Lady Anne - The Killer

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Submitted: January 15, 2016

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Submitted: January 15, 2016





And I was dreaming for too long and finally it came true,

Now I am a queen though, Courtiers adore me, kiss my hand;

Like my king used to do; My king, you heard it right 

Such a king who was never bright; Tenderness of his 

Or his modest smile made me laugh everytime.

And he said, "I adore you, my beloved."

And I know he did so well,

But Who would care for his little affection,

After all it's such an earthly affair. 

And I wanted something more Precious 

Which would prove me tall and fair

And I have a lion heart, 

And I am Brave 

I fear none than those devils of Hell.

So, I poisoned the king's meal 

And too gave a feast for it.

I saw that feeble man crumbling on the ground;

He cursed, collapsed, perished.

And I could see him with full of blemish 

 Let me tell you with some shame 

A man is frail too and tis' so lame.

His love was true, mine was not

Tis' such a love which can hardly be wrought .

He loved me, and i loved him not

I loved his wealth and wanted to be his lord.

So i sacrificed him for my love;

A love, which you could hardly curb. 



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