The life of Death sword

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part one of my new set called the life of death sword, does contain high swearing at times, may upset some viewers, enjoy the story, some grammer errors i know, this is my latest story i ve done back few yrs back, if any errors let my know and i fix em thanks

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Chapter one at the beginning


Hi my name is John Swords, my enemies call my Death sword and my friends call me sword. And my life began with my birth I had some body parts missing like half of my brain was missing, I had neither legs nor arms, an eye missing and I had no chest skin. So then the doctors did not how I could I be alive, so then they had an idea to put all the body parts that I had missing to alien machine parts from another world, but after a few years my real arms was growing below my machine arms so then I went to the hospital at the age of five and the doctors took them and put some more machine arms my arms being connected to my waste and I need the extra arms they will just come out. So my child hood was shit hole and fun in some way, and I got a girl pregnant name was Kaylee at the age of ten. And I was still with her until the age of 16 and then one of my enemies called Death Screw. And then at the after a few months after I beat Death Screw in the championship Kaylee was killed by Death Screw, I went to ninja classes and I so good I beaten everyone within a few classes and then I got told that I was a freak and I blew my top I got two swords that was plastic and I was spinning them round my body so fast everyone screamed and one of the swords went flying to one of the students and went into his leg, but the good news is that he did not lose his leg.


And then the teacher himself taught me, he taught me how to control the power and he asked me why I did it, so I told him and he said oh shit, and then he fought me and I lost loads of times and then a few days before the tournament I won a few matches with Mr Ninja Master. So then a few days passed then my first ever tournament and the first match between me and a boy called Ninja Banjo and my name was Death Sword and I fought with swords but they were not real swords but they were still very dangerous. So the match was so great and there were a lot of clanging and Ninja Banjo and me had two swords and Ninja Banjo were laughing at me and the crowd was cheering and the match lasted for 30 minutes or more. And then the match ended after 40 minutes after the match started and I won the first match against Ninja Banjo. And then someone watching it and me was Death Screw he was in the tournament and he was the champ of this tournament and he had never been beaten. So then I beaten Ninja Bitch, Freddy Swords and Heart Hell Sword and now I was in the championship and I was VS Death Screw. So then Death Screw and I verse and he said are you ready to die boyy. And I said back I was born dead and I was born ready to die twice. So then the championship was now started so then Death Screw and I drawed our swords and we battle it out and this was the best time and he said to me that he is going too kill Kaylee and I blasted my swords and I ran into him blasting my swords so fast and he blocked them all apart from one the last blast out of his hand and his sword went flying into the air and one of the rules I forget to say is the person one of the swords gets dropped is out, so I won my first gold medal. But Death Screw was pissed and I mean very pissed because he has never been beaten especially a 16 year old and he was 31 years old and he was a laugh stock and that made him in a killer type of mood and he saw me kissing my girl Kaylee and putting my hand on her stomach because she was 7 months gone. And that made Kaylee his first going to be victim to be killed and to break me down.


(Death Screw’s real name is Helbert Pool.)


Few Months Later


And then it happen Kaylee got stab in the back so she got rushed to the nearest hospital and at the time Mr Ninja Master was teaching me more about how to control my power with swords, and then I had a phone call from Kaylee’s mum saying that she is dieing and I was crying my eyes out and I’m still crying today about her, so a brought some flowers for my baby that is my girlfriend that is and the flowers was her favourite they were red and white roses and she was so happy to see. And then Kaylee said to me fight for me and kill Death Screw and then she was giving birth to the triplets they were one boy and one girl and their names were Kaylee and Tom and minutes later Kaylee died, then I was kicking things and I broke a few windows and I did not get put in jail. So then I was now a father and my first child did not make it from birth so Kaylee and Tom are were my only children but I have got neither Kaylee nor Tom because of another enemy of mine. I will say whom later. So then my baby’s was the only thing that means to me and then I took them to my mum’s house so I can get some nappies, food, and clothes for my wonderful baby’s. So then Death Screw came looking for me and found me in the baby’s store and said how’s Kaylee but in a evil way and laughing else well, And I whacked him so hard he went flying right in to a wall. And Death Screw was gone but where he went I was thinking but he was going to the Ninja class to talk to Mr Ninja Master. But he was not listening to Helbert so he got out his screw like handle sword and chopped his arms of and then Death Screw and then he ran out and bumped into his sister she was called Dead Screw Girl and they got out. And then moment’s later I came in and took Mr Ninja Master to hospital and he was still alive and then the doctors gave him some machine arms so he was back on his feet in no time. And then Kaylee and Tom were killed by hit and run.


So then Mr Ninja Master told me his real name and was Jeffery and he is going to teach me about the laws of gravity and he was amazing and so was I you could say that I was better then he was. So then after a few weeks the gravity lesson I saw the most beautiful girl since Kaylee died and her name was May Longway she was the daughter of Kate Longway and she was a porn star and May came towards me and asked me if I want to go out with her. How can I say no she had the same body as Kaylee and oh she was so sexy and she so remind me of Kaylee so I said yes, but the trouble is something about her is different about her cause I know her from somewhere but where. So then our first date was okay I guess after we had our dinner she asked me to have sex with her, and I was like what what me to have sex with her but the bad thing is that I said no at this time cause I was still getting over Kaylee and May left so mad it was not a nice site.


So then after a few days I saw May come towards me and asked me to start all over so we did then a boy called Luke Eight had eight mechanical arms spider like and he was my mate from London and he asked me if he can join me so I said yes, he also asked me if he want to make me some armour and some more weapons and some wings I can use and I say oh yeah baby. So I gave him a name called Dead Spider Mechanical Eight and then a few days later I went to post some invites to join my team to save the world from evil. So at least 3 more people came to my invite and their names are the from the oldest is called DR Dead Rings, the second oldest is called Mr Lazy King and the youngest is called Boy Yoyo. And their real names are starting with the oldest, Jim Rings, Lazy Dan King and Timmy Dick and all of us will help the world we will be heroes. And now we all were fighting each other to get better and more dangerous than before. But some one was lurking in the shadows of midnight and he was known as the dark force villain called Dark Midnight and he had already had a team called the villains of the dark. (Dark Midnight’s real name is Lee Night) and who was in his team was Death Screw, Dead girl, Dark Boy, Metal Dark Drake, Dead soldier man-beast. And these were all from some sort of challenge from the past. Death screw’s name you already know, Dead girl name is Anna Tin, Dark boy is the older brother of Dead girl and his name is Wane Tin, Metal Dark Drake’s name is Drake Dick and Dead soldier Man-Beast name is but the trouble is he does not have one. So then the next day Jeffery Master came to my hide out to teach us all about the laws of gravity me the other hand I was just watching them and it was so funny they were making a fool out themselves and I was laughing so much I fell of the chair I was sitting on and they all looked at me and then we all started laughing.


All of a sudden my girl May LongWay came crying in and had blood on her hands and she was so scared like she saw a murder and she had a piece of paper in her hand and she was too scared to even move or say any thing. And the on that piece of paper was a note saying. 



Dear Death Sword


Come alone meet me at the place you first met Kaylee in two hours and if I see any one I know who is in your team and if you ask anyone to come with you I will hunt down May Longway and personally exterminate her. You have been warned.


From your worst enemy Villains of the dark


PS: I will kill you but not yet.


So then I went to the cinema in forth street.

So then I saw Dark Midnight in a pitch-black alley, the alley was next to the cinema and there Dark Midnight came out of the shadows and we talked about things then my mum came to the dark alley and we saw her getting a fag out from her bag and then Dark Midnight told me did you ask this lady to come here. And I replied no she always comes here. And then both of us went back to our bases and Dr Dead Rings was researching some metals for some armour, Dead Spider Eight was making some mechanical wings for me so I can fly, Mr lazy king was drinking alcohol and fighting some dummies because alcohol is his strength and boy Yoyo was a mechanic like Dead Spider Eight but Dead Spider Eight is mechanic for armour and stuff like that and Boy Yoyo is a mechanic for cars and stuff like that and a weapons designer. And then at five o’clock May Longway asked me to be in my team and I thought she is to god dam sexy to get killed and then I asked my beloved girl May to show what she can do. But what she did do she did not understand what I mean as “show me what you got” May instead got completely naked and oh it was a wonderful site and then I said your body is very sexy indeed what I meant is what skills you have. Then she got dressed again and my whole team moaned and then she fought really good and then Mr Jeffery Master told us that she was his daughter and her full name was in fact May Kaylee Lucy Longway and a teenage porn star but she is really 20 yrs old and I was over the moon that I was dating a sexy porn star that is 20 yrs old. And at this time I was only seventeen.


And then Jeffery told us that she is a dangerous bitch she can spy with out being seen at all, she can knock down 3 people with in 2minutes. And then I asked May if she would like to fight me and she agreed and she can fight and I mean she can but she did not won any fights with me but she haves a shit load of skills on her. (Few days later.) We got another letter but this time in the post and it was from Death Screw it said.


To the Death Swords Team


You son of a bitch meet me at the fighting pitch in two hours bring your whole team so they can watch you die and first fight between you and me was only your lucky day.


Death Screw


So then what I didn’t know at this time the letters was sent me two hours before night falls, so I went to the fighting pitch and there was a betting table and my whole team betted on me and there stand me and Death Screw on the pitch and the rules are no armour and the one who is down for no more than 3 seconds loses. So then it started the fight did and it was a hell of a fight. Swords were clanging there and everywhere. The fight lasted five minutes and I won the fight it was so easy in some way though and then the villains of the dark team went back to their base and my team went back our base and we rested until the next battle. So then the next day came along and it was bloody raining so my team did what they normal do, I was fighting May, Dr Dead Rings was unwell so he was in bed resting and the others was doing what they always do. And what was Villains of the dark was doing who knows they were being evil as normal as villains are. And talking about the bad guys Dark Midnight has a leader who tells him what to do and he is called The Tommy Gun and his team is called The Untouchable Gang and they have never been seen by anyone or that it was seemed. And The Untouchable Gang always get the job done the way they want it done if their people don’t get the job done they will be punished and maybe killed too. And who are they no one even knows who they and some people say that they are working for someone but no one knows if they are that’s how untouched they are.


So now in a few days or might be even months there will be an incredible a deadly fight between my team, The Dark Midnights and The Untouchable Gang team for the human race but who will win the battle has not been won cause we all have had about 4 incredible fights and me and the bad guys team have the same strength of power and it was not been lost cause all four battles all ended in a draw but the question that has been winding and winding and still winding even right now: Are the 3 teams including my team do have we got indestructible bodies or are we already dead but we are still fighting even being dead and how we died?


That is the question and the only question of all four battles and there is another battle next month or so. But what happened all the other battles we all had? And that’s all another matter altogether. So what do you think will happen well do you think if the good guys will win as normal or is just silly about a group of super power lays another story each time? And all the battles are another totally different story altogether. So who died and who didn’t and did we make brand new friends between good and evil if you want to find out just use your clever little minds, and I’m also going to tell you what has happen though out the four battles so just so sit tight and read carefully and please enjoy my thoughts as death Swords as it will last. 


The way the battles were the beginning 


The thoughts of Death Swords


First day before the fight


It was just a day before fight of the end of the beginning and we all have been training so hard and I am going to be married in a few years and I have got a lovely baby boy and girl their names are Mary and Richard they never fight but very rarely fight each other but they have no powers. And we have all have a great friendship that is hard to break because it is so strong and Dr Dead Rings is dieing of one of his illness what cannot be said and the doc say that he can be alive no more than a few hours. And I am more than ready to fight and I have not had any more letters from the Villains of the dark the last one saying that my team will be facing his boss’s team too and as I said earlier in this book of thoughts The Untouchable Gang. So me and my gang is just getting ready for tomorrow’s fight that is the 15th of June in 2012 and in some way I am quiet excited about the fight. Mr Jeffery Master death upset us cause of it so he went to the other side just a few months ago so that was quiet sad for about him died and let him rest in peace and we will win for him cause it what he wants and that what he asked me before he died. So let’s not lets his death be in vain and do what’s right.


The day of the fight


Battle one


Day: Monday 15th June 2012

Time it start: 12:00 pm

Time it finishes and day: Tuesday 16th June 2012 time: 13:00 one O’clock pm



It was a very nice day it was today and it was the day of the fight of the end of the beginning so we all got up earlier than normal and start training before the fight and even more sad news that Dr Dead Rings died during the night so he prayed cause of his death and we trained until midday and The Untouchable Gang team were late and the Villains of the dark too and me and my team had to wait for almost an hour and I was about to say lets go back. Then at 12:55 they turned up. So now we all drew our weapons and battled it out until someone died on their team, but the trouble is that no one even died but they did got hurt but not even badly hurt. And the fight kept on going and going and going until The Untouchable Gang leader just fell and then we all fell cause we had fought just to much and that’s was just a day and an hour later and we knew that if we got back up and fight we may just fall back down again and then it start to rain and we all went back to our bases and rested.


The end of the battle of the end of the beginning


So then we all rest for about four months give or take and he was so unwell for a few days and then we got better. And that was hopefully the only battle and until we got another letter from The Untouchable Gang saying that we have another battle in a few months after we took the four or five months rest.


Four months later


Battle Two

Day: Sunday 18th December 2012

Time it start: 13:00 one O’clock pm

Time and day it finishes:  14:00 Two O’clock pm Monday 19th December 2012


It was really cold yesterday and it was only a few days until Christmas Eve and it was snowing too and was so beautiful until the fire came out of no were it was just like a fire storm but it was just a dream. So then I awoke and it was snowing outside my window just like in my dream, and it was time for another battle between good and evil for the fight of the end of the beginning. So we all got up but we was snowed in so we got the car that Boy Yoyo made, we drove it though the door in front of the car and it was snowing buckets after we broke though and in some way it was very, very, very scary but I didn’t get it so we all went to the battle field were the next battle will take place once again. And the fight ended in the same way it happened last time mostly because it was just too cold and half of us just froze like ice that’s how cold it was. So we all tried to come altogether just to melt but The Untouchable wanted nothing to do with us so they buggered off, so this time in some way there was no battle but a very quick fight.


The end of the frozen battle for the end of the beginning fight


Six days later

Christmas day


It was snowing and me and my wonderful wife to be May Longway or should I say May Swords and my two wonderful children were going to have their first ever Christmas and hopefully not their last too. So it was happiest day of my life now it was it really was trust me it was. Although both of my children were only six or five months old and they really sound excited about this day and so am I. And now my whole team is like family to me so my whole team lives in my area and we all spend Christmas day with my wonderful family. (To tell you something I really thought that I would never get a family I always wanted but I was wrong wasn’t I.) And then there was a Christmas card from The Untouchable Gang but why did they send one for but I just didn’t get it though it, but it was really kind of them. So then it was midday it was Christmas dinnertime it was a fun time for all of us the day was, we all had a really wonderful time on that Christmas cause of my children. And I just can’t believe that I have some more children because my first two got killed but by who I don’t know who. (I know that I will say who did it but I don’t know who killed my first two children sorry. Maybe there’s another side to this story and maybe just maybe The Untouchable Gang is doing the same as me.) So now we are having a Christmas Party mostly for Mary’s and Richard’s first ever Christmas and they fell asleep after a few hours to tell the truth we all did well apart from me of cause I was tried but I wonder what The Untouchable Gang is doing.


One Week later


I got a letter from The Untouchable Gang saying that we are going to have another match for the end of the beginning meaning the third battle of the same meaning at January 5th time 12:00pm place: normal battle field 2013.


Battle three of the end of the beginning



Date: 5th January 2013

Time it starts: 12:00pm

Time it finishes and day: 00:30 midnight 8th January 2013


It was a cold day yesterday and the teams and mine bumped into the others and then we drew our swords so fast then it started to rain but blood rain, but and why was it raining blood that is the question from yesterday even The Untouchable Gang was thinking that too. And then it stops. And then we then battled it out until the 8th half-an-hour after midnight and we all had enough strength to carry on and that what we did then all of a sudden there was a great deadly bolt of lighting and though no thunder clouds in the sky what so ever. And then I thought could not be one of the gods from heaven stopping us but for what reason. And the god who stops us from carrying on was called the god of thunder, lighting and blood rain and to cut it down his name was John Island from another time a long time ago and he was not to be messed with. He had all of our powers and a lot more and the strongest god you can ever meet and he said stop this fighting this part of this battle is bloody well over. And then The Untouchable Gang challenged John Island and they got blasted to their base and they got fried from his electronic power of energy. And this god asked us what and why we were fighting about so I told him and he said well then that is good enough and then he asked me what I had done to do that so I told him that too and then he said well that is not good enough. So then his whole body turned into electronic power like energy and he went back up to were he came from and told me that he be watching.


The end of the third battle of the end of the beginning


But in the darkness part of hell is a god of death and darkness and his name was Luke Johnson and he is the number one enemy from John’s time, though in some way this is their time, always have done like it is repeating it self for a very, very strange reason and no one knows it at this time this is why this battle is called the end of the beginning. And what about Luke, he killed his own sister in the nineteen hundred but no one knows really why some say because John was going to marry his younger sister named Katie.  And so Luke was going to join The Untouchable Gang and Luke will be their leader and John heard about Luke coming back from his darkness home to have another battle, so John went to my team and then he asked me if he can join and I said yes. And then he told me about him fighting deadly battles from the undead, past, future, and monsters and destroys the only thing that is causing all of these battles but the proto type. He only died once fighting, now he has a brand new power he can now bring back his army he fought with and they will be as skilled as they were ever.


And now it will be the battle for the human race like their battles were.

And now the fight is called the fight for the end and beginning of the human race.


And now John and Luke can’t eat nor sleep until the battles have ended for good what is now causing the battles after the gateway called THE GATE WAY TO HELL was destroyed or was the gate way just a legend but some say that it has been found in Greece. And also the real one and more powerful than John Island destroyed in his time, just maybe that’s might be why they have return to finish what they have started since they had their powers. But were did the gate way really come from some say that one of John’s ships destroyed a fleet of the zombie knights of the dead table and that’s were the gate way came from. But I think it made it self to see how well good and evil can fight until god knows what the gate way is up to. Where is the exit from this hell whole? It might be from the gateway that was found in Greece? But what I don’t understand is why are we created for battles and testing us from the likes of good and evil to see what we are like, or is the real god is being an idiot? These are all question you might be thinking of so just wait I will tell you when the time is right.


So after a few days of just being our self’s John told us always to be prepare at all times that’s the way to stay alive and it has always been like that. When all of a sudden there was a big moan like the undead has risen but all to rest well because it was just John Island’s army he fought with his last few battles he fought then he got risen up few hundred years later but wont say why. And he might say when he is ready or when the time is right. So then again all of a sudden there was a big scream outside it was a young girl about ten years old and told me that some son of a bitch just killed my mum and dad and he was looked like he was from hell. And John knew straight away that it was his enemy Luke so we all went with him and his army of the undead was with him again. So then they shouted at each other and got so pissed off and they charged at each other with their swords and using their battle cry and all of us just looking and watching them just battle it out like they always have done. And then we went back home and come back the next day and they were still fighting and the next and the next day and still they battling it out and it went out for a week or two then they stop from fighting each other. And they fell to the ground but what will happen now but know I’m still writing because we are still battling it out but we are not but they are. They are fighting like they like each other so much they don’t want to kill each other but why.


And then all of a sudden there was a big blast wave of all their power like they just lost it and they did in fact we all did and then the mighty one called down and say battle NOW!!! And also said but with your fists. And we then know that this is should of happen all those years ago. Or are we just being put to the test for our lives. And what is going to happen now? And what did happen that I told them about the gate way to hell was found in Greece and might be the key why we all battle from of the time of power. So then we all agreed to destroy and then fight and he all agreed but how are we going to get there, and then John said that he should have his ships in obit but cloaked and they were still there but first they will go back to the very beginning from when the gate way to hell was first created. And that was the before the dawn of time in fact it was trillion and trillion of years before the dawn of time and space.


Chapter two

The time before the dawn of time and space


And then we went into John ship well his mother ship in fact it was the strongest ship in all of his fleets and all of his fleets came to us and then we went into some sort of super speed vortex and in fact it was the time vortex it takes us back in any time we like well any time that John wants. And then we were in the time vortex for about five to ten minutes then we entered the unknown universe and then we lost the engines of the mother ship for a while just about half an hour. Then the mother ship located a cloaked planet made by some sort of metal and then John Island used some sort of cloak virus type of thing that uncloaks things. Then all of a sudden the planet was pulling the ship down into it then when we was about to hit the metalness of the planet we went though the planet and then crashed into the ground. And then the systems were off line because there was no power sauce in the planet well that’s what we thought. The only power sauce was in the main city of the planet and we travelled for days just to find the city. Then we saw an alien creature what had the head of a bear, the feet and legs of a horse, the body of a human, the hands and arms of a tiger and he also had a tail of a dogfish. And then he told his name was Bear Rug and John Island asked were are we and then Bear Rug told us you are in the metal planet called Metaldor the home of the strongest metal ever created in the whole universe. And then Bear Rug took us to the city called Big Metal and it was big the way Bear Rug described. And we were walking for days and then I asked why did the ship got pulled in then Bear Rug said that the planet is alive but not like an alien, but it talks to us in dreams. And then he asked all of us to say where are we from and what type of alien we are. So John Island said that he is a god of thunder, lighting and blood rain, Luke said I’m the god of death and darkness, and then the others said that we are all were humans. And then Bear Rug said you are you are really humans but you are not be made yet well not for another 500 trillion years to come then your planet will be created. And then I said we are here to stop something from happening like the gateway to hell from being made. And then Bear Rug said what it is and also said it has been said that we might do it but we might not make it.


And then we got to the Big Metal and there was a big market on that time and it was fun being on a alien planet then all of a sudden we got spotted and then the sort of alien police came to take us to the Metal Prison and they had the head of a fish, the body of a human, hands and arms of a human, the feet and legs of a elephant and a tail of a pig. And they did not have any names. So then a royal person came in and asked for our release and then told us to follow. And then we got to some sort of castle well of cause made out of Metal. Well he had a head of a cat, feet and legs of a rhino, a body of a human, hands and arms of a human and a tail of a bunny rabbit and he was called King Metal Fluffy. And he told us that he knows why we are here in this time before space was made and he told us that no way to destroy the real gateway apart from destroy hell it self and there was no way to destroy hell what so ever. Only if you gain all of your real power you all were born with and all your powers came from this planet that’s why all of you have the skills of swords. And you all must work together even the ones who are evil and then you can go and only after the gateway is destroyed and then all of you get reborn and you might still remember what happened to you in this time. And will not be fighting against each other what so ever and you might have your powers still mostly if you are a god like John Island and Luke Johnson.


So then King Metal Fluffy took us to the chamber of training. And we trained in the chamber it was to make us become more stronger but John and Luke does not need to train any more mostly cause they are at their max strength even for a god they are the only two strongest ones they are indestructible. And all the other stories saying that Luke got killed was not true he never died he just got weakened and weakened each and every time he lost the battles between him and John. But they got upgrades instead of training to be stronger, but some one was watching them but who it was in fact Bear Rug the alien creature they met while they were looking for the Big Metal. And then John went in to some sort of cloak on his body from his ship cause he saw Bear Rug and then he went towards Bear Rug and picked him up and reappeared again. And then King Metal Fluffy told us that he is a traitor to this kind of beings because he is a killer he is exiled for 100 years. And then for some odd reason that May my beautiful girl was not with us or my children was not with us and then King Metal Fluffy told us that they were taken into hell to be punished. And then I asked if we are the reason they are being punished? And then King Metal Fluffy said this girl named May might be you know well in our planet it known as abused and in your planet from the future she might be raped. And then I went bonkers and swearing every name under the sun it took all of the teams to pin me down and I cool down after ten minutes of being pined. And then all of a sudden the whole metal sky dissolved in to thick pitch-black metal sky and some how I was doing it then the thickness black metal hit me and I started to turn like a some sort of monster not even been seen by John Island. But Luke Johnson has cause he made this monster out of his own power but it just got four times as strong as he was and I was a great monster god and I had all of its power from bring back the strongest armies, make more of my self, the power of making the evil ones be on my side and the power of all forbidden powers of all time.


So then my great monster god gave my friends more stronger then before but not the Luke’s team cause they still had some evil still in them. Then go into hell the ones in hell are really the good they were the good ones and they were saying to May that they were trap because they all were from other planets and they got told to stay down there. So we went outside and Bear Rug was still here and he said that they were the evil ones they were the ones who caused this planet to turn to metal. And there John and I and the team went back into the castle of metal and asked are you the evil ones and King Metal Fluffy replied what you take us for. And then King Metal Fluffy laughed very evilly so much that he turned into his real form, a great monster of the gods. And then he kicked us out and then we said fuck you, you King fuck monster. And then we all went to well what was meant to be hell, but to them it was, and we got down there and I saw May and my two lovely children was in their buggy and then May turned around and her face was all mouldy and my two lovely children was dead. And I said to the leader of hell what the fuck has happened and he said we are dieing with the same illness. And the leader said help us destroy the gateway to hell and you will be reborn and the gateway to hell would never be made again. And the team and I agreed but some of the team was missing Luke Johnson, The Untouchable Gang and the Villains of the dark and I know were they are too. (Well were else will they be, they are with King Fuck Monster well King Metal Fluffy)


So then Villains of the dark is fighting with King Metal Fluffy and what I to call him King Fuck Monster each other, and me and the team are doing the same too and my lovely girlfriend and the children are playing. Then all of a sudden there was a big very big crash and then boom, John Island and me came out from hell and it was the planet it was getting fired at but for what reason. Well John was talking to his first in command to check it out then they saw that their greatest enemy was firing at the planet and the planet was damaged. Then all of a sudden a whole fleet came out and it is the Corm one of the meanest aliens ever, they look that they mean business and they were John’s worst enemy to come a crossed to the planet and they had weaker weapons and shields but there is more of them and John only had one fleet and then John said to fuck them up. Then all of a sudden there was another fleet and it was another enemy called the Zombie Knights of the Dead Table, but then they hailed on John’s main ship and said are you here to stop the making of the gateway to hell and the first in command said yes and then they said us too. And then the first in command said to John they are only here the same reason of ours then the commander told them to stop firing at the planet cause of the others and me. So then The Zombie Knights of the Dead Table and the Crom stopped firing at the planet Metaldor. (And the planet was not taking any damage at all) But what was the big boom and the crash came from was it another space ship? Then all of a sudden there was some sort of wave coming straight for us it was some sort of blast wave of wind, fire, water, light and darkness and they called it THE GREAT GOD WAVE. But what was it really and then Bear rug said it has been said that anyone who gets in to it never comes out again well alive any way. Well I went in to it but some how I was still alive but why. And then Bear Rug said only the strongest or the power of the gods can only survive it or have a strong will that can not be broken.(And in some way the will of the gods)


And then all of a sudden there was another wave but this time it was the wave of the time and death. And we all ran but I was the slowest and I was sucked in to the second wave and again I survive it but why. Or am I the creature of the GATEWAY to HELL but if I did do it but what reason did I. And then it turned dark so dark some how I can see though it but why then I heard a voice like in my head and it was saying. (The reason. You have survived. Because you. Are the son. Of the BLACK DEATH OF SPACE. You have the power. To see what might. Happen to you. And you can. Stop it. From happing so. Just think. Very hard. And you will see into the future. Listen to me MY SON) And then I started to think about my future and then I saw blood, guts, moon crashing into the Earth, the next Ice age, the return of the dinosaurs, the reborn of Adam and Eve, the rebirth of Jesus the son of God, the first world war, the second world war, then fire of hell coming up for the second time, (This was the first time the GATEWAY TO HELL was first found)( and it is real but if it does what is called I don’t know) the making of the Metal machine Zombie then turning Dead like and then the Earth being destroyed by the virus but it has mutated into an evolution type with all the virus in one to make the worst and deadliest zombie ever not flesh eaters but with mind like a human but still have the feeling to kill each other and fight for food then the rock from space the meteorite not a small one but a 20000000000 foot long meteorite and it destroys all the planets in the solar system and I can stop it but how can I do it.


So then they all went to KING FUCK MONSTER (AKA KING METAL FLUFFY) to teach him a lesion he will never forget ever. So then I and the others went to the castle of Metal to talk to King Fluffy and at this time he was at his monster form at this time and he said “Go or die” and then we all said FUCK U you son of a bitch I will teach you a lesson you will never forget for the rest of your life. Then King fluffy said “The end is nearer than you think it is. OH the mighty one of the deepest part of space the king of SPACE.” And then the meteorite from the vision of the future to come but the trouble is that I did not know when it will come. And then me and the gang shout at King Metal Fluffy and then we battled it out it lasted days and then the others were killed apart from two Luke and Dark Midnight I was going to beat Dark Midnight and John Island was going to beat Luke Johnson. It was hell of a battle but it soon stop when King Metal Fluffy died by my hands.


And then nothing happened and then the real GATEWAY to HELL appeared out of no where and it said you have now got to destroy me now and I have unlimited power I am unbeatable not you or John Island can beat me. But then I thought that if me and John Island powers joined it could destroy Gate way and that’s what we did joined our powers and it destroyed the gate way............................................................................................................................................................... then all of a sudden there was a great wave of light then.................................................................................................................................................................................. nothing..............................................................................................................................BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!




But what happen? Everything went back the way it should have been.



At last


And the start of something bad very bad.


Written by John Marsden


© Copyright 2019 deathsword. All rights reserved.

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