the swordian sword star

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a story that is action but more of a romance like story it is about a Alien Called Swordian sword star that his own race is called Swordians

Submitted: June 12, 2012

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Submitted: June 12, 2012




Saga 3:The Sword Star


The Swordian Sword star: the star protector of planet earth:

The rise of the black hole of system 6


The star protector of systems


My son swordian I am sending you to earth for you to protect earth from the greatest evil within space, you will fall to earth and begin your life on earth and protect earth with your life.


Chapter one


The falling sword star


One day a falling star was falling into the atmosphere of earth everyone on the planet saw it and thought it was an invasion from aliens, although Swordian is an alien but not the evil kind. So as he was falling he wakened and landed in a place in London in Swordian’s language it is called FLRONG (FLA-RONG), so then he saw his first Human girl although he was no human but still he fell in love with the human girl. The girls name was Juliet Marsh she was on her to school, Juliet was not scared like most humans will be she helped him get back to his feet and giggled that he was a cute and charming alien and she flirted with him.


In system 6 the master of black holes was getting ready to leave system 6 to destroy earth the weakest species off all time. The master of black holes was not a black hole at all but he can control black holes because he lives in a black hole himself that’s why he got the name black hole. But back on earth Swordian was going to school with Juliet but he can hide himself in Shadows of light so pretty much he can be next to her and no one will see. At break time four of the top bullies of the school came over and bullied her, but Swordian did not let them and they were like scared that they were floating in mid air and then Swordian showed himself and said in his language “bully her again and you will not like floating in high air” but some how he spoke English instead. The four bullies were like freaking out like mad, Juliet like kissed Swordian on the cheek he did not understand about the kiss and asked Juliet what it was. She was kind of scared that he did not understand of kisses, so she told him and Swordian understand about the kisses that it has two different meanings being kiss on the cheek means thank you and meaning two is if on the lips they truly love them. So then he kissed Juliet on the cheek back to see how it was and saying thank you for telling him about the meaning of kisses.


Back at class the same four bullies went back up to Juliet and said, “Hey where is your boyfriend that made us float in mid air.” Every one laughed at the four bullies, and Swordian stayed hidden but only made seen to Juliet because he trusts her. At lunch everyone can she her laughing and talking but when everyone looked next to her there was no one there that she could be talking to, and they thought that she has gone mad and talking to herself. At the playground Juliet taught Swordian more about the way of the humans, he was amazed that how they live and not going extinct by showing love to the fullest, although Swordian being an alien he did not know how they do it but he does have a good idea.


At system 6 Black hole is watching Swordian that he is on planet earth and is there to protect it from the likes of him, so then he send six of his warriors to kill and the girl he is in love with and see his skill of the stars.


At the school just before lunch ended Juliet and Swordian was kissing on the lips and no one can she them because Swordian has hidden her and he was amazed that his race and the humans style of kissing is pretty much the same. Then a portal looking like a black hole came out of nowhere and Swordian notice it and stopped kissing Juliet and he showed them both and then out of the portal six evil aliens came out and everyone was scared even Juliet. And then Swordian showed his armour of the brightest star and drew his swords from his sides and ran towards the six evil aliens from the Black Hole, in matters of minutes they were defeated and then another ten came but not as easy like the last six were. And again within in 15 mins they were defeated and then the portal disappeared, everyone even the teachers saw Swordian and cheered for him and then out came Juliet from the bushes. And then he was welcome into the school, so at the end of the day Swordian had finished his first day at school and was asked where is going to be sleeping then Juliet said he is coming home with me and sleeping with me, Swordian knew what Juliet meant by sleeping together a sleep over.


So then when Swordian and Juliet was walking to Juliet’s house they stopped at the pod Swordian came to earth with and pushed it to Juliet’s house and when they were at the corner of Juliet’s home 4 burglars was attacking Juliet’s mum and dad so then Swordian dropped his pod and ran to help her parents and they were all banged up and then the burglars saw that they were floating in mid air and then looked down and saw that there was an boy that was making them floating. Then they ran so fast after being put back on the ground and then Swordian went back to Juliet and to his pod and pushed it towards Juliet’s parents, they were really freaked out that the boy is a alien and grabbed Juliet by the arm and dragged her into the house. Then Juliet told them everything that happened today at school so then her parents let Swordian in the house. And Swordian asked where he should but his pod because without it he will die, and then they said in the back garden and then they all had a chat for 2 hours then they had dinner. Swordian does not know how to eat with Knife and Fork and Juliet showed Swordian how then he understand about how humans eat.


After dinner Juliet put the TV and Swordian sat next to her and cuddled her and asked what the strange box is, Juliet said it is called a TV it is where you can watch TV and put on Scooby Doo Show one of her favourite TV programmes as a child and still watches it and Juliet told Swordian what it is they are watching. As Juliet laughed Swordian did not his race was not given rumour but does smile at times, Juliet felt upset that Swordian did not laugh at Scooby Doo Show and asked why. Swordian said that his race does not have laughter in their emotions but do smile at times and said the emotions they do have are happiness, Sadness, Anger and Love. Although she was happy that Swordian’s race does have happiness and smiled and kissed him on the lips to show that she does love him and then Swordian kissed back and then turned of the TV and went on top of Juliet and carried on kissing her. Her father being overprotected of his only daughter screamed at Swordian saying get off of her, Juliet was so upset that her dad is too overprotective of her. And Swordian said to her father stop being overprotective of your own daughter it is not good for her health mentally speaking, he agreed and laid of being overprotected and said then as being her boyfriend protect her with your life.


At eight o’clock at night Juliet went up to get ready for bed and Swordian went up as well and then Juliet said “Calm down big boy you are not seeing me naked just yet.” And laughed Swordian smiled showing that he understood that the human girls are protective of their bodies not like the girls of his race but still act the same still. And Swordian went out the back to his Pod and grabbed some items and took them into the house and said that it is his recharge units. And then Juliet came down stairs in her night clothes and told Swordian that he can go up and get ready for bed in her bedroom, but he did not quiet understand that he can change by shifting his clothes automatic and did in the sitting room, Juliet and her parents were amazed and then her parents smiled that their own daughter has found love at last. As Swordian and Juliet were up in Juliet’s bedroom she put on Queen The Show Must Go On one of her favourite songs from Queen. Swordian enjoyed the song being an alien they have no music and saw Juliet dancing and got up and danced too, Juliet laughed her head off because the way Swordian dancing and although he has no rumour on any kind he laughed too and together they laughed at each other. And then Juliet notice that Swordian was laughing then he notice and was scared that his own father may exile his own son from his home planet and stop and got back into bed and so did Juliet and was really scared that she made Swordian upset.


The next morning it was five o’clock and Swordian woke up and went out to his pod and expanded it and went in, then almost five mins later Juliet put her arm to where Swordian was sleeping during the night and then looked outside of her bedroom window and saw that Swordian’s pod was expanded. Juliet was upset that he was going home without saying goodbye and ran down stairs out the back door and into Swordian’s pod and ran to Swordian and asked not to go home and cried on his shoulder. Then he said I am not going anyway my human wife I am only looking at your history so information that I do not yet know, Juliet was happy and realised that he called her by wife and asked are you asking me to marry you already or is it what you say to the girls you get together with at your home planet. After looking at the information and replied to Juliet yes oh you call your partner boyfriend/girlfriend, and went to another room and said to Juliet come with me I want to show you something. And then went into another room and was filled with excise equipment and another room saying home stuff, Swordian said it was not this and was outside the doorway of the room saying home stuff. It was stuff he took to remind him of his family he had to leave behind and his dead mother and his sister, and at one side was a picture of him and his family and his home planet.


One hour and 15 mins later it turned seven o’clock time for breakfast and Juliet was on Swordian’s with them both smiling with pure happiness and then pulled Juliet’s chair and then Juliet dropped down and sat down and Swordian pushed her into the table. After breakfast it was only half seven Juliet went into the sitting room and watched TV and Swordian went back into his pod and did some lifting, and then Juliet came in to Swordian lifting weights and Juliet was amazed that he is lifting weights and notice how many he is lifting about 800 weights while listening to Queen. Swordian notice that there in the doorway was a amazing human girl and smiled and said come on in my sweet and come on top of me, Juliet laughed and went over and went on top and under the 800 pound weights and kissed Swordian until eight o’clock. Then Juliet went into her house and got into the shower and Swordian stayed in his pod and had a shower and got dressed and then came into the house and saw Juliet in a skirt and was amazed how Juliet looked in a skirt. Juliet caught Swordian looking at her legs and notice that his eyes were looking up her legs and laughed and said “Well hello baby don’t get to carried away looking upwards on my legs.” And then they left the house to go to school and holding hands and when they saw that they were going to be early for school they stop just outside of school where couples stopped for a kiss and Swordian Pressed Juliet on the wall and kissed her, and being naughty lifting her skirt and got really in trouble by Juliet by getting his hand slapped and she let him off that he is still learning that how human girls are. Just a few mins before the bell went off all the couples went in and Swordian said sorry to Juliet about what he was doing and is having a hard time used to the way of the human girls.


At the first lesson of the day was English the teacher knew that Swordian was not human and did not make him to answer the harder questions but although he is being taught by his lovable girlfriend Juliet, and he got the question right and he smiled that he got his first question right and so did Juliet she was so happy that he was a fast learner but not in the with how human girls act but was thinking he is acting like a boy. After English was break time and one of Juliet’s girlfriends came up to Swordian and ask him what he is getting Juliet for her birthday he replied with nothing I did not know that her birthday was tomorrow, and they girl smiled and said no it is not until next Saturday and she is having a party. Then Swordian smiled and thought of the best present for Juliet but did not know how to do it, and saw Juliet coming out of the doors to the playground and one of Juliet’s girlfriends went towards her and said that Swordian is getting her nothing for her birthday next week and she replied it is because I have not told him yet. And for the rest of the break time Juliet and Swordian kissed and then Juliet grabbed Swordian’s arm and took him into the trees not to have sex but for more alone time, and asked Swordian some questions like, How old he is? He answered that he is 1700 years in his race terms in human terms 17 years old, how long he is going stay for? And Swordian replied until my mission is complete then I will have to go back home and what is his mission? And Swordian replied until I kill Black Hole.


On system 6 Black Hole was making a army of 16 to kill Swordian and Juliet and the 16 fighters was the third strongest in his whole army and Black Hole opened the portal to earth and opened the portal. During Maths the portal opened and Swordian felt them open and walked out of the opened window and jumped out and everyone ran out side and saw the army of 16 alien fighters lining up for the kill. Swordian drew his swords and ran towards the small army and everyone was like cheering for Swordian. Swordian was really fast swinging his swords with blocking and striking by the end of the lesson the fighters were no more and Swordian fell to the ground, Juliet rang her parents and they took him home and he managed to recharge enough to grab his recharging unit from the bedroom and make it back to his pod and there he stayed till Juliet got back from school. Juliet asked her parents how Swordian is doing and they said he is fine and is sorting something for your birthday next week and they shouted out to Swordian that Juliet was back from school. Swordian came out with a smile for Juliet and she ran into his arms in tears and asked what happened and why he fell to the ground, he replied because I lost a lot of energy in 30 mins and it is too much for his body to stand.


Then they both walked in while cuddling each other and they sat on the sitting room chair together and watched Scooby Doo Show and this time Swordian laughed and Juliet notice a change that it was like his body is mutating to human but still being alien. Back in system 6 Black Hole was getting really angry and notice that Swordian is turning into a humanoid and is planning to attack him with his strongest fighters when he is a humanoid. As it is on a non school day Juliet was aloud to stay up until ten o’clock at night and Juliet stayed with Swordian in his pod watching a horror movie called Steven King’s IT. Juliet was cuddling up with Swordian because she has only seen it once and was still frighten even though she has seen it once before. And so was Swordian that although he has seen it twice on his way to earth by researching the most best horror writer and found Steven King’s IT and watched it twice.


At nine o’clock they both were asleep and Swordian woke up with a start and saw that Juliet was asleep in his pod and pick her up gently and carried her into his bedroom and took her main clothes off and then got kicked in the face by Juliet thinking that he was about to have sex with her and Swordian said that he was only taking her main clothes off Juliet understand and went back to sleep. Then at midnight Juliet woke up screaming and waking up Swordian at the same time she had a nightmare and Swordian put his arms around her and told her that it was just a nightmare and that everything was going to be alright and kissed her to relax her and Juliet went back to sleep. At five o’clock Swordian sneaked out of bed to carry on with the gift he was doing for his beloved Juliet, at 05:30 Juliet woke up and got scared that Swordian was not with her and notice that Swordian was in his home stuff room and went in to him and put her arms around him and said “Swordian darling if you are home sick you can go back home and visit your father I don’t mind I will be hurt but at least the saying goes ‘you love something set it free’.” Swordian was home sick but did not want to leave Juliet and he rang home to see how his father is doing and his father answered. “Well hello Swordian my son how is your mission going is it complete yet so you can come home? Said King Sword Star. And then he notice Juliet and then said. “Well who do we have here Swordian introduce me to your friend. Said King Sword Star. Hi Mr Swordian’s father I am Juliet your son’s girlfriend. Said Juliet. “GIRLFRIEND!! Swordian you are with some weak species you are not supposed to date a humanoid you are there for one thing and one thing only and that is to PROTECT EARTH!! Don’t forget that” Said King Sword Star (END OF TRANSMISSION) Juliet was scared that Swordian was going to shout at her and went inside her house and up to her bedroom and cried with fright that Swordian now hates her. At this time Swordian cried that his own father hates him and got so angry that he blew his top and destroyed everything in the room including the last thing his own father gave him before leaving home.


At 9:30 Juliet came down the stairs and sat at the table but Swordian was in his pod trying to recharge himself but could not because he was so upset that his own father hates him. Then at 9:40 Swordian came in the house Juliet was on one of the sitting room chairs watching Tom and Jerry and crying and her parents got the wrong idea and told Swordian off, Swordian sat at the table and ate his breakfast and did not say a word and went back into his pod and screaming at his alien pitch scream it was so loud that the whole street could hear him scream. And Juliet walked out to Swordian Slowly because she was scared not because that he was an alien but that he is strong, and saw that he was in tears and ran towards him and put her arms around him and told him to come inside to the house. And he got up and followed Juliet into the house and told Juliet that he was sorry if he had scared her in any way.


Then at 10:30 they were at the beach that was only about an hour away, Juliet was getting undress in the car and she was keeping her eyes on her naughty and cheeky alien boyfriend Swordian because he was already in his trunks. While Juliet was coming out of the car with her bikini Swordian turned round and saw and gave a looked that made Juliet smiled and laugh that she has never seen a boy look at her like that. Although Swordian being an alien he does has a lot of boyish features like a reaction from a body sign that she tried to hide from her parents but it was too late. Juliet’s parents smiled and burst out laughing and they got told off by their own daughter saying stopped that and then laughed again and so did Swordian that it was only a joke it was a pen they have to have, but then notice that it was not the pen and just froze with fright. Juliet came over and some how made it go back down and then his fright was over and they all went down to the beach and short out all the gear and then Juliet and Swordian ran towards the sea together and laughed while smiling, Swordian lifted Juliet up and carried her into the sea and dropped her they both laughed and played in the sea together like they were married to each other.


Then Juliet sunbathes, Swordian slept next to Juliet while Juliet’s parents went into the sea together. Then after Juliet sunbathes two tall and strong men came up to Juliet and asked her out, and she told them that she is taken but they would not take a no for an answer. Then Juliet got Swordian up and he said any problem my dear and are these two men trying to take you away from whom you want to be with, and the two men said yes we are got a problem. Then one of the two men pushed Swordian saying to stand back or get hurt, then Swordian pushed back and showed his natural muscles they were big and he said you tiny little men get YOUR GOD FOR NOTHING HANDS OF MY WOMAN!!!! Then they were like Oh shit he is bigger then us hey bro I think I can hear mum calling us, coming mum. Juliet laughed and was amazed that Swordian’s muscles and Swordian smiled that he got his girl back. Swordian sat down on one of the beach chairs and Juliet sat on his lap and they kissed while Swordian stroke her legs and he was amazed that how wonderful they felt, Juliet said Easy cowboy I know my legs like wonderful and feel wonderful too but down touch places I don’t want you touch just yet. But she does not mind him touch her legs because it was a good feeling that she has not been touched on the legs by a man’s hand.


Then at lunch it was peaceful because the sound of the waves made lunch more peaceful then normal but it made Swordian tear up because it was the same sound of the wind from his planet and cheered up after reminding himself that his own father hates him. Juliet then told Swordian your father does not hate you baby he maybe more shocked then anything else that you are his only family left, Juliet made Swordian fell a lot better that it was true that he is the only family he has left on his home planet. After lunch Juliet went back to sunbathing, Swordian was making sand castles and Juliet’s parents were sleeping on the beach chairs, then Swordian took one of the buckets to the sea and fill it with cool sea water and took it back Juliet saw him and just thought that he was using it for his sand castles and she close her eyes and quietly he poured the sea water on Juliet as a joke and she got up and chased after Swordian with the rest of the water and managed to get him and they both laughed.


After the day at the beach Swordian and Juliet was asleep on the backseat of the car with one of Swordian’s arms around Juliet. When they finally got home at 16:00 Swordian awoke and unbelted him self and Juliet and gently picked up Juliet and carried her up to the house and laid her on the couch and went into the kitchen with her parents having a cup of tea and talking about Swordian’s home planet to get a better understanding of him. At 18:00 Juliet woke up and stretch her self and went into the kitchen and saw that her parents and Swordian was getting better about each other and saw sat on one of Swordian’s knees and put one of her arms around him and kissed on one of his cheeks and smiled. Juliet then got up from Swordian’s knee and made her a cup of coffee and two sugars and said that she is going back to the couch to watch TV, Swordian said ok babe I am be there with you shortly still getting better understanding about her parents she was fine with it and went back into the sitting room and laid on the couch and watched some TV. Then at 18:45 Swordian went into the sitting room and saw that Juliet was sleeping again and sat next to her and waking her up while he sat down and Juliet went to Swordian and put her head on his shoulder and went back to sleep. He was scared that Juliet has fallen ill and Juliet said that she has a headache and then she grabbed one of Swordian’s arms and put it round her to her bottom but he moved his hand from her bottom. After a while Swordian fell asleep as well and was woken up with the smell of food, but Juliet was still fast asleep and then checked her body for any signs of illness and found out that she indeed has a headache and woke her up with a kiss on her forehead. Juliet woke up and noticed that it was time for tea and asked Swordian for help as her headache was really pounding, but Swordian told her to stay there and got her some water and toast that he knew it was not just a headache that she has caught a stomach bug. Swordian went to the kitchen table and told Juliet’s parents that she is not very well they were happy that he was looking after her like a real boyfriend would.


After dinner Swordian notice that Juliet was once again asleep and drunk half of her water and some of her toast so he picked her up and took her to his pod to the ill chamber to make sure it is nothing bad and finds out that it is a bug that is very human and took her back into the house and into her bedroom and took off all her clothes so she can recover quicker that is the way it is meant to be done when having a bug like this. Then Swordian went back down stairs to tell that she is in bed naked and it is the best way to get rid of this bug they were ok with it that he was honest with them and spend the rest of the night with her parents until they went to bed and he slept on the couch. The next morning he went up to Juliet to check on her and her temperate and it was showing that she is indeed still and kissed her on her forehead saying that he is there for her and went back down stairs to make her some toast and some water, by the time he got back up there she was half awake and freaked out that she was naked Swordian then said what he did and that her parents knew she then calm down and ate something as much as she could and he told her that he be up again shortly. Then Juliet went back to sleep after eating as much as she could and Swordian took the rest back down stairs to throw the rest of it away and went back into his pod to carry on with the birthday present he is doing for Juliet.


At ten o’clock Juliet’s parents got up and went down stairs to a break fast done by Swordian, they were so happy that he is also taking care of them too, so after break fast Swordian and Juliet’s father went out shopping and then came back almost two hours later and Swordian came back with some beautiful flowers for Juliet and she was a little better and was in underwear and wearing her dress gown and saw the flowers that Swordian got her and smiled and her mum got a vase for the flowers that has water in. Then Swordian sat next to Juliet and cuddled up to her to make her feel even more better and he told her that he has been doing something for her birthday that she would love very much, Juliet asked what it was but he said you’ll have to wait and see my baby, Juliet pulled a silly face and smiled and carried on watching TV and Swordian got up from cuddling Juliet and helped her father with the shopping by putting it away. After Swordian was finished helping Juliet’s father putting the shopping away Juliet was asleep with the TV on and Swordian grabbed the remote from her hand and turned the TV off and went back outside to finish the gift that any girl would love to have from their boyfriends.


As the week ended Juliet’s bug ended on Wednesday but did not got rid of the whole bug until Thursday and will not be going back to school until Monday as Friday was about to end Swordian took Juliet out dancing as a pre-birthday gift they had fun and did not get back until 22:00 and when they hit their pillows they fell asleep and Swordian had to recharge and slept while recharging over night.


The next morning it was Juliet’s 17th birthday and all her friends from school arrived at 11:00 and they were all talking about what is Juliet’s present from Swordian and then he came back in from his pod outside with a mike and then the music of Queen’s The Show Must Go On and started to sing the words the girls were amazed that Swordian could sing but Juliet was in tears with happiness that it was the best gift that she could ever have and her parents recorded the whole party even with Swordian singing. After Swordian had finished the song Juliet was in tears and it made Swordian think that his gift made her cry but then she said I am crying with happiness darling because it is the best gift that money cant buy thank you and kissed Swordian on the lips and all the girls were like whoa I wish he was my boyfriend. Then Juliet’s mother bring in some food and fizzy pop like sandwiches, crisps, sweets, coke, lemonade. Swordian went out side to his pod after eating his food and to get the other present he got for Juliet, when everyone else had finished eating their food Juliet’s mother bring out the birthday cake with 17 candles and they all sang happy birthday to Juliet then she blew out the candles and wished that she got the dress she has got her eyes on. So Swordian gave his first as being the boyfriend and Juliet’s eyes screamed with excitement to see that it was the dress she had her eyes on, her friends gave her girly things like make-up, music, mirror and DVDS. Her mum and dad got her the whole season of Scooby Doo Show and then Swordian sang another song for Juliet I Want It All by Queen another favourite of Juliet’s and everyone got up and danced while he sang and everyone had a lot of fun on Juliet’s birthday. As the worst sad part of a good fun party is the ending and everyone went home.


Chapter 2


Visits from King Sword Star and Juliet’s cousin Jason Ghost


The next day it was a cool morning for a Sunday and Juliet and Swordian was in Swordian’s pod and a strange sound was coming from the pod a type of noise that they were having sex but protective sex just in case as Swordian was an alien and the sex with Juliet was to say thank you for the best ever birthday that money can never buy. Juliet’s parents had a good idea what they would have been doing this morning so they left them to it. At 09:45 they both came out of the pod and entered the house with big smiles on their faces then Juliet’s dad was like I see that you both had fun by the big smiles on both of your faces and don’t lie we all ready thought that what you will be doing this morning. Juliet’s face gave a scared look and looked at Swordian and smiled that she was with the man she loves and they both went into the sitting room with holding each other to watch TV. As it is half term Juliet’s cousin Jason was coming over for the week and she totally forget but he was not the only one coming for the week. At 11:00 there was a ring at the front and Juliet got up from sitting next to Swordian and answered the door it was Jason she was like YAY Jason come and meet my boyfriend but she then realised that Jason was the smartest in her family and might figure out that Swordian is an alien. Jason met Swordian and knew straight away that he was an alien because the way he spoke was English but not in a human way but did not mind that Juliet has found a boyfriend. And Juliet walked up stairs and Swordian went outside to his pod and got dress as well.


Then after Swordian left his pod his pod transmission was ringing and Swordian did not hear it and it was his father saying he is coming to him and be arriving at 12:00 in human time and after Swordian went back into the house, Juliet was trying out her new dress she got on her birthday and Swordian looked at her and notice that it was a amazing fit for a body like Juliet’s. And then Juliet went back up stairs to wear some normal clothes and Swordian and Jason was talking to each other, at 12:00 Juliet and Swordian was kissing on the couch while Jason was sorting out his clothes in the spare bedroom a blast from the sky and Swordian notice and thought oh great I am in trouble my father is here, and ran into his pod and notice that his transmission light was flashing and watched the transmission and notice that his father was on his way. And then Swordian got out of his pod and signal his father to his location and then Swordian’s father appeared and the his pod went back into space and back to the home planet. Swordian and his father was heard shouting at each other and Juliet, Juliet’s parents and Jason came outside and King Sword Star notice that they were there but was thinking why they did not freak out. So then he introduce himself “My fellow humans my name is King Paul Sword Star” and then noticed Jason that he remembers him from the last time he came to earth and they both walked towards each other and hugged each other, and now Juliet now knows how Jason knew that Swordian was an alien but did not know how they know each other. “You highness Sword Star how have you been have not seen you since Lucy, Luke and Mary died that was five years now.” Said Jason. “Oh my first human friend I ever met Jason I am fine still upset about losing my whole family and my last son is dating your own cousin is you ok with that now Jason? And yeah it has been five years too long. Said King Sword Star. “ Yeah it is ok that your son dates my cousin at least he has been there for her and cared for her when she was ill last weekend.” Said Jason.


As Jason and Swordian’s father caught up with each other Juliet and Swordian went inside and went back to kissing on the couch, after Jason and King Sword Star they went in the house for some Cider and Vodka and Swordian got up from being on top of Juliet while kissing and not having sex he went into the kitchen for some beer and grabbed two one for him and for Juliet and came back out to the kitchen after given Juliet’s beer and talked to his father for a while. Then a portal opened up and 20 fighters that are known as Black Openers and the second strongest of Black Hole’s army, so Swordian and his father drew their swords and fought together it was like dinner and a show for the neighbours and Juliet’s family and then Jason came out with his sword and joined in the fight. Juliet was wondering how could Jason fight with swords unless Swordian’s father taught him and the three of them won with out a scratch and Jason was like whoa my first battle now that’s action and laughs and then got told of by King Sword Star saying the battles my race go into are never fun and I guess you did really well for your first battle only because me and Swordian was fighting too on your own you would have no chance with them. King Sword Star ask his son Swordian to teach Jason more sword fighting and he did and Jason lost each and every time because being cocky with each block he did against Swordian.


As evening came they all had a BBQ with burgers, hotdogs, chicken, onion rings, kebabs, with beer, cider and vodka for the best BBQ ever and while they were having dinner they all got drunk and started to do really silly things including laughing their heads off and still eating. Swordian started to sing songs from Queen like The Show Must Go On, I Want It All and Another One Bites The Dust each time he ate a hotdog and then said ‘Another one bites the dust’ meaning the hotdog they all laughed including King Sword Star. After the BBQ and everyone was clearing up Juliet and Swordian was no where to be seen, they were in Swordian’s pod having sex and the main pod door was close and they notice that it was close thinking they gone to bed they were wrong. 

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