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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

A world-renowned criminal gets murdered. CID officers held for crime. But videos of crime revealed from the crime spot. Can CID catch the criminal?



This case befell on us when we were residing in the furnished flats of the famous university towns. We were in CID at that time. It all started from the messenger who called us to the CUB club. He informed us that at night around twelve thirty a gang of robbers would come to the deserted field at the Ross Corner to take a big amount from Mr. John, a renowned businessman.

We called out our team and reached there before time. We were just in time to see Mr. John’s car drawing in. He immediately jumped out of his car after stopping it. Just after him a blue quails drew in. There was a long silence and the only sound which came was the slamming of doors.

We saw the face of the gang leader. He was Luke, the renowned robber of West London. Luke started speaking “John, first give me the money otherwise I will kill you”.

“First show me my uncle!”

“What I said? First money!” again barked Luke.

Martin felt John was in danger. So he started shooting at Luke and his gang. We even started shooting at them. Luke escaped while the others were dead. Martin and the others ran behind Luke. John was safe. After running in long narrow paths of London, we had Luke red-handed. We took him to the office. I and Martin went to the interrogation room with Luke. There was a long silence. We said him to sit on the chair nearby but he didn’t sit instead moved backwards. We thought he was afraid of us. Martin went towards him but he suddenly tripped over the camera wire. The camera fell down. I picked it up. Accordingly there was a deafening sound. When I picked the camera up, I saw Luke was on the floor and Martin was some one foot away from Luke. ACP Derek entered the room. He asked us what happened to Luke. I went towards Luke to find him dead.

I and Martin had no answer to Derek’s question. Derek looked at us in suspicion. He said,”Who have killed Luke?”

“Sir, we have not killed him.” said Martin.

“Then who? Any ghost? Because nobody else was in the room.” Inquired Derek.

“But believe us, we have not killed him.”I stated.

“What was about the sound?” asked Derek.

“Luke tripped over the camera wire.” Said Martin.

“Who picked it up?” asked Derek.

“I picked it up.” I said.

“Then Philips, how could you know if Martin has killed him. Because you were busy picking up the camera. And Martin could easily complete his work in the time span.” said Derek.

“If you want to the check the camera recorded footage, then you can check it.” said Martin.

Two Hours Later…

Luke’s body was taken to the forensic laboratory.

”See Derek! Luke died due to brain ham rage. I don’t think I have to explain what is brain ham rage.” said Dr.Stuart.

“No, you have to explain because this is your place of work and not your house.” said Derek.

“Okay!!! Brain ham rage is the time when people die due to blood clothing.” explained Stuart.

‘But sir, how is it possible – “I was stopped before I could finish.

“You and Martin are suspended from your job and don’t come till I call you. You are dismissed.” barked Derek.

Martin and I made our way out of the office. I said”Martin did you kill Luke?”

“How can you say that?” Martin said.

“No, I am not telling you that you are the murderer, but what I mean is if you have hurt him in any ways. Because you see, blood clothing takes a long time.” I explained.

“Something is there that we are missing to spot. Let us again g to the spot where we caught Luke last night.” Martin suggested.

We both made our way to the spot where we caught Luke last night. We both took our time to search the spot. Suddenly I noticed a recording device, the ones used by news men to record some pre-planned conflicts secretly. Both of us knew the purpose of noticing the device in that spot. Somebody was recording the earlier night’s events. We noticed a tag beneath the system. It was written ‘Archie’s corner’.

We went to the shop. The owner was polite with us thus we didn’t face any problem questioning him. We asked him to check for the owner of the recording device. He checked his records and matched with the tag. The conclusion at which he arrived at last was that the device was of Peter Damson of Ross Square.

We went to Peter Damson’s house. He was not in his home so we had to break-in the house. On the second floor, there were many CD’s on the computer table. We played one of it. It showed the video in which John’s uncle was murdered. We picked up all the CD’s and went to the office. Derek was annoyed to see us in the office. He didn’t wanted to hear anything from us, not even about the CD’s.

Suddenly Stuart rushed in saying, “Derek, neither Martin nor Philips have murdered Luke. Someone gave Luke a dose of wrong to Luke for which blood clotted during that time. And when he tripped over the camera wire, his head hit the wall due to which it started bleeding and he died.”

“Are you sure about what you are talking about.” Derek inquired.

“Absolutely!” said Stuart.

“So Martin and Philips, once again welcome to CID. So what were you saying about the CD’s?” asked Derek.

“We found those CD’s at Peter Damson’s house.” I said.

“Let us watch the videos” Derek said patting on our shoulders.

We placed the CD’s one by one on the computer. Suddenly Cane, one of our former officers said, “Sir, I think I have seen these videos in one of the news channels. It was…ooh...ooh…”Nation London”

”So let us go to the news office” informed Derek.

The news office was near the river Thames, not far from our office, just seven kilometers away. Herbert George was the owner of the news channel. Martin took over Herbert and started speaking,

“Hello! I am Mr. Martin of London CID. I want to speak to you about Mr. Peter Damson.”

“Oh Peter! He is my pride. He is the best reporter in this channel.”

“Who is his assistant camera man?”

“Mr. Daniel White.”

“Do you have their mobile number?”


“Do you have their address?”


“Do you know where they are?”


“Do you have the any verification to their identities?”


“Have you kept them at work or they have kept you at work?”

“Sorry Sir?”

“Ignore it! So what do you do when you need them?”

“I wait for their work to be over and for them to come.”

“Next time when they come, immediately inform us.”

‘Okay sir!”

We went back to the office and discussed about the events. We wondered who the murderer of John’s uncle was. Suddenly Derek told us to arrange a press conference at which Martin agreed at once.

One Day Later…

 We all were said to act like reporters. I didn’t understood what was the matter but I was sure that Derek and Martin had a wonderful plan ahead. Our officer Mike Rodney was made the owner of the news channel “360 world”, which actually didn’t existed at all. He said in it that he would be putting off the curtain of some news channels for their illegal works. He even stated that he have got evidence against it.

Then we left the place. At night we went to the house of Mike. We hid there waiting for the criminals, Peter and Daniel to come. At about eleven o’ clock at night, both of them came armed with revolvers. They threatened Mike to give them the proofs. Mike led them to the room where we all were hiding. In no time we had them on their necks, our guns pointed at their temples. They were shocked to see our pleasant surprise. On asking them for the main mastermind, they answered us “Herbert George”.

In another few minutes, we were at Herbert’s house. He was relaxing watching television. Our visit late at night made him shocked. When we asked him about the murders, he ignored our question. But one slap of our Martin was enough for him to commit the truths. He told us that he committed all the crimes with the help of Luke and recorded them with the help of Peter and Daniel. He even told s that he did all this for saving his news-channel.

“But why did you kill Luke? He was helping you-right?” snapped Derek.

“He betrayed me. He was trying to buy my channel without my consent.” said Herbert.

“So that clears the case! Cane arrest him! HURRAH – ANOTHER CASE IS SOLVED”

The End

Submitted: December 23, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Debayush Chakraborty. All rights reserved.

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