The Life Of Death Sword II: The Birth Of Space-God

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This is not finish yet, but it is already at 3 pages done in a hour last night, the first chapter is nothing to deal with the new Death Sword Jr, cause the first chapter is to deal with the birth of Space-God, there is one small thing you may notice from a game. Tell me what the small detail in the story is from what game.

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011




The life of Deathsword II:

The birth of Space-God


The birth of Space-God and the end of Deathsword


Chapter 1


After the death of King Metal Fluffy John Sword’s power mutated with an unknown forbidden power to all Gods and never been given to anyone, meaning it will make even the most powerful of God’s powers five times stronger and it will make the most friendly Gods into a God to ever fight. Now the time has been Re-Written Deathsword is still there but his soul power has been let out to another boy named Scott Loop. And he will have a hell of a fight when it comes to fight with Space-God.


In the deepest part of the planet was a new type of power made and forced it self into John Sword’s mental body and into his mind, the power of Space is so evil not even John’s mind wont even stop it. Then John was in pain then his eyes turn black as space and then he was not moving. Then one of the crew of the Sword destroyer came up running and said that there was some sort of strange reading on the scanners and went into Deathsword and it was not good. John Island just laughed and said nothing can get though him, and the science officer gave such a look saying, It is that bad, so bad it has made him too evil and so powerful he can kill every god there is evening the most evil ones, even God of the unknown he is the most powerful god so powerful he has been put asleep by Deathsword but was not able to be re-woken, but has the power to do just that.


At the house of Gods, John Island told them what has happened they all thought that was just a Myth, and then there was a small explosion, Space-God was born, his body was so elemental it can withstand all basic powers, that it will drain the basic power and send it back with master power that will kill newly trained gods in a blank. Then Space-God teleported to the house of Gods, at this time panic had started and all mastered warriors, Mages, Wizards even the most powerful and unknown gods was there. Then Space-God appeared out of a Black Hole then they knew the “So called Myth” was true, then all the defenders was blasting away with all their might, Space-God was just standing laughing and being funny with evil, then Teacher of “Space-God” Deathsword, Satan, Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades was making a illness that will give some one the power like John Sword once had, but very basic, they going to call it the Marstron Cancer and put there power into making a Time Black Hole, to send it to the past and Teacher-God and Satan went with it. And then Space-God had gotten bored and said “Well this was really fun, But it is MY TURN SEE YOU IN ANOTHER TIME HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Then out of nowhere 7 ropes of fire, lighting, water, ice, dark, wind and earth and grabbed the defenders of the Grand Hall of Gods and drained their power to increase his power, and then they were mortal within mins and then auto teleported down to the mortal but cursed to live forever. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades was chatting away when all of a sudden there was a chill of evil more evil then Hades will ever know even being the lord of the underworld, then Space-God came out of the shadows and said “Well, well isn’t the three most powerful cousins of God of creation and Satan, Hades as you being the lord of the underworld take this offer I am going to give you and you may live, the offer is this be part of my army to conquer the world and the House of Gods is yours, but if you refuse my offer you will be my slave and you will never get a second choice with this” You may think that Hades was going to accept the offer as evil he is, being the lord of the underworld and having the House of Gods, well think again. Hades BOOMED out No so loud that the walls started to shake, But Space-God was not pleased and said “No, No, NO, NOOOOO, How dare you change your side, OK fine as I am in a really good mood, I’ll not kill you three, If you all put up a good fight, If not you will all be part of my army with no choice and if you do I will kill your families and friends and every one you are close to” So then they all fought, with Hades most powerful army he had made to try to take the House of Gods, Zeus’s lighting bolt being his most powerful weapon and Poseidon trident being his most powerful weapon, they did put up a good fight and even won, only because Space-God was still gaining all of his power. And left saying “Well I’ll give you this battle, I must admit you did put up a good fight, But I will see you after I have got my full power and we will see who wins then” And then destroyed half of the Grand Hall of Gods while teleporting, then Zeus, Poseidon and Hades was worried if that was basic power of Space, what is it going to be when he has the full power of Space going be like.


Then all of a sudden Space-God made a space station, shipyard, a crew of his power and a dreadnought he called the Ship of the Gods and started to make Blueprints of new ships from scouts the size of cruisers, cruisers the size of battleships, battleships of battle cruisers, battle cruisers the size of dreadnoughts and dreadnoughts the size of a carriers. Carrier ships are weak weapons but strong in everything else. And they all going to be called the ships of the gods, each ship being called Fire, water ECT. Then one of John Island Mother Ships the second strongest of that fleet of 20 ships came in contact with the Dreadnought the Ship of the Gods, then all of a sudden the Mother Ship of John Island was hailed and it was Space-God he said leave this sector or be destroyed. The CPT. of that Mother Ship knew who it was and send out for the whole fleet to come to help, then two more Mother Ships, 4 carriers, 4 battleships, 4 battle cruisers and 6 cruisers came out of hyperspace. Then all four carriers let out all 400 scouts, but they will be no-match with Space-Gods Fleet as he has 20 ships of everything apart from dreadnoughts. The CPT. of the Mother Ship was sending out a distress signal to the nearest base to send another two fleets to there sector, then 40 more ships came out of hyperspace and all 60 ships and all 1200 scouts opening fire on Space-Gods ships. The Fleet of the Gods just stayed there and just took damage to their shields, then John Island’s 3 fleets just stopped firing, then the 1200 scouts went towards the Fleet of the Gods and then they all send out to the ships to help saying “This is scout leader (static, static) it is (static, static) to powerful I have already losttttttt 1000 scouts ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH” (sound of high power lasers and torpedoes and the hull of something really big) The other ships saw the flashes of the lasers of the ship behind the planet name UNKNOWN, then the flashes stopped then the rest of the ships went towards where the scouts were they saw some sort of ship the readings on the leader Mother Ship was going mad saying, 7 high powered lasers, 7 high powered torpedoes, no shields, level 20 hyper engines, level unknown strength hull, scanners strength unknown and as big as 4 of their dreadnoughts put together. So then the rest of the ships fired at it, then the science officer, screamed down the comm. on the CPT’S. Chair saying do not fire I repeat do not fire so they were the only ship that did not fire and the went into cloak mode and saw the fire power of the ship, there was 7 different coloured lasers one was red, one was blue, one was light blue, one was green, one was black and the last one was a cream yellow. Then the ships was “creamed” in seconds and then the ship of the gods targeted with their Anti-cloak weapon to uncloak the last Mother Ship, but the Mother Ship went into hyperspace so fast they took 60% hull damage and went to their Space station Zack. But the ship of the gods did took damage but only 8% and repaired itself fast, but there is one weakness of the ship of the gods it cannot move when it is firing, and was still in the progress of being built.


Then after a few days the Space Station Zack’s research floor was looking into the tech Space-God was using then they found out, it was called SPACE GOD and a living and learning everything it sees and fights and there was one tech just as strong to beat it but still weaker, it was called The Gods Table and that was a Ship it self, when John Island found out he demanded to be found he send out his most powerful fleets they were made out of battle destroyers, dread scouts, sword cruisers, battle hammers and Mother Swords they all fleets of 40 just in case, and they were his most deadly ships he had, his dread scouts, was as big as dreadnoughts and strong in shields and hull and half the speed of scouts, but the downfall is it fire power is strong of a scout but the same number of lasers as a dreadnought, one its own it is weak, but in a fleet it is a ship to be fought with. Then the ship of the gods was built, but then it spoke to Space-God saying SPACE GOD ONLINE, I AM A LIVING BEING I WILL DO WHAT YOU TELL ME TO DO, I WILL WARN ANYTHING WRONG WITH THE SHIP, AND ENEMY SHIPS, FIRST THINGS FIRST WE MUST FIND THE ANTI-SPACE GOD SHIP THAT CAN DESTROY ME IF AT FULL POWER. Then Space-God said, “We don’t want that do we, SPACE GOD SHIP set a course to the location to this ship you spoke of” Then the Ship replied “COURSE SET HYPERSPACE EINGINES ONLINE”


Then the Ship went into hyperspace, the fleet of John Island was already there scanning the area, and picked up the signal of the Gods Table it was the size of a Mother Ship, so then they boarded the Gods Table and got it up and running, then a blast wave came out off nowhere then the SPACE GOD SHIP came out and saw the ship was already taken over, but SPACE GOD SHIP scanned it and said, “THAT IS NOT THE SHIP THAT’S THE ELEMENTAL SHIP JUST AS POWERFUL, SCANNING, I HAVE TAKEN THE TECH FROM THE SHIP KNOW WE MUST DESTROY THE SHIP” So then SPACE GOD SHIP fired upon the elemental ship it was at full power and went into hyperspace, but the fleet stayed to try and destroy the SPACE GOD SHIP, the SPACE GOD SHIP opened fire and also took their tech too and only destroy 14 dread scouts, 4 battle hammers and 2 Mother Swords and taken a lot of damage and hyperspace away back to its space station for repairs. Space-God asked if the ship can be given strong shields, the SPACE GOD SHIP replied “YES I WILL GIVE YOU THE MOST POWERFUL ENERGY SHIELD TECH KNOWN BY MAN” Then the rest of John Island’s fleet was surprised that they won the battle but they thought that was not the end. Then back at Space Station Zack the top researcher looked at the tech aboard the ship they took was not the Gods Table it was a ship just as strong as The Gods Table it was known as the elemental ship.


Then after they had the whole tech researched they updated his whole fleet with the tech, and then the screen on the main screen in the research lap saying the real location of The Gods Table was in the sector of the true God of Gods named skeleton lord a evil name you may ask me, but that’s his name because he created death too, he was good and evil. Back at the Space-God’s space station they were upgrading all ships with systems 40% more powerful making them more feared of all aliens. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months Space-Gods fleet was finished, a fleet with 4000 ships with power systems of level 14 SPACE GOD tech, even Space-Gods scouts could destroy a Mother Sword’s shields. Then Space-God tested out his new power of his fleet and targeted the Zombie Knights of the Dead Table home world, called Dead Table, this planet was very heavily defended not even the most powerful fleet of John Island would get though, so then Space-God’s whole fleet blasted out of hyperspace alerting the whole fleet of the Zombie Knights, they opened fire and did almost no damage to any ships no even the scouts. Deathsword loved playing chess, and then all of a sudden Space-God was having flash of Deathsword his real self, and saw Kaylee and saw how happy he was with her until the day she was killed, then he got anger and the flash back stopped. Then Space-God played his ships like chess Scouts going first then cruisers and so on, then there was another ship coming from the planet, and hyperspace to Space station Zack it was Space-God’s plan, and then after an hour there was no ships left defending Dead Table apart from wreckage. 

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