the virus (no real title yet)

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about the saying there's two sides to every stone but with a mirror, WARNING DONT EAT WHILE READING OR READ STRAIGHT AFTER EATING. contains bad language, 18s style story under 18+ please be wary

Submitted: November 14, 2013

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Submitted: November 14, 2013



Possible titles

Shadow side of the mirror

The Dark side of the mirror

Death side of the mirror

The virus


An unknown lab working to cure the most deadly of illness such as cancer, until they create something more horrible something you will only see in a horror movie.




Chap 1


The greatest escape from town


In a hall full of screams with the echoes of gun fire, walls covered with blood, guts and god knows what else and the echoes of something no longer human walking and killing people for flesh with enormous strength enough to break a steel window and speed. As the only survivor gets out of his bed and slowly walks out of his room he sees something that he wishes he did not see, he saw something eating a person. And as he gasps loud enough for the thing that was having a bite to eat hears him and goes after him, so the survivor quickly walks back into his room and barricades the door with his bed. But the thing still gets to him….


2 days later


The same survivor notices he is staring at the ceiling laying in a pool of his own blood and his stomach hanging out as he stood and he freaks out to a point that he finds a knife and stabs him self in the face. Few hours later he once again reawakens and see that he is still alive and even with the knife in his face and grabs the knife and takes it out, and so he re-stands and notice that his stomach is no longer hanging out with no signs of medical attention, so it got him thinking is he a zombie so he walks over to the mirror over by the bathroom door and sees that his own face was healing some how. So after getting the strength to walk out of the room, his television turns on due to its timer, and comes on with the news saying about the dead rising. So as he turns he sees the reporter that was reporting about the dead was then being attacked as the reporter starts getting attack the camera man drops the camera and it shows the reporter being eaten alive and screaming as the zombies tear apart her stomach and pull out her intestines. And now this tells him that he is awake, so he gets dressed and he slowly and quietly opens the door and it looked open and thought that it was too quite and he takes a single step out of the door.


Then all of a sudden a zombie jumps him and tries to eat his face, then he sees a hand gun on the zombie’s hip, so he takes it and lines it up for the head and fires, the bullet blasted out of the back of the head and after he gets his breath back he throws the corpse aside and gets up as he stands he sees a map and luckily enough he can still read, finds out where to find information on who he is and makes his way to the information desk, when all of a sudden he faints. After a while of coming back from fainted, he saw four zombies lurking in front of the information desk and then he drew the gun and shot them in the head and his undead side came through and saw a bag and ripped the zombie’s arms and legs and put them in the bag and munching on one arm and while he was eating he notice that he has gotten stronger, strong enough to rip limbs off. And walked in the information desk and notice that there was 2 children crying, scared and infected, and they knew what happens after being bitten they turn, and they saw what he did outside pulling the limbs and eating an arm, they were scared of him, but he told them that they were going to turn into a zombie so he offered them a way out. The only way out was to be decapitated and the two children accepted so he found a saw and he pray for their souls and told them it maybe painful and told them to close their eyes, so they closed their and before they knew it their souls were going to the place they were not going to go if they turned.


Then he fainted again and re lives his past.


The survivor’s memories


Doctor one: The man Henry Highlaw has the odd strain of cancer it shows signs of black death from 1665 but this one looks a lot different it looks like it has highly evolved to a new strain.


Doctor two: Do you think it’s curable?


Doctor one: If we analyze the strain of this cancer we should find a cure.


Doctor three: What we do if we created a more deadly cancer?


Doctor one: So be it,


Doctor three: What happen if we make a cancer that is not curable?


Doctor one: Then we do what the government did in the year 1665 with the Black Death. We release it on the world.


Doctor three: I am not going through with this you might as well kill me.


Doctor one: So be it, (Bang)

End of flash back


After Henry awakes and sees four other zombies crowing to get into the room, as he draws the hand gun the door gives way and Henry starts blasting away with fright and kills them all and gets the attention of two frighten army soldiers who decide to help and protect Henry, as the two soldiers enters the room they saw Henry looking through the files and eventually finds his file about why he was there in the first place and sees that his doctor was Alfred ‘death’ Robinson, who in fact kidnapped him to study the strain of cancer he had. Then all of a sudden Henry sees something he did not exactly believes, he thought he saw him self, his zombiefied self. And then it spoke saying to kill the two soldiers they are part of the dead rising and killing and disappeared. He gave it some thought and killed them by ripping their heads open just as he was about to attack the second soldier he reacted and opened fire, but Henry still killed him by putting his fist though his chest and pulling out his heart and ate it. As he ate the soldiers heart the zombiefied self of Henry reappeared and spoke.


Zombiefied Henry: Well you look like you think you killed them in cold blood, but you didn’t they would of died sooner or later, as you saw earlier you saw your stomach hanging out and after you reawaken by putting a knife to your face your stomach has some how healed over. I do have the answer from that. It’s your strain of cancer the damage to your skin the cancer will make it heal in time. But suffer major damage to your skin you will need to feed on either humans or the undead. Now Shadow got any questions for me?


Henry: My name is Henry Highlaw, not Shadow, what happened to my memory, did I have a family? Am I alive or dead? How long has it been since the zombie outbreak happened before I awoke?


Zombiefied Henry: Well that’s three questions, one I can’t not answer, but I can answer on a need to know bases, on the question about being alive or dead, well that is not an easy question to answer, lets say you are stuck in between alive and dead but not a zombie. And as you awoke the virus had started a few days earlier, and you are no longer alive as such but you are just the shadow of your former self, me on the other side I am Henry I am on the other side of the mirror so to speak. It is a curse, as we both do believe in curses, to break the curse you must cure the cancer you have, it may mean your death.


Shadow/Henry (Dead side): Ok, how do I die if my cancer keeps repairing my injuries?


Henry/Zombiefied (Alive side): But that I do not know why, but we must press on, oh yeah a word of caution if you become angry you will become the zombie, and when you have calm down you will become normal and the zombies will attack you cause you are not exactly dead, well as normal you ever going to get now. So grab the bag of (gags) limbs and lets get going.


As Shadow grabs the bag of limbs he makes his way towards a lift and notices an office full of army stuff including body armour, guns and cool clothes that make him look like a hard man.


Henry/Zombiefied (Alive side): Ah looking like a hard man I see Shadow I must say we do have the same great taste in clothes, oh look put those shades on it is the same make of shades from the Terminator Gargoyles, (Shadow puts on shades) ah yes you are a bad man, The Zombie Terminator.


Shadow/Henry (Dead side): Oh please stop with the jokes, have we finish shopping now?


Henry/Zombiefied (Alive side) Now look you are the one making the jokes, yes fine, time to grab the guns, we need a range of guns, rifles for long range, handguns for emergencies, Shot guns for no reason for that shot guns are cool, machine guns for herds of zombies, and grenades for herds too, and do not give to many out only four at a time.


Shadow: Fine (grabs the guns and ammo and puts it all in a bag) right that’s done now, now what about melee?


Henry: yes that’s a great idea for low amount of those dumb zombies. Lets go.


So after leaving the armoury they make their way into a lift, and to the top floor as they were making their way to the top floor they are hearing moans and groans of zombies, so Henry had an idea to stop at the second floor as there is a railing to look below. So as they exit on the second floor and look over the railing they saw a floor that looks like a blood bath had taken place, intestines on seats, brains hanging out of heads, eye balls half eaten, and the whole floor was covered in blood like it rain with blood. So Shadow got out one grenade out of the bag and shouted loud to get the zombies attention and they all gathered underneath the railing with their dead arms up, then Shadow pull the pin out and dropped it in the gathering of zombies and then the grenade detonated. After the explosion the organs of the zombies went flying and slamming into the walls and ceilings. So after the explosion had died down they climbed down from the second floor and walked out and see apocalypse happening people getting their arms, legs, stomachs ripped apart while they are screaming that’s calling more zombies.


As they both walking down the street they see people being dragged out from their cars, and then they see four people that includes three men and a woman. The three men looks that they are chasing the woman.


Henry: The time has came to say something from the file of a need to know bases, that woman being chased is your sister Melissa, those men are going to rape her as the world has gone to hell as the word does describes the world is in now.


As they run after the three men, they see that the men have the woman corned down the alley Shadow and Henry saw them ran down, so as he remembers Melissa he gets angry and starts to turn the men panic as they also are corned. Shadow luckily is still in control and starts to walk down the alley towards Melissa, the men did the cowardly way out by giving Melissa to him. As Shadow was walking past Melissa one of the men notices that he walks pasts her, and tells the other two men and they open fire, as each bullet hits Shadow he still walks and then one of them say to shot the head. As the bullet enters Shadows head it knocks the head back and breaks and is now hanging and he still walks towards they knew it was the end of the line and they try to kill themselves and all three guns clicks and then cry for mercy. As Shadow got to them he stands there and looks and he notices that his head is hanging as he turns and points to Melissa to come here, even though the world has gone as she knew it she did and as she got there Shadow points to his head Melissa knew what to do and fixes the head with fright thinking it was the end for her. But instead the three men were freaking out, after Shadows head was fixed he gave a sign to Melissa to stay and she does even being frighten to death, Shadow turns back to the men and smiled the men screamed and Shadow ripped their stomachs and ate. While Shadow was eating Melissa threw up her last meal she had, after Shadow had eaten their intestines he ripped off their limbs and stuff them in the bag and smiled thinking it should be enough for a while and stands and starts to calm down.


Shadow: Hi Melissa it is good to see you again, I can explain what just happened if you want me to.


Melissa: Oh my god, Henry your one of them? Alfred told us you were dead. How is this possible?


Shadow: I am no longer Henry Highlaw, my name is now Shadow, I am not exactly one of them I am stuck between two sides of the mirror of life it is kind of a curse, my real self is one the other side of the mirror it is hard to explain, and if we meet any other survivors you must not tell them at all. And what did Alfred say I died of? And who is WE?


Melissa: Me, Mum, Dad, Mayia your wife and James your son. Alfred told us you died from the cure and turned into a zombie is this your fault the world is in apocalyptic state now?


Shadow: Henry is there something you are not telling me, what happen after they injected me with the cure, did it really happen Melissa said?


Melissa: Henry. (Shadow looks at Melissa in a scary manner) Sorry I mean Shadow this is going to take time for me to get used to, Why you calling out to Henry? Am I able to talk to my real side of the mirror brother? Or see him?


So then Henry appears out of nowhere just before he is seen by Melissa she sees something that looks like a mirror and the mirror looks like it opens and out steps Henry out from alive side of the mirror, and the mirror pulls in Shadow with gravity force until Henry shouts out a magic spell, mirror of life offline and the mirror disappears like it was never there. Henry answers the questions that Melissa asked and he ask her not to tell Shadow straight away he can only be told on a need to know bases by one of the laws from the book of the legendry Mirror of life. As Henry calls out to the mirror of life he disappears back in the mirror.


Henry: Going back a little about your question. Instead of telling you how about I show you instead.


As Shadow falls to the ground he bashes his head in and blood starts pouring out.


Flash back two


Alfred: Ah cure number four, is ready inject him with it.


Doctor one: Yes sir in it goes.


Henry awakes with blood shot eyes and bites the doctor that injected him with cure four.


Doctor one: Dr Robinson he has bitten me, kill me before I turn into a zombie.


Alfred: Oh please this is no horror movie idiot its just a bite you watch to much zombie flicks. Call in three more doctors now Luke.


Luke: Yes sir, (on the loud speaker) Can three top doctors come to experiment room 1 thank you.


Three doctors at the top of their field enters the room and sees the blood on Henry and the bite mark on Luke, and they acted like it was just a bite nothing dangerous.


Alfred: I want you three to hold our patient down while Luke injects him again as the needle broke. (With an evil dark style tone of voice)


So the three top doctors hold Henry down and Luke injected the full cure and once again Henry attacked the three doctors that were holding him by biting. After work all went home to their families infected with the virus and after they walk in their own homes they turned and infected their families. The following day a worker with a scratch from a person infected him and after he got to his station, he turned and attacked those that were going to be working with him on the day and so they sounded the alarm and by doing so they forget that it locks them in and the other four workers in the locked room were dead. Then a poisonous gas entered the room and killing the zombies and after the room was clean of the poisonous gas other workers took the bodies to an underground graveyard and buried the bodies. After a while being buried the infected bodies dig their way to the surface and notice that there was 6 other workers there and then they got infected and one out of the six workers sounded the alarm that made the cameras to react and saw live footage of the massacre and Alfred knew that he has created an zombie virus and released it on the world. Two days later the whole underground lab was infected, then the body of Henry awoken.


End of flash back two


As Shadow awoke there was an arm there as Melissa was told to do that by Henry, Shadow began to eat the arm and the injury to the head healed. As he stood he saw Melissa in tears sitting on an empty bus hiding from the undead, so Shadow walked towards the bus, to comfort her and notice a picture of a man that was her husband to be in a weeks time that she saw get ripped apart and eaten alive to safe hers. As Shadow walks on the bus he frightens Melissa, and he walks over to Melissa to calm her down even if she did see him die. While Melissa was calming down she saw the man in the picture limping and dragging his feet with one of his arms gone and his shoulder half eaten she cried even more and he limped on to the bus moans towards Melissa with his arm out. Just before Melissa was out of Shadow’s reach he grabbed her and gave her a handgun to put his soul to rest.


As Melissa raised the gun to aim in tears and shots him in the head and as the bullet goes in the head the body falls backwards to the floor of the bus. Then Shadow got up to move the body of Melissa’s husband, Melissa stops him thinking that he was going to rip his limbs off, and then he replies by saying I am going to bury him it is the best way now. So they walk off the bus and found their house and buried him in the back garden, after a few words from Melissa they went out to look for more survivors and supplies. While they walking down the street they saw zombie eating a baby, so Melissa grabbed the gun and gets ready to shot it but Shadow stops her as there are 10 others so instead he gave her a baseball bat to cave his head in, and he gives back the handgun to Melissa to help him to put down the other zombies lurking around. And then Shadow whacks the baby’s head to stop the child from coming back to life. After a few minutes walking down the high street they come to a shop guarded by a herd of zombies, so instead going in the front door by walking they find an empty bus and so Melissa and Shadow got on the bus and Shadow drove though the herd and crashing into the store’s front window and parking sideways with the doors of the bus in the store itself. And Melissa shouted who ever is not bitten or scratched come on the bus those who are I am afraid only death can protect you by losing your head. So those who infected walk towards Melissa and WHAM their heads came flying off their shoulders that can only rest their souls and the others were in safe hands, well as safe they are ever going to get. As the bus bumping up and down, down the high street the bag that has the limbs of the zombies fell on the floor and some one opened the bag and freaked out thinking that they are just meat. After Shadow is hearing all of this his zombie self was just coming through as Melissa saw zombie side of Shadow popping through she gave a arm to him and he ate the flesh from the arm, the other survivors were freaking out and Shadow got Melissa’s attention and pointed to the steering wheel of the bus and she drove on from there. While Melissa was driving the bus Shadow sat next to a little girl that had to lose her mother and watched Melissa decapitated her mother to comfort her and hugged, the little girl was freaking out, so he smiled to let her know that nothing is ever going to happen to her. As soon the little girl stopped being frighten she hugged Shadow wanting to die and it was making Shadow calm down too and said, I am not what I do appeared to be I am not one of those things out there I am stuck in between being dead and alive at the same time. The little girl spoke to him.


Little Girl: (speaking frighten) Really, but we saw you eat the flesh off that arm.


Shadow: I will tell everyone about that at the same time. What’s your name little miss? My name is Shadow but my real name is Henry, but you have to call me by Shadow because I am just the Shadow side of myself.


Little Girl: (Speaking frighten) My name is Paige, the girl you are with killed my mummy, she can’t do that can she?


Shadow: Nice to meet you Paige, well under normal circumstances no, as the world that we knew is no longer alive she did it to protect us all, that girl is my older sister Melissa, if she did not kill those people including your mummy we all be dead, minus me as technically I am already half dead, you can say I am a new breed of super hero. (Laughs to try to calm Paige down)


Another Survivor: Ha, a new breed of super hero Ha please don’t make me laugh, what can you do fly, fire beams from your eyes, have bone claws, ah you don’t have nothing like that, you are nothing more then a freak of nature.


After hearing that, Shadow once again got angry and stood up and sat next to the same survivor to scare him and roared at Melissa to make her stop the bus and Melissa had the idea he wanted everyone to get out. So they all got out as the survivor got out Shadow was right behind him and lifted him by his throat and as he goes to bite the survivor but he was never really going to bite him, Paige was scared and spoke out to Shadow saying that they all are scared cause of the world being no longer what they knew. After he heard that he calm down and violently dropped the survivor, and walked to the bus stop seats that were near by to calm down. After all the commotion Henry spoke.


Henry: Shadow you have to try to stay calm when around the survivors, it’s going to scare them, as the world is dead.


Shadow: (speaks like the bar man from blazing saddles) HOLY SHIT


Henry: I take it Mongo is coming (Laughs)


Shadow: No, we have mean ugly looking things heading our way.


Henry: What you mean? Mean and UG, UG ugly?? (Speaks like the bar man from blazing saddles) HOLY SHIT


As the herd of zombies starts making their way from behind the bus two miles down the road and moving fast, Shadow and Melissa and some of the other survivors grabbed guns to help fight. But the survivor that made Shadow angry was stiff with fright and one of the zombies made its way to him, and he close his eyes and prayed for a mercy death, then SPLAT Shadow was there in front of the survivor and getting bitten, and Shadow smiled and bashed its head in with the baseball bat he had in his hands. Then Shadow turned and looked at the man, and handed him a machine gun to help and gave him a such a look if he did not help he will die, and Shadow walked away with the baseball bat and bashed some more heads in. After half-an-hour had passed and all the zombies were once again dead, and Shadow fainted from the bite mark and everyone was scared that he was going to turn. Four hours had passed and Shadow re-opened his eyes and when everyone saw him open his eyes they freaked out and screamed.


Melissa: Ah by the sounds of the screams back there it sounds like you have awakened dear brother, hungry do you still eat food that we do?


Shadow: Ah (Shadow stretches his arms up) what a good nap I just had amazing sleep but it was spoilt by waking up to all these screams I will never be able to fully turn to one of those ugly pricks. (Melissa coughs) I mean ugly Sods? And I suppose I still do there is only one-way to find out.


Melissa smiles and nods and puts all her attention back to driving and notices that the bus is just about to run out of diesel and sees a patrol station just up ahead, and looks at Shadow and he nods and walks out of the bus after Melissa stops.


As Shadow walks out of the bus, he sees that there were zombies hanging about around the patrol station so he took out a baseball bat to smash some heads in. As soon Shadow smashed one of the zombies head in the others started to pick up speed and ran towards Shadow, but Shadow was not as such expecting this so soon, so Melissa got out a sniper and started to shot the zombies while Shadow got the diesel for the bus. When Shadow got the fuel and snacks another herd were doing a marathon down the highway towards the bus. So as Shadow was refuelling the bus four of the survivors on the bus were mowing the zombies down with machine guns and as soon Shadow finishes refuelling the bus, Melissa puts her foot down on the bus to get away from the zombies after the survivors got back on the bus.






Chap 2


Around every corner…


Its been a few days since the herd at the patrol station and they not seen a zombie since apart from the odd one. While Melissa drives down the highway she sees a farm that looks empty, but as soon they are about to use the turn off from the highway they see dozens of bodies half eaten arms, legs, organs all over the place on cars and on the car doors. When Paige sees the body parts she screams and as she screams she gets the attention of the zombies and there are two herds worth so they instead going to the farm they carried on down the highway. Until they see a small army force shooting the zombies and as the soldiers see the bus they ordered Melissa to stop the bus and force them to come out, the first to come out was Shadow, as he saw one zombie very close and dragging its feet towards Paige Shadow stood in the way and of cause he got bitten he was very accidentally person. As the soldiers saw that he was bitten they shouted out to the others to get away from Shadow as he was bitten. As the others were risked away Shadow kept on killing with his fists of enormous strength passed down from his zombie side. As all the zombies were in pieces he walked towards the soldiers and walked passed them and one shot him in the back, bad luck for that person Shadow’s zombie side came into play and walked toward the soldier that put the bullet in his back. And then the other soldiers reacted and started shooting Shadow and in the end he falls and dies, and like they do with the bodies they BURN them inside the camp.


Later that night


In the fire that Shadow was in, he stands up while in the bonfire and he screams when he stretches, and all the last soldiers in the area came out running thinking they were under attack by zombies and they all saw Shadow standing in the bonfire, due to being burned half alive he got some new, well new strengths, while they were shooting him Shadow just stood there yawning as each bullet just hits him and suffers no injuries as they all stopped firing due being told by Albert and telling to stop shooting, then before they knew it Shadow fainted back into another flashback.


Flashback three


Albert: I wonder what will happen to me if I get bitten and inject my self with Henry’s blood?


Cpt: Albert you are not serious risking your own life for another experiment, that’s stupid I am leaving.


(Bang) Albert shoots the CPT in the head.


Albert: Fine you coward I already know what SHOULD happen is that I should get the strength and speed of the zombies. And I am hoping for a showdown with our black belt martial art expert Henry Highlaw.


Doctor: Sir you must get out the lab is over run by zombies I will escort you and I will put my life on the line to get you out.


Albert: Oh how kind thank you very much ill take the help.


As the young doctor and Albert come to the emergency exit Albert gets bitten by a zombie that comes out of the door from the left. The young doctor grabs the zombie off Albert and gets ripped to shreds, just before Albert leaves the lab he kills the zombie and injects the young doctor and himself with Henry’s blood.


The young doctor awakens.


Young doctor: HUH!? How am I alive, Doctor Robinson?


Albert: Please call me Albert, Dayle, I have injected you with the same blood as Henry Highlaw and I have injected to myself as well. And I will keep doing it to make you stronger and myself, and I have another secret place with loads more of the same blood strain.


Dayle: Yes sir I’ll like that a lot will this mean I will never die by being bitten?


Albert: Yes you will never die by being bitten and if I had my way you will never die from old age.


End of Flash back three


Henry: When you wake up be very careful when opening your eyes.


Shadow: Why you ask this Henry?


Henry: Because we are not alone at all, and there is something you should know about the little girl Paige. She’s Albert’s daughter.


As he opens his eyes he sees Paige and Albert hugging, Albert lets go of Paige and walks over to Shadow.


Albert: AH at last you have re-woken many thanks for rescuing my daughter, what about my wife?


Shadow: The pleasure was all mine, and she had to be killed she was infected, I am sorry about your wife, you fucking freak of nature.


Albert: Oh dear that’s not so polite is it when my daughter is here, (Albert telling a soldier to take his daughter outside) Now where was I, ah yes well talking about being a what you say a fucking freak of nature well you can so talk. You are not one of them after all or are you?


Shadow: I know everything about what you have done so far…. (Henry interrupts)


Henry: Do not say how you find out, it could be the death of me.


Albert: Ah and like what,


Shadow: You are the reason that the world is now dead, and you injecting my blood into yourself and someone called Dayle.


Albert: Hmm, and how did you find this out, oh well that can wait, Dayle why don’t you come out and so this “fucking freak of nature” can see the greatest soldier of nature can offer?


And then Dayle walks in looking like a true freak of nature and looking a lot like Frankenstein but worsen style, but he is stronger but slower.


Albert: Meet the end for you Shadow; you are going to fight Daylestein my version of Frankenstein, and if you don’t I will kill your stepsister Melissa.


Shadow: Can we back up a little; Melissa is my real sister, isn’t she?


Albert: No she is not your real sister, your birth mother died in a car crash and so your father remarried to Melissa’s mother. You going to fight Daylestein, or watch Melissa die? Your choice now.


Shadow: I will fight.


Albert: Alrighty then, lets get ready to rumble!! I’ve always wanted to say that.


As Melissa is brushing Paige’s hair outside the tent by the bonfire then the next thing she sees is Shadow coming flying out of the tent that he was in and crashing into a spike going though his stomach. As he just hang there, the Daylestein just stood and laughed and slowly walked back into the tent to tell Albert the good news, but then Shadow opened his eyes and twisted his head back to where the spike was and broke it by punching it. And Shouted Hey DayleStein is that all you got, I am no easy fighter, as I now remember I am a black belt champion. So then Daylestein growls and runs out and towards Shadow and he is ready to dodge the next attack, then as Shadow dodges Daylestein’s attack by jumping, Daylestein goes in head first into another spike, but he just laughed and as he stood, the spike slices though his head and his head healed up like it was nothing, Shadow knew he was in trouble. So Shadow ran towards him and knowing that he will move out of the way. As Shadow got to DayleStein he did not dodge, but instead of dodging his attack he grabbed his face and lifted him up and pounded his face to bits and throws his lifeless corpse into the tree. And he thought it was the end of Shadow, but it was just the beginning. As Daylestein walks away and as Melissa stands he grabs her ass, Paige was trying to make Daylestein let go as she sees Melissa as an Auntie, Shadow saw it what was left of his face, and shouted. Oi fuck face, I am not finished yet, finish me off and you can do what you like as long I am fully DEAD. But of cause as Melissa being a lady she took it the ways a lady would, one that he was saving her, two that he has always fancied her and saying that she had a fine ass and sexual. And then Melissa and Paige hugged each other trying to protect each other.


So Daylestein let go of Melissa’s ass and laughed and said, you really think you can hurt me I am a god, and you, well you are just a freak of nature when you are dead I am going to have some fun with Melissa but first work. As Daylestein walks towards and getting ready to pound his face in once more, Shadow has some new strengths, as Daylestein throws his face pounder, just before he got near to pounding, Shadows face exploded, and naturally Daylestein walks away towards Melissa then all of a sudden it hits him that he never ever touched him that time. As he turns away from Melissa and towards Shadow he sees that he is still standing and all of a sudden there was a loud scream of tortured souls coming within Shadow’s headless body and his head reappeared.


Daylestein runs towards Shadow and then WHAM Shadow attacks with a punch to his chest, Daylestein looks down to his punch and looks back at him and smiled and grabs his arm and throws him in the air and air kicks him in the chest. Just then Daylestein’s chest exploded outwards and his bones pushed out and were like spikes then his chest healed leaving the bones on the outside for extra attack. Shadow was thinking very quickly that the punch did no where near the damage he thought it would, and wished that he had a sword or something and Henry said a sword that can do damage to the Daylestein, will come out of your arm and into your hand. And after a few mins later the sword came sliding out of his arm and into his hand. And the blade was made out of some sort of metal. Daylestein look at the blade and wished the same thing but nothing happened so now the fight is now in Shadow’s favour, but through strength Daylestein still has the fight with strength but with speed and skill the favour of the fight is with Shadow, but skill is not going to get him that far at all. As Daylestein stands there and laughs “HA, HA, HA, I will laugh when you fall, a sword is not going to hurt me you have to try better then that, Shadow”. And Shadow replies; Oh well I will defeat you no matter what; we both are freaks of nature.


As Daylestein runs towards Shadow, Shadow had his sword in hand ready to lob his head off, as he swings the sword into Daylestein’s neck it only goes through half way and Daylestein smiles and says I told you prick, and kicks Shadow through the gate that protects everyone from the undead as Shadow lays there a zombie pears on top and Shadow was thinking oh shit and punches the zombie in the face.


Shadow: Melissa!!! Get everyone on the bus that came with us including Paige, and get out of here.


Melissa: What about you?


Shadow: Don’t worry about me, don’t forget I am no longer alive I am a freak of nature.


Paige: Uncle Shadow Please come with us, if it wont for you we all be dead. (Cries while talking)


Albert: You are not taking my daughter with you, she is staying with me, this is kidnapping.


As Albert grabs Paige by the arm, she grabs a knife and stabs his hand and she runs of towards Melissa.


Paige: Daddy, Mummy told me what you really are, you are a monster but also a saviour but you are no longer the daddy I once had.


So Melissa picks up Paige and everyone runs on to the bus and even though Paige stabbed her dad’s hand she waves him goodbye and cries.


Shadow: What has happened due to you, kidnapping is no longer, AGAINST THE LAW.


Albert: As you allow this you can never see them again this is going to be your end. But first to make it more fun why don’t we join forces to kill the zombies?


Shadow: Ok fine, when they are dead we start this fight fair, deal?


As Daylestein and Albert shook hands with Shadow accepting the deal they fought together to kill the zombies. After the zombies were dead and after Shadow was ready to fight both Albert and Daylestein to the death. Daylestein and Albert gets ready to attack Shadow, Shadow wishes that he has twin blades and the one that was in the ground swings out and swerves into Shadow’s chest and the whole sword then went into his chest and came out of his arm and another sword came out of the other arm. And now Shadow is ready to fight.


Albert runs towards Shadow and throwing a one-two punch and hitting Shadow and a once again he drops the swords and they disappeared in to thin air and then Daylestein ran towards Shadow with a punch and kick and Shadow went flying into the same spike that Daylestein went into. As Shadow went into the spike Daylestein’s blood that was on the spike went into Shadow’s system and fused with his own blood giving Shadow the same strength as Daylestein even though it was his own blood in a way. As Shadow’s and Daylestein’s blood mixed every place that Shadow was either bitten or lost a part in a way mutated into some sort of ogre parts, his chest become nothing but bone, his stomach became metal, his face, well his face had some sort of blood shot vain from the side of his face like the Borg eye piece from star trek, and his eye became very blood shot and you can very clearly see the blood veins in his eye. And now Shadow’s body has now become his new zombie side body, Albert and Daylestein did not think this would not happen and still attacked him. As Albert and Daylestein was attacking him Shadow just smiled and said. “Well now looks like the tables has turned for me, and now it’s my turn to throw and kick you all over this camp”. And swings one of his arms towards Albert and Daylestein, Daylestein steps in to try to block the attack from Shadow, and then Shadow threw a heavy punch to Daylestein that throws him off his balance. Albert tells Daylestein that is not worth fighting him right now he would kill us and tells the soldiers to shot to kill Shadow. And the soldiers got out rocket launchers, heavy machine guns to kill Shadow but then Shadow realises that he has started to lose the control of his new zombie side and tries to calm himself down and thought that it was time for food and grabbed one of the soldiers and ate his head whole and he started to calm down the other soldiers were now started to panic while Albert and Daylestein retreated.


As the soldiers start to fall back Shadow picked up more soldiers to eat their heads off, after all the soldiers were dead and very headless he calm down and ran off in the same direction that Melissa and the others drove off in.


As Melissa is driving she has to stop the bus so she can cry losing her stepbrother and keeping it from him. Then Paige came out to hug Melissa and then shouted out Uncle Shadow is coming look Auntie Melissa. And there he was Shadow doing a zombie style marathon running down to the bus. As Melissa, Paige and everyone else saw Shadow they shouted with joy as Shadow stop, Paige ran towards Shadow with happiness, but Melissa notice that, that it was not Shadow as such and grabbed Paige from Shadow. Paige then noticed that it was not Shadow. Then Henry came to Melissa.


Henry: Hi Melissa that is Shadow, he just had in a big way an upgrade from Daylestein’s blood, he is more stronger then normal he just had a battle to the death with Albert and Daylestein.


Melissa: Does Shadow like to be with me? As by law we can date, as we are not family by blood. And is Shadow still safe to hang around with.


Henry: You bet your fine ass we do and love to be with you, oh yes Shadow is still the same half dead person this is just an upgrade for his zombie side.


So Paige looked at Melissa, Melissa smiled and nodded that Shadow is still him, Shadow said stop there for a moment while he turns back to his less scary side, and with a flash of bloody light he was normal again and Paige cried while running and said Uncle Shadow your back I missed you. Shadow cried with happiness that he could adopt Paige, as her father was no longer who he was. But there is a very big deadly secret about Albert that Shadow is yet to be told.


That night as they all sat around a fire, the other survivors introduce them selves.


Survivor one: Thanks for saving me I am very grateful even if I have upset you, my name is Frank, I was a chef of the mixed religion restaurant.


Shadow: Nice to meet you and being talked like, well being talked to what I am not appeared to be that I understand it is hard to talk nice to someone looking the way I do.


Paige: It’s ok Uncle Shadow, we can all be family, as we have no one left, even if you are not human as such I will love you always. (Hugs Shadow)


Frank: Paige is right we should be family, if we don’t we be weaker then we are now, and if it weren’t for you we be all zombie food by now.


Survivor two: Thanks for saving my daughter and me. My name is Mark and this is my daughter, Steph.

Steph: Dad I can speak for myself, nice to meet you Shadow, I wish my best friends were still alive but I had to kill them sadly.


Mark: Yeah well I wished I did not have to kill your mother but she was not one of them but she was infected but she asked me to do it. (Cries into his hands)


Survivor four: You may getting sick of hearing thanks, but my name is Josh I was gun owner for a shooting range so I have good skill with guns.


Survivor five: I might as well be dead I have no skill any family my wife was having our first when this started, and my name is Zack.


As Shadow heard this it made Paige upset as she watched her mothers death, and she really punched Zack in the face and ran onto the bus and Melissa ran after her. Josh, Mark, Steph and Frank looked at Zack and said you are not the only one here no family, even Shadow only has his stepsister that is not as such family. But we are now a family and WE WILL ACT AS ONE ZACK OR YOU WILL BE THROWN OUT OF THIS GROUP. As Frank shouted it called six zombies over and Shadow told Steph to get onto the bus and grabbed a gun and shot from one of the windows and she passed out a shot gun with four extra shells to her father Mark, a machine gun to Josh with an extra clip and a baseball bats to Frank and Shadow, but Zack was told to get on the bus and guard the girls.

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