the vamptons

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is about a alien breed vampire that saves the world from evil people from CURE INC

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Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013




You may start to think why Vamptons, is it about vampire robots or vampire transformers well it is neither it is about a vampire alien named Shadow but that is not until 20 yrs later the start of this story is about his father named Garth he does not have a surname so we are not going to use it. And this story is about… well just stop asking questions and read the most action-punched story.

Chapter zero part one

On a normal windy day on planet earth a girl named Lucy was a very attractive young woman and she could not get a real boyfriend who don’t want her just for sex. And it was almost the same with Garth all the Vamptons females just want Garth for sex so they can have 10s of babies and he did not want that so he got into his spacecraft and flew to earth in search for someone real. So after Garth was on planet earth for about a week they came across with each other and talked together for a while about the music they like but Garth being non human he did not know what music was. Then he went on saying that he is an outer space vampire known as the Vamptons although Lucy was amazed but scared at the same time but was not as scared as the average person would be. So about two days later they had their first date they had fun with each other laughing and after their date Garth walked Lucy back home to her small flat as she has moved out of her mothers and fathers house. And on their second date a week later Garth took Lucy into outer space to see the most romantic planet that is known to the Vamptons their second moon known as Dragon it was just a moon but with a beach on it and breathable air for Lucy. Two years later they had a boy named Shadow, Garth was wondering if Shadow was going to be a Vampton but he was mainly human but still having the strengths of vampires. And when Shadow was two they tried to have another baby they lost four babies and then realise that Lucy womb was badly damaged by having Shadow so they treated Shadow like he was a very special boy. But in fact he is a very special boy cause of what he does 20 years later.

Chapter zero part 2

But as we know there had been legends of vampires but only as vampires of death but there are twin girls that are vampires of life who can risk their own vampire blood to safe another life and making them human their names are Julia and Jennifer. These twin girls was both born as vampires and their father named Greg want to cure their illness of being a vampire so then he kidnap children and drain all their blood and kill both parents if one did not let his men take their children. So know you know what the story is about how is it going to come together well wait and see.

Chapter one

20 years later

20 years later Shadow is all grown up he has a black belt in all marital arts and now becoming a movie star. But then Shadows best friend named Lucas is the close thing to a brother he can get because at school they protected each other and that’s how they became friends. They both did everything together like flirt with girls, double dates, play on the same team at football and even play co-op on video games they were best as friends. So they know work at the same place together as they were about to work for some company called CURE INC owned by Julia and Jennifer’s father Greg for a interview for a TV advert about why join the CURE INC family to cure illness such as cancer and other illness. So Shadow and Lucas was shown all parts of the building, but Shadow and Lucas accidentally got lost and saw a picture on the wall about some ruins saying buried gems. And two guards saw them and took them back to the group, Greg was showing the others one of the labs they study the illnesses they are going to try and cure and then he will say the children you see are children whose parents died protecting them. And the others think he saved the children but instead he is killing them instead.

So after the interview for CURE INC advert for TV he went home to his mother and so did Lucas as he was adopted by Shadows mother and father but Garth was never around any more because Shadows mother had told him that he rest his life saving theirs. And that evening Shadow was becoming in pain with someone’s spirit screaming out to him for help and he was in so much pain he fainted and started to see visions about the truth of CURE INC. It was the children’s dead parents telling Shadow we know you are not human you are a Vampton go to the forbidden ruin lands of the vampires there you will meet some one who can help you save our children and 4 days later Shadow awoke. And then after Shadow, Lucas and their mother got home Shadow asked his mother am I human or something called a Vampton, his mother was shocked and asked why he asked that and then so Shadow told his mother about the visions and about the forbidden ruin of the vampires.

Shadow also said about the dark secret of CURE INC saying about save their children like it was from the children’s dead parents. So then Shadows mother told Shadow what happened to him. Saying your father is an outer space vampire known as Vamptons his name is Paul you were going to be taken from us but instead your father told them to take him as he was not human and so they did and that was when you were only three years old and he told me before he left to give you this when you see the visions of the dead. But what she could not understand was he was still more human maybe he has to go to the forbidden ruin of the vampires to become a Vampton. As Shadow found out what he is Lucas has a dark sad secret he is keeping from Shadow and his mother that he is nope not going say yet guys. On the way to the forbidden ruin of the vampires one of Greg’s henchmen was on the road to kidnap a child and her father was trying to protect her by running away and as the Spyder car owned by the henchman and forced the car to spin and without any other way the father surrenders his daughter up and he was eaten alive by vampire dogs because he was refusing to give her up who have vampire blood and the father was ripped to shreds like a pack of zombies.

Then they did not notice Shadow, Lucas and their mother and they carried the girl to the car the police wont do anything because they have been paid very heavy to keep their noses out if they want to keep their own children. So when they got to the forbidden ruins the ruins was filled of blood like a back of staving wolfs had a picnic their was organs puddles of blood and then all of a sudden their was a painful high pitch scream like a banshee in pain but it was coming from above and out of the shadows was a hand and grab Lucy and took her to CURE INC and 2 henchmen came to try and kill Shadow and Lucas to keep them from the buried gems. There was a amazing battle not a gun fight but a fist fight as Greg is against most weapons, so instead the henchmen getting to kill Shadow and Lucas there was instead a bone cracking fight with Shadow verse one and Lucas verse the other one and the henchmen had broken arms broken legs and few ribs and one of them died.

As Shadow then notice that his mother was no where to be seen then they notice that there was two girls that were in two cages and their was blood inside like it was their own blood as they unlock both cages there was another high pitch that almost burst Shadows ears. So then four henchmen came with knifes to fight them but as Shadow was fighting one the another badly wounded Shadow in the back and Julia looked at each other and leap at the other two and drained their blood and then the two men was nothing left but flab of skin. Julia was attracted to Shadow and gave her vampire blood to Shadow to save his life and even though she is no longer vampire but human she does not die because they both were also half human. As Shadow woke up he saw everything in a different point of view everything turn red as his eyes started to focus the world was turning back to normal like it was before. Shadow saw Lucas talking to the girls and he walked over, as he can smell food cooking on the bonfire it was just chicken. The girls told Shadow their names and Shadow told the girls his name and wanted to know more about CURE INC, after Shadow asked this the girls both looked at each and said the man who owns the company is our own father Greg and he left them he so he tried to make them human but making him into a more dangerous type of vampire.

And after they finished eating the girls took them both to the people who looked after them and fed them to teach Shadow how to handle his vampire instinct and how to fight with his strengths of the vampire such as speed, enormous strength and skill with his fists and feet and defeat multi of enemies.

Chapter two

The beginning of revenge

As the four of them got to the camp of an Indian village who also wants their revenge on Greg cause their children has gone missing and took during the night as all their village children has gone missing. So then Julia and Jennifer went to the village chief and Shadow and Lucas was aloud to come into their camp and where they were the most battled harden warriors out of all the Indian villages. Where Lucas already knows how to fight but not against the strength of CURE INC guards, as they are skill like the warriors as the ones in the camp. Shadow laughed thinking they will be not match for him, so Shadow and Lucas went into the battle ring and four warriors unarmed walked in and ran towards and Shadow and Lucas was ready and they charged at the warriors and they put their arms out and Shadow ran into the arm and twisted over the arm and hit hard to the floor. But Lucas was just mange to dodge the arm but got tripped up over by the foot, but they will never give up and as the warriors threw punches Shadow and Lucas blocked every single one like it was nothing and each time they blocked they counterattack and each other punch was blocked. As then Shadow thought why don’t I do it in a different rhythm and punched in different speeds and different places and as Shadow was close to hitting one of the warriors a foot came up and knocked the punch away so then again Shadow tried a different rhythm. Like punch, block, kick, block and punch and he went faster and stronger and as one of the warriors was close to hitting Shadow ducked and tripped over the warrior and as he was in the air spinning in his mind slowly he punched the warrior hard and he went flying fast like he had a rocket on him.

The warrior was in pain but was still able to fight and walked towards Lucas and Shadow, as part of their training was almost complete, as they have to go though speed, enormous strength and skill as seeing his blocking style and winning against multiple enemies. But Lucas has only had to go though skill, and speed not enormous strength, as he is no vampire. As they were still fighting the same two warriors the warriors seem to Shadow and Lucas they were slowly down and they both look at each other being corky and agreed to end their fighting by punch and kick in the chest and both warriors went flying to the other side of the battle ring. After the village chief was happy with his blocking and dodging style it was time for a break with food and drink, Julia told Shadow that she had fallen in love with him and they kissed and laughed out loud. So during the break from training the village was under attack by the CURE INC so the village warriors got there spears out and Lucas and Shadow join the fight to test their skill of fighting two of three enemies at one time. And they were good at fighting two to three enemies at one time, 4 henchmen went after Julia and Jennifer, Julia fought and while Jennifer drained their blood and leave them as sacks of skin. As the rest of the henchmen retreated Lucas, Shadow, Julia and Jennifer were cheering of victory. But victory was nowhere close until the CURE INC was destroyed and revenge was taken from all the children stolen and their parents killed, so then after the fight they had another break then it was time for battle of strength.

So Lucas and Shadow went into a different battle ring but with brick walls instead of wooden poles, and then all of a sudden a man built like a brick house came in and Shadow and Lucas both thought this is the end of our lives, although it was a battle for Shadow only to test out his vampire strength. The battle ring was like a building it had not only brick walls but also with brick poles coming down from above, so as the village chief rung the bell to start fight the warrior walked up to Shadow and grabbed him and fling him into the brick wall and as he his arm slam into the wall there was a loud crack sound. Luckily for Shadow it was a ok as he could put the bone back in place and ready to fight his ass to next week, but instead he got thrown though a brick pole by his back and another cracking sound came within, and the warrior said this fight is really bone cracking excitement and laughs. From that Shadow got angry and thought about the time where his father was stolen from him and managed to fight and block the warrior’s heavy punches and threw him straight down though 3 brick poles and he still gets up and angry and it is was some fight. Shadow finished the fight by as the warrior threw a punch Shadow grabbed it and as he threw his second fist Shadow grabbed the second fist and he squeezed and as he squeezed you could hear the warrior’s knuckles crack and he went down in so much pain you could hear him cry in pain and as Shadow let go of the hands the warrior stood up and Shadow kicked him so hard he went through the brick wall and suffered broken arms.

As evening came there was a big party like most evenings there was singing dancing and my favourite thing kissing and hugging Julia and then at mid though the party there was an attack but there was only one man named Garth and as Shadow walked up towards Garth to protect the village and he lasted about ten seconds until knocked out to the next day and so as Shadow woke up he had a whopping headache, Julia and Jennifer was able to fight of Garth. But even there is loads of secrets in this story even Julia and Jennifer has the deepest and darkest secret and their secret is the way they were able to fight Garth. As Shadow fully recovered it was time for breakfast being burgers yeah I know weird thing for breakfast and after breakfast it was time for Speed. Speed in it self can be a very deadly even if you don’t not have strength.

After they had finished breakfast it was time to test Shadows vampire speed, so into another battle ring to test speed. In this battle ring was just as plain as the first, on the other side of the battle ring was a midget and shadow just thinking ha I have got this battle in the bag, so as he thought. The midget was holding two wooden poles one for Shadow and one for himself and the training for Shadows vampire speed. As the midget threw the wooden pole at Shadow it hit the ground as Shadow went down to pick it up the midget was already in striking range. Shadow was kicked by the midgets wooden pole to the other side of the battle ring, so the midget was very quick that each time the midget was about to strike Shadow went to block and by the time he moved he was down on the sand of the battle ring. Each and other time the midget went to attack Shadow went to block the midget had already knocked him of his feet.

As Shadow had trouble trying to use his vampire speed he got no where and then all of a sudden as the midget attacked Shadow again, Shadow moved so fast he as he was moving he created a technique attack called pressure point. The pressure point is that Shadow attack with his fingers and very fast in between his ribcage in the middle and then after the last attack he pushed the midget back and the midget went back so fast he was stabbed by a spike missing his heart but the midget being alive. Although the midget was in a lot of pain he smiled to say that Shadow has completed his main training it was time for him to complete the last training stages that he has to, one fight with melee weapons, two defeat multiple enemies, three put more then one strength out of strength, speed, skill and block into attacks. During that very night trouble broke out like a raving fierce firestorm it was leaded by Garth, so Shadow and Lucas helped Julia and Jennifer entered the fight for survival, as the fight went on Shadow was not 100% ready for a fight like this but he was more ready then they thought.

“So we meet again do we Shadow Boy, too good to say a word boy I was the one who took your father do you not want to kill me Shadow” Said Garth

“So you’re the one that took my father you will pay for those lives you have taken” Said Shadow

So then they fought for the truth of the real truth on CURE INC and the truth came out about the real dark truth about CURE INC.

So Shadow ran to attack from the middle, Garth moved in to counterattack but Shadow saw the counterattack stance and moved in from behind and tried to use his special attack pressure point but it did nothing to Garth so then Garth span round so fast with a high jump spin kick but only just did Shadow block it but still got thrown fast backwards. As Lucas, Julia, Jennifer and the tribe was battling the others but they lost Julia was attacked from behind and was knocked out and taken back to her father with Jennifer, the tribesmen was badly wounded, Lucas tried to get the girls back but failed badly with a broken arm. So it was up to Shadow to try to stop Garth. So then Garth ran into Shadow to kill him, Shadow saw the attack before Garth moved in to attack and was ready to counterattack Garth, although Garth saw the counterattack he was ready to take the counterattack but what he did not know is that Shadow was ready to use pressure point x2 more deadly then the normal pressure point. As Garth was in range Shadow made his move and jabbed Garth in his chest with his finger and as Garth was in range with his attack Shadow moved into and pushed Garth in the chest with his palm of his hand and Garth went flying though poles of stone and Garth was happy that he has found someone good to fight and to kill soon, although Garth was seriously injured in the fight he said this is not the last time we will fight son and then Garth teleported back to CURE INC, but Shadow was like wait what did you mean SON?

Hours after the battle the tribe leader was thinking that it is time for Shadow to be told what Garth is to Shadow and show him his gear he must wear. So the tribe’s leader asked Shadow to come to his throne room, moments later a scream came out of the throne room. WHAT THE HELL YOU SAYING GARTH IS MY FATHER? JULIA AND JENNIFER’S FATHER KIDNAPPED HIM. I AM GOING TO KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And shadow followed the tribe’s leader into another room and gave Shadow a box with a black leather hat, a top brown leather jacket, top red leather gloves, top brand black jeans, and black cowboy boots with out the spiked heel. After a few hours of thinking that someone is missing and noticed that Julia and Jennifer was not at the camp, and asked Lucas he was quite for a few minutes and said Garth team took them both back to CURE INC I am sorry I did try my best but I was knocked out with a broken arm. Shadow said to Lucas I have found out who my father is, it is Garth and I hate Greg for taking my mother and father and the girls. So Shadow went to the tribe’s leader and said that he was ready to get revenge on those who lost their children and their lives, but the tribe’s leader said you have one more test you have to defeat me and three others, Shadow smirked and said piece of cake I was able to defeat Garth I should be able to defeat you and three others with no sweat, but the tribe’s leader said you must wear the gear this time it be harder. So before the fight the tribe’s leader gave Shadow two swords that was Garth and said you will need these with this fight and when you go off and get revenge. So Shadow asked the tribe’s leader why do I need all of this gear, well the hat has no abilities, the gloves gives you better and blocking, the jacket gives you better defence, jeans no abilities and the cowboy boots makes you faster and the swords gives you better at blocking and attack.

So as the five of the went into the battle ring they slowly walked in a circle and as the other three men that went in the ring with their leader attack with swords and was all around Shadow as Shadow saw their attacks he was ready to kick ass. The three of them attack at the same time and Shadow instead kicking ass his ass was being kicked, as Shadow saw an opening where he can escape he rolled and drew his swords and was ready again and the tribesmen screamed as they ran with their swords up and Shadow blocked each attack and span and tripped them all up, the tribesmen flipped up and pushed Shadow in to the chest with their feet and Shadow went flying backwards and as a stone pole was just about to hit he flanged his feet upwards and landed on the side of the pole and push against it to attack Shadow attack by stabbing them in the hands and arms. And the tribe’s leader was pleased that Shadow had a little trouble but still got to the end, but the end was near but was not the end of the fight he still had to defeat the tribe’s leader.

So as Shadow landed back on to his feet the tribe’s leader had already attacked and whacked the swords out of Shadows hands and he attacked again Shadow just blocking and then tried to kick the leader out of range but his kick was counterattacked by a kick in the other leg. Just as the leader was about to attack Shadow flipped up and flanged his feet into the leaders chest and pushed by kicking twice and the jumping off and the leader went flying backwards and into a stone pole, Shadow ran and grabbed his swords and ran towards the leader, the leader was ready to counterattack Shadows attack and leader blocked and attack Shadow blocked and counterattack and so did the leader this went on for some time and then the leader tried again and Shadow counterattack and won by high kick in to the leaders face and he flipped over and Shadow grabbed him down slammed him down to the floor and the leader was hurt badly but the leader was happy that Shadow was ready to get revenge, but he must have allies to help him storm the CURE INC building and rescue the children that are alive. So he called his allies from the warriors of the tribe, to other black belts including the tribe’s leader himself and said to Shadow Please stop calling me tribe leader my name is Terry.

Chapter 3

The storm of revenge

After a few days preparing the allies and Shadow still working out to make him faster and stronger while he thinks about his family and the equipment he was training was broken when Shadow was finished with. And after every one was ready for revenge and Shadow was wearing his gear they all was ready to win.

(Thoughts of Shadow) I am ready to get those who are responsible for the deaths of children and their parents and taking my family from me, time to kick ass and win.

As they reached the gates of the CURE INC the guards were ready to counterattack the allies of Shadow and they ran and Shadow was running towards the guards and saying ‘don’t stop me know because I am having a good time’ and span kick a guard and punched the guard down to the ground and each time a guard came running towards Shadow he got kicked in the head, punch hard I to the stomach or broken neck. And then when they were close to the building’s front door a big strong man came out from the front doors and said you have to get passed me to get farther. So then Shadow was walking and said get out of my fing way or I will break you and throw you though those doors. And the big man said ohh love to see you do that and from inside the doors punching and kicking and grunting can be heard from outside then as one employee was about to open the doors the big man came though the doors and out cold, and Shadow said well ‘ another bites the dust’ and laughed. As the small army of allies came though the doors the employee’s tried to attack them and Shadow beat the shit out of them by tying up by the jacket and shirt and then punching and kicking the snort out of them.

So then from around the corner was the army that keeps attack the tribes camp and the police was turning up to give a hand and Garth was at the back of the army. As the army of Garth was attacking Shadow and the allies was keeping the police busy, the army of Garth was being put down just as quick meaning death one gotten a pressure point to his back and was flying blinding into a side of a door and you could hear his back break in two. Another one was high kick into the face upwards into the ceiling and his head was smashed as it hit the ceiling hard. And the last one keeping Garth protected was pressured pointed into an iron stoned pole and broke his back in half. The others ran being scared and they ran into the allies and was beaten the snort out off.

And now it was just Shadow verses his father Garth well at this point not his father yet. But before they fought Shadow saw something behind him it was the big man he fought 20 minutes before and it was Shadow verses the big man and Garth. It may sound very unfair but what do you think does happen. Hey Terry, find the children and get the out of this place and place the bombs to destroy the building down and try and find Julia and Jennifer and if I am not out in 50 minutes blow the building. So after that they fought as the big man came with an upper cross punch Shadow blocked it and leg kick his stomach and then Garth came in and grabbed Shadows leg and throw him into the wall. The wall was not brick it was ironed stone wall and as Shadow was getting up the big man picked him up and threw him back down but instead Shadow kicked his legs up and the big man went up to the ceiling and his head was smashed. Now it was time for just Shadow and Garth a battle to the death.

As Garth came in with a sword Shadow drew his swords and blocked the attack with no trouble and Garth countered by bringing his other hand and punching Shadow hard and he forgot the jacket would give him better defence. And Garth said well no jacket I win and grabbed Shadows head and tried to smash his face into the ironed stoned wall but instead Shadow managed to flipped himself and Garth though the wall and into the room where Julia and Jennifer was in Shadow was able to unlock the cell door. Julia wanted to help Shadow but he said to help Terry help the rest of the children and Garth was getting to his feet Shadow walked to him and gave him and super fast uppercut and Garth went up and as he went up was able to kick Shadows feet back and he went flying down. So as Garth is now back on his feet he picked up Shadow and threw him into a pole and a there was a breaking sound in Shadows arm his arm was broken in half, as Shadow got up his arm fixed it self and was angry and saw the thing that was controlling his father and aim at it with a pressure point x2 and as Garth came to grab his neck Shadow pushed and Garth went though all the poles in the room and the controlling tech was broken and fell off and the rooms ceiling was coming down so he ran towards his father and took him out of the room and everyone was out of the room.

And Lucas was coming back in after rescuing the children to give a helping hand to Shadow and then all of a sudden there was a gunshot Lucas was shot in the chest but he did not go down like a normal human did he bleed but not died. And Greg notice that he killed him ten years ago and his mother and father and Lucas stood up and tried to kill Greg for making him watch as he kills his parents but he got shoot two more times. The shots can be heard from outside Julia was crying thinking that Shadow was shot dead but Lucas and Garth came out and Lucas with three bullet holes though his chest.

And now it was time to kill Greg, Greg smirked you think you can beat me kid got bad news not even your mother could kill me and she died protecting you. Shadow was in tears and was throwing punches and kicks random and each and everyone were blocked and counterattack and Shadow was badly punched or kicked back. Shadow got up saying you are a monster killing innocent children and their parents you are going to pay for killing my mother and though of the happy times with Julia and his mother, and then Greg said to Shadow do you have any idea what Julia and Jennifer is they will never be human due to who their grandfather is, and Greg drew his sword and hold it like he was going to drill him with it. Shadow drew his swords and said I don’t care I love Julia like she is human and they fought for real Greg was scared that he was more stronger then he thought Shadow was moving very fast and was able to kick his sword out of Greg’s hand and now Greg was about to use Skull point that could kill him or blind him and as Greg came towards Shadow got his swords ready and Skull point was struck and Greg was doubled drilled by both swords and the 50 minutes was about up. Before Terry blew the building they all preyed that Shadow will survive the final fight and blew the building and as Shadow was running and the skull point was taking effect and dodging each and every explosion Julia was crying out in tears that she would never see Shadow and out of the flames of the building came Shadow why you crying Julia I may cant see you but I am very much alive still. And Lucas was happy that he can now rest but Shadow did not want him to go as they were very close but Lucas said even though I died ten years ago you gave me the revenge that cost my life ten years ago but I will always be with you. And then Lucas turned to dust; Garth was in tears with pain and was dying with a serious broken back and Jennifer looked and Julia and Julia look back and nodded and smiled. And then a big flash of light appeared out of nowhere and Lucas appeared and was given a second chance of life that he did not get last time, Shadow and Lucas ran into each others arms and cried thinking that they would never see each other again and laughed. Jennifer gave her vampire blood up to safe Garth’s life. And life was a lot better since that day Shadow and Julia got married Jennifer got with Lucas and the wedding was a double both Shadow and Julia, Jennifer and Lucas was married on the same day.

Sir Helsing, Greg is here and badly hurt two wounds like swords. Said a man. Ok, take him down stairs and inject him with vampire blood, and get me in touch with Lord Death. Said Van Helsing. Yes sir right away. said a man.Yes what is it Van Helsing. Said a man with a deep scary voice. We have a big problem the first CURE INC building has been destroyed by some one very skilled in marital arts they were able to defeat Garth and Greg. Said Van Helsing. I see I will send you some more back up including your friend the myths said you killed. Said the man with a deep and scary voice.

The end

Part two

The Vamptons: The rise of CURE INC

Coming soon

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