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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This time Debda is solving a case to save his friend's life. Can Debda be successful in it?


Debda was addicted to one and only game – Grand Prix Racing. His favorite racer was David Petersen. This year also David raced in the GPR. David was an old friend of Debda. They first met when Debda went to China, where David was racing for the first year. This is David’s fifth race in his journey. As known to us, David was a good racer, and he often used to run at the qualifier before racing the finals. This time it was announced that the championship’s final race would be held at India.

Debda was very happy hearing it. All the four races were over and David’s position was at first with 42 points. When David came to the track of Kolkata, where the championship was to be held, after practicing for the first day, David got worried. He came to the office the next morning. Debda greeted him, but his mood didn’t change because of it. He said to Debda, “Deba, you know, when I was practicing on the track, somebody on my microphone sad me ’Leave the track otherwise you would die.’”

“Who said you the following words?” I asked eagerly.

“I don’t know. The speaker said it on the microphone.”

“It was soft or it was loud.” Debda asked.

“It was too much loud.”

“Do you have any enemies?” I asked.

“Many. Namely, racers Rick, Hugh, Frank, Joe, Derek, Dave, Tony, Phil and Chet. And some others like business man Stuart Martin and my ex-wife Mary.”

“Was it male’s or female’s voice?”I asked.

“It was male’s”

“That rules out Mary from out suspect’s list.”

“So that leaves us with Stuart, Rick, Hugh…”

“Rule out Hugh from your suspect list… Excuse me, mister, can I get the newspaper for a moment.”

Debda borrowed a newspaper from the man sitting next to us. He wide opened a page and started reading,

‘Formula 1 racer Hugh Rowland dies on the practice track in his mother land due to an explosion. Investigators say that the explosion occurred due to overheated engine. But witnesses and workers of both Hugh and the track say that Hugh had hardly driven for a minute when the car exploded. With grief Hugh’s family members declared that they want complete justice for Hugh’s death. Investigators find nothing after checking the CCTV footage of both the track and the garage. Sheriff David Duchovny says that he suspects of sabotage to Hugh’s car. For further news, stay tuned to ……’

 “So?” I started after judging there was sufficient silence.

“My life’s in danger.”David shouted out.

“Don’t panic. Rather practice in the track.”Debda said at last.

“But what if he tries to kill me?”

“See, Hugh has been killed in his hometown Chicago. And it happened only nine hours ago. So if he comes here, then only your life will be in danger.”

“But how can you know that who had been in Chicago?” David asked Debda eagerly.

“I have two of my friends, Dana Skuly and Fo*x Mulder at the F.B.I. So it will be easy for us to trace them down.”Debda answered.

Debda called his friends at Washington DC. Within twenty minutes, we knew that four racers left Chicago in the flight that left Chicago for India six hours ago. Suddenly there aroused a suspicion in my mind. So I asked Debda,”How can it be possible that the man who killed Hugh reach India before the plane and frighten David?”

“He must have appointed someone to frighten David.” Debda suggested.

After paying a visit to the DCP, Debda made his way with me and David to the race track. The administration was present there checking all the F1 cars. Debda moved up to the announcement room with me as David started speaking to the media. Up at the announcement room, the announcer, Mr.Jack, was sitting at his table. When we entered the room, at once he started asking several questions,”Who are you? What are you doing here? Who allowed you to enter this room? Security…Secu……”

“Shut up! Emergency Task Force.” Debda howled out.

“Sorry sir.”

“Have anyone cleared the mike after yesterday night?”

“Not yet sir.”

“I want the mike. And tell me is there any more announcer along with you?”

“No sir.”

“I want you to give us your saliva’s sample and your finger prints.”

“But why sir?”

“For investigation.” I added.

“But sir, I will not give you those samples you wanted. I don’t want to be involved in police matters”

“No problem. Then go to jail and wait until you are hanged.”

“With what charges sir?”

“One murder and one attempt to murder.”

“Please sir, take what you want for investigation.”

I took his saliva sample on a glass slide and took his finger prints. Then suddenly Debda said me to take blood samples of all the administrative staffs and the racers. There were fifteen administrative staffs and three racers, Frank, Joe, and Derek. Chet was there at Australia so he was out of the case. Dave, Tony, Phil, and Rick were to land at Mumbai airport after two hours. I and David directly went to airport while Debda took the evidences to the forensic lab to match them. Before fifteen minutes to two, Debda appeared to the airport with our forensic doctor Saakshi Anand, DCP Divyanshu Rao and two ambulances. On asking him, I came to know that Phil was murdered on board.

After the flight landed, Phil’s body was taken out for examination. I took the finger prints of the other three drivers and left with Debda and David.

But unfortunately, none of the finger prints matched with the one found on the mike. Suddenly Debda said David to call Chet. David called Chet and talked on the loud speaker,”Hey Chet what’s up?”

 “It’s cool in Australia. How are you doing back in India?”

“Nothing much. Passing time with my best chum.”

“Great. I think I will be back in India within five days.”

“Okay. Stay well.”

“You too. Bye.”

After the phone was hung, Apoorva explained, “The phone couldn’t be traced.”

“But I know that he is in Mumbai.” Debda said.

“But how do you know?” Everyone asked.

“In this whole universe, buses operate in Earth. In this whole Earth, bus route 222 is only in India’s Kolkata. And in Kolkata only the bus runs from a place which is near to Bay of Bengal. On the phone I heard a conductor shouting the bus number 222 and the roar of water. So he is in Kolkata.”

“He can also be in any other places like Orissa or Mumbai?.”

"No he is in Kolkata"

“How can you be so sure?”

“I am born and bought up in Kolkata.”

With the help of Mobile Company, Apoorva traced Chet and our officers caught him red handed. Chet was then brought to the interrogation room where Debda and I talked to him. Debda started first, “So how was your trip to Australia?”


“Why did you frighten David?”

“I didn’t.”

“Give your finger prints and the sample of your saliva.”


“For investigation.”

“Which investigation?”

“The murder of Phil, Hugh, and the attempt to murder of David.”

“She told me.”


“David’s ex-wife Mary”

When Mary was interrogated by Apoorva and Saakshi, she told them that her actual motive was to kill David. But to show his murder a serial killer murder, she killed the other two and said Chet to frighten David. She wanted to kill David as she loved someone else but her parents and relatives said her that they would not allow her to marry with her prince until David died.

“You saw Dimitri; love is the reason for which 92% of the murders occur in our country. Anyway, now we should close this file.”

“Case solved!!!”

The End

Submitted: May 20, 2014

© Copyright 2020 Debayush Chakraborty. All rights reserved.

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