The Black pond

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This is my first or my debut poem. This poem is not something about nature, as the name suggests a black pond. The black pond is given as a metamorphosis for a place where a man can give away all his lies and wrong doings (‘and float all those things:/Your lies and your laws'). The wrong doings are described as his laws. In this poem I also ask if there is a way to hide from these things as the are my enemies ('Then is there any way to go,/And hide from these lies and laws?').In the last lines of the first paragraph, the 'lies and laws' are described as something like a monster (‘and they stab me with the blades and reap me with their claws'). In the last paragraph, I have already given up my 'lies and laws' and I am sleeping under the sky over the pond which is a beautiful place and i am advising others to do the same. This is my debut poem, that's why I didn't write too dark about these things as I usually write. Hope my poem is liked by everyone.

Submitted: December 06, 2009

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Submitted: December 06, 2009



The black pond

What lies beneath your flaws?
Your lies or your laws?
And what is your lie?
Is it everything that you try?
And what is your law?
The things that you tried and saw.
Then is there any way to go,
 And hide from these lies and laws?
‘Cause they aren’t the virtue, they are my foe,
And they stab me with the blades and reap me with their claws.

Now that I lie beneath these big blue coat,
And rest my back on these green things that float.
On these pond of the truth and the moss,
But it isn’t a pond but a flood of the laws.
The moss aren’t the laws
And the blue coat isn’t the lies
The green floating things: moss,
And the blue coat : where the bird flies.
Then go back in time
Of the sky and the moss,
And float all those things:
Your lies and your laws. 

-Debojyoti Sanyal

© Copyright 2017 Debojyoti. All rights reserved.

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