Undercover Murder

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This time Debda reaches Pune in search of mystery. His team is with him, but this case will take him a long way to his success. Can Debda successfully solve the case? Find it out in the story.

Undercover Murder


This case befell on us when Debda returned from England after the football league was over. Or I would rather say we were dragged in the case by some spiritual powers. At the beginning of the first day of Debda’s presence at the beauru, he told me, ”Dimitri, my mother told me that I should give a visit to the god at the temple. You know that I don’t believe in these things, but if I would not go there, she would get hurt.”

“Okay! Then say when will you go there?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

“Sounds perfect to me.”

“And Dimitri, if you can please drag Pandey with us.”

At this sentence, I even agreed to Debda as Pandey was a good friend of us. From the very first day of our school in toddlers, we three were best friends. And see today, we three got together again. Anyways, when I asked Pandey, he said he would accompany us on the following day.

The next morning seemed to take years to come. I got up at three o’ clock at the morning and dressed up quickly. Within fifteen minutes, I got the plate of offerings ready and called up for Debda. He asked me to come to the doorstep of my house and to lockup the house. I said my parents to close the door and I left. Within a minute or two, Debda came with his car and Pandey was seated beside him. I even got up in the car and bid bye to my parents. Within twenty minutes, we were in front of the temple. Usually we don’t see special entry or VIP entry, as we say, before a temple. But when it is arranged there, police officers along with ministers and other high officials can avail it.

We three entered the temple. Inside we saw Minister Arindam Pathan with his bodyguards. We finished our worship within half an hour. Debda seemed to be busy with the minister. When the worship was over, Debda asked the minister if he wished a cup of tea with him. But he said his worship was left thus he have to wait there for another hour. After the discussion was over, we were heading towards the exit; we saw two bodyguards were talking about something. Suddenly Debda’s shoe lace came out. Thus he gave the plate and said Pandey to bring the car to the front gate.

After some twenty minutes, at around five o’ clock, Debda came to the gate and got up in the car. The rest of the way seemed boring as our entertainer Debda was deep in his thoughts. He said Pandey to first turn the car to his house, then to mine and then to the office. When I got down the car at my house, I couldn’t make out what was going on around. But later that morning when I reached the office, everything became clear to me.

At that morning Debda went out to Pune for a very high profile case along with Sheek and Saakshi.  We were even informed that he had invited us to Pune by the next flight to there. By the time we travelled to Pune, I was stuck to a decision, “I have missed much of the case for my laziness but no more. For the rest of the days, I would be with him so as not to miss a single point of it.” When we reached Pune, Saakshi said us what has happened. A Mrs. Sruti Seth had died the earlier week. She died of a simple suicide as stated by the police. But Debda thought it was a murder.

Debda asked for the local police for details. But they were only supplied with the suicide details. But Debda was not satisfied with that thought. So he went to Sruti’s house. Her husband was very upset and he also was not satisfied with the answer given by the police. Debda asked him for the death certificate of Sruti. Varun, Sruti’s husband, gave him the certificate. But on seeing it, Pandey got in his thoughts. I didn’t know the reason but I was sure it surrounded the medical report.

After that we went to the spot where people found the dead body of Sruti. It was near the bus stop, in a water tank. I mean the open tanks that were used by the Indian Mughal rulers at their time. Then Varun went on with his memories of the day Sruti died,”That day I slept till late morning until I was woke up by our gardener’s son, Deep. He knocked my door hard. When I got up, I saw Sruti was not beside me. And when I opened the door, Deep said me ‘Big brother, Sruti didi’s body had been found near the bus stop in the water tank. She is dead’. Hearing that I rushed to the spot and saw her body. It was floating in front of the stairs. But before I could even touch the body, it was taken away by the police. And after some days, the police returned with the forensic report and gave it to me.”

“But do you know the report is not the original one. It is a fake one.” Debda informed.

“But how can you say that?” inquired Varun.

“Because the hospital’s name is printed wrong. There is a K.K.S.S. hospital there behind the street you live. But there is no K.K.S. hospital in the whole India.” Said Pandey.

“And not only that. I got an expert friend of mine to check the signature of Dr. Arko Datta with his original writing. But it didn’t match.” Concluded Debda.

“But why would police do such a thing?” Saakshi inquired.

“For any type of reason. By the way, Mr. Varun, how many cars do you have? One Mercedes and one Chevrolet. But we have only one driver, Jagmohan. I take the Chevrolet to the office and leave Jagmohan along with Sruti so that she can go anywhere she liked. And mind you officers, you shouldn’t suspect Jagmohan, he is with us from when I was young.” Varun deduced whatever he could from Debda’s question.

“Debda, by no way this site seems perfect for a suicide to me. In this depth anybody can stand and water will be of his or her stomach height. Somewhere two feet, or three feet maximum.” Said Sheek.

“No problem, Varun can you say where in your city can we find red soil?”

“In the western part of the city. But nobody stays there.” Varun finished.

“Sheek and Pandey, go to the western part of the city. Dimitri, find out if you can where the original report of Sruti is. Even mention my name if you are in any type of problem. Varun, go with him to the K.K.S.S. hospital. Saakshi come with me.”

I and Varun went to the hospital and asked for the report. First they didn’t answer us but then we told them Debda’s name, they said us that the report was with the army. Before we could come out of the hospital, Debda called Varun and said him to come back to his house and said me to go the western part of the city. When I got there, I saw Sheek, Saakshi and even Pandey standing over a distance. On getting nearer, I came to know that Saakshi came there with a taxi from the stand she and Debda went earlier. Then Saakshi told her and Debda’s investigation: - “When we got to the stand, a taxi driver could remember Sruti. Luckily along with him was Jagmohan. Jagmohan told us that he didn’t take Sruti to the western part of the city. But this taxi driver could remember he left Sruti here for eleven days in these three months. He even provided us with a sketch of the man along with whom she met.”

“And here we found the same described sketch from these children. Here it is.” Said Debda presenting it to me and Saakshi.

“He is bald…..wait a…minute….Debda sent me a SMS….’Come to Varun’s house’.” I read out.

We reached Varun’s house. Debda showed us a mobile and a camera. Sheek got down with his laptop and the camera to see the footage. But Debda was fishing on the mobile. At last he concluded,”Either Sruti was some gangster or she was a police. Now I think she was a police.”

“But how can you say that?” Saakshi asked.

“Remember the car the taxi driver said of. It is the car of Chief of Indian waterways border security Priyam Seth. Now I can understand everything. Can we have coffee at the Chief’s office?”

“Of course.”

“Varun, you are even coming with us.”

We soon reached the office of Chief. Debda was correct. Sruti was an intelligence officer. The chief even said that he knew that Sruti had been murdered. He said us that the night Sruti died; she called up Chief to say that she had found the terrorists who crossed the border of India. But suddenly on the phone the chief said that he heard Sruti screaming. But before he could do something, Sruti was dead. Then along with all of us and another set of police force, Debda went to the crime spot. According to the Chief, Sruti said that the terrorists were to attack near the Chattrapati Shivaji bus terminus. Thus we were there within a few minutes. Then Debda asked the chief for any type of sounds he heard the day of Sruti’s murder. He answered that he has heard the sound of some metals hitting the floor. Debda at once said, “The coins hit the floor that day. This means that the beggar had killed her.”

Before we could do anything, the beggar at the street got up with an AK 47 in her hand. But before Debda’s clever tactics, none of the criminals could do anything. Within a few seconds, the terrorist was in the force’s hand. Within a few hours all the other terrorist were arrested but not the bald man. As we showed Debda the sketch of the bald man, Debda said,”I expected only and only him as the mastermind. Do you know who he is? He is my oldest enemy, Arkadipta Kar. I thought he would be suppressed for at least twenty years after what I did with him. But what to do?” Debda sighed and left the room.

But once again I am proud to say, “I AM THE ASSISTANT OF ACP DEBAYUSH CHAKRABORTY”.

The End

Submitted: February 01, 2014

© Copyright 2020 Debayush Chakraborty. All rights reserved.

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