Doc Brown and the Hand

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Submitted: May 18, 2016

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Submitted: May 18, 2016




Old Doc Brown sat and sipped red wine.  He was with his friend Tom Smith.  The patient Deacon listened to the old stories of the clever aging medic.


Tom was told of the first case, for the Medical Investigator for the Leeds Police Force.  The Force had a special branch in Yorkshire.  It tried to solve strange incidents in the North of England. 


The red wine flowed.  As Tom was emersed into a mystery.  In a closed down junior school.  A hand, had been found by teenagers playing and exploring, the old ruin.  It had been caused during the Second World War.


Thomas gulped hard on his crimson drink.  The thought of a cold and very real severed hand.  Still fleshy too.  It chilled the holy man. 


Doc Brown sat in his black suit and medical bag.  It had been with him for over thirty years.  To Tom, the Doc resembled the actor Peter Cushing.  A suave balding old gentleman.  Slim and refined, yet keen and intelligent.


At the bombed school, the hand was placed in a special container.  It was Doc Brown who had to carry it to the lab.  He had to find who the limb, belonged to.  In a time and place low on resources.


Police and other medics searched the small area, outside Leeds, in the early 1970’s.  Nothing was found.  No limbs missing on local Yorkshire folk. 


It was when the young Doctor Brown wondered, how the hand was still fresh.  It had been found in salt.  Maybe it had fallen from the German bomber.  Markings of the German air force were tattooed on the, right hand. 


Just when the new Doctor and the case was being dropped.  In walked a man with one arm.  The German was a shock.  As he had aged more than his lost hand.  And it had been kept many years after.  In the same ice box.  In the house of Doc Brown.


Doc Brown explained to Tom.  The old bomber pilot, did not need, a hand, younger than he was.  After trapping it in the bombing payload bay. 


So the crazy specimen was a keepsake and reminder.  That strange things always happen.  To prove  and stun Tom, Doc Brown opened his brown case, to reveal the silver canister.  Including the hand from the War.  Part frozen.  Part alive.  And still twitching…



This was the case of Doc Brown and the Hand.  The men downed the wine, and there ended the tale.  Of, THE HAND. 




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