. Then they found a defended army house with saviours then they nock on the door then a person open the door. Then Jamie notices that almost everyone was infected of the virus then Jamie cured all of the saviours. And they have sensors of incoming the infected ones and then they have machine guns bunkers mine filed barber wire to keep them alive for help. The question is the help one the way but if the help is one the way they will have a hell of a time. But what they don’t know is that they should not be worried about the zombies they should be worried about the monster. But Jamie does not remember what the monster look like, is this a never bad dream but feels real. Then an army of the undead comes along and they are devils, dead cats and zombies. But they are not alone the got the monster and the metal zombie. Then suddenly one of the zombies head exploded like there was a grenade in its head, then the moving brain just boom it self in the air.


But this is just a never dream and in the real world the boy Jamie is dieing from brain damage.


Then the zombies just disappear like in thin air then reappear like they had a cloak on then a bird transformed into an undead huge deadly bird of the world.

Then out of know where a ball of fire came and burnt the person who was shooting at them and at the same time the persons head just split open like it got open by a murder with a knife though the head. Then a dragon shape fire from the fiery pits of hell and they named the dragon of hell. From know where there was a big bang. Then the monster got blown to bits then after a few seconds it went back into the same monster. But then he made it self back to full heath just like it never got hurt not even a scratch. Then the monster just touches the man with his monstrous hand then his skin just slim of his body. Then every one could see all of his blood vanes, guts, liver, bones, tissue of his skin, heart, lungs, intestines small and big, eye shocks and his windpipe. Then his lungs filled with blood his blood bubbled like in boiling water then his wind pipe got filled with blood like he drown but in his own blood.


Then the ground shaken like there was an earthquake, (but the trouble was that they do not have earthquake where they were) then the ground lifted like a giant mole was coming up from the ground. Then there was a giant hole like something was digging out then …… a giant mutated earth worm squirmed out from the mud, but the trouble was it was the biggest thing there and it moved like a snake squirmed like a snake killing his prey.


Then the worm opens his big giant mouth was the size of a mansion then ate the monster then something scarier than anything they every seen in there life’s.

Then the giant mutated earthworm digested the monster then the worm exploded into little bits. Then suddenly the worm mutated into the monster but this time the worm monster screeched out loud like a sound wave that could kill humans. But the sound did not kill us then it turns into a cocoon then split into two cocoons. (But what was in the cocoons?) Then the devils, dead cats, metal Zombie, the dragon of hell and the deadly mutated bird guarded the cocoons like it was the end of the world for earth.


 Then in the background giant mutated bird eating spiders just stomp with their 80 legs and can see with its 40 eyes. Then a rocket launcher blown up a spider leg then all of the spiders slang there webs and then tangled the man then the man just melted like ice cubes. Then rile every one was a sleep some zombies some how the zombies control 2 people including Jamie’s girlfriend roxy. Then the cocoons split open then Jamie woke up to see what was happening, then he tried to wake every one else up and said what was happening, then Jamie risk his life to save roxy but he was far too late. Because she had some thing coming out of her chest so horrible that he could barely watch. Then a screeched came from roxy chest ripping out of heart then a pair of wings sprang out off her back. Then the other person did not have a sound of the creature when it came out of his chest. But there was just came out because they were infected by the virus outbreak. The things were still in their cocoons but there inside the cocoons was thumping like something was breaking though with a hammer.


The creature that came out of roxy’s chest was like a human mutated bat from hell so they named human bat. Then Jamie felt that he just got stab in the chest because what had happen to roxy. The creature that came out of the man’s chest was dead it was not ready to come out. It was half past six at the end of his life in the evening.

But was the beast that came out of the man’s chest dead or not?


But then some thing was a split type of sound then every one look at the cocoons then the cocoons mutated in to a giant leaf they could it a pupa of whatever it was in the cocoons. Then extremely quick some one got pulled under, and then there was a river of blood pushed out the mud like a volcano exploded. Then the body got spit out of the mud like a peashooter.

Then a book of the dead turns in to his eyes only, but for the strange reason it was in some sort of symbol language like: the book of the dead. For some reason only Jamie could read the book. (The language above says the book of the dead)  Then the undead just walked away moaning. Then Jamie slowly opens the book then Boom! When Jamie opened the book of the dead and the title and the writing in the book of the dead was written in blood vines and gut skin. Then he just looks at the strange language in the book of the dead. The creatures can be put back by the same person who has stayed alive from them. And the monster is from a never world so far away. .  (this writing says above: The creatures can be back by the same person who has stayed alive from them. And the monster is from a never world so far away.) Then Jamie sees a map were this person lives in the book of the dead. Then he says to the people that are left to listen to him. Then Jamie and the others followed Jamie then they come across the road that they are looking for. But it was so scary that they felt a river of blood that it went up their spine. So one by one they crept though the blood tress blood flowers and blood plants. Until they came to a house made by chunks of fleshly meat from the living the cement was made by blood to hold the house of the dead. The same house was in the book of the dead but as a picture, then the man who has stayed alive from the other times it had happen. Then the man said his name was Jordan the dead man of the years past and he said that he said that he has been expecting them. Because Jordan gave the book of the dead in his mind, but he did not act like he was a Zombie because he not died yet. With his vampire wife and his half vampire and half human children start with the oldest child to the youngest the oldest is Bobby she is 18yrs the second oldest is lee he is 17and a half years and the youngest is tom he is 15yrs old. But Jordan’s wife is 30yrs and Jordan is 29yrs old and her name is Sara, Sara does not look or act likes a vampire at all. So then they all played games like snakes and ladders, undo, scrabble and all sorts of games and tom the youngest always flirt with his big sister even Jamie tired not to flirt with her. So Jamie had to sleep with Bobby with 2 others, and the others had split up 3 went to lee’s room and the rest went to tom’s room. Then they woke up Jordan said that this house is that “Gateway to hell” but Tom open the door way by mistake and he gave you the dream to let you know and you have the power to put the creatures back to hell were they belong.


Then Jordan showed Jamie the door way as long the door way stays open it will cause murderous bad night mares but real. After Jordan showed Jamie the “Gateway to hell” door way they had brake fast at half past seven in the morning. But then suddenly the army of the virus came at the dead house then the cocoons split open then a giant mutated half butterfly and half moth. The buttermoth had the heads of the butterfly and the head of the moth, the wings of the butterfly and moth, all of the legs from the butterfly and moth. Then the buttermoth swoop down from its hatching cocoons and then some strange dust was coming out of its 4 wings, then some one catch some of the dust then he started to scratch his hand. Then his hand starts to melt and dripped of then his body tissue of his hand just blop like a big bubble just popped of his hand. Then he opened his mouth then like a volcano river of blood out of his mouth and he just stood like he was nothing left of his mind. Then he turned than he ran towards Jamie and the others like a cheetah but with more speed and the same time he was screaming at an high pitch and he got to them he stop then………… BANG some thing ripped out of his chest like his heart was alive and moving like a person. Then the tubes of the heart turned into arms and legs then moved like a snail while leaving a blood steam patch line behind it.

Then Jamie felt like he had magic powers within him then he felt really silly what he was going to do. He lifted his hand and crunches his hand like a crumble up C. Then out of nowhere a ball of fire was in his hand and thrown the fire ball at the ugly heart and burnt and killed the heart.

Then all of a sudden there was a big big rush like a bunny was digging in the mud then he notice the time was up the time had come for the monster to came alive once again.


The monster was coved in mud and was wet then he said “We’re the monsters from the underworld under and lap bang middle of the world called hell paradise for us”. “Then why are you here? are you … for your information you are just dreaming and is this fell real to you?” “Yes it does… then wake up… b, b, but how can I’ll have but I can not wake up then how do you know… then there is only way to wake up then”.


Then the monster ran into Jamie to make Jamie wake up although he just stood then Jamie just got far too frighten then he wok up he saw that he was in an wooden box like an he was just about to be buried. Then he was kicking, screaming and banging the lid then suddenly he kick the lid straight of. Then Jamie sat up then everyone screaming and ran then he look at him self then notice that he his in an very bad nightmare then he woke up like nothing happen what so ever it was just a life as it was.


Then Jamie woke up got his school clothes on then went to school what he does not now that the sound started again when he was at school. The same thing happen to his father he got eaten then he disappears.


part 3 to be made



© Copyright 2020 deathsword. All rights reserved.

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