In My Bones (preface only)

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Single mother Bette Archer learned about loss early in life, when the father she adored became the final American military casualty during the fall of Saigon, in the closing days of the Viet Nam war. Now, as Bette watches her country fight what she believes is a repeat of that senseless, losing battle, she is fiercely determined that her only child, a 19 year old boy, will not be taken from her too. Unyieldingly protective, tortured by memories of her father, Bette ultimately concludes she has only one terrible option: to make him permanently unfit for military service, she must injure her own child. But this attempt to ‘save’ her son leads to tragic consequences Bette could never have forseen...This is a novel about the blinding power of strong emotions - how in their grip and with perceptions distorted, we sometimes destroy that very thing we most want to 'save' - and that interfering in the destiny of another is never an act of love.

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In My Bones

Submitted: April 23, 2007

PREFACE She remembers exactly where she was when the idea came to her that she must break her son's hip; oddly, it is the clearest me... Read Chapter