Whose Morality?

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Something I have felt strongly about for quite some time involving the subject of spiritual freedom, in particular in the area of love

Submitted: June 01, 2012

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Submitted: June 01, 2012



Afraid if I follow Christ--I will not allow myself to feel my entire sensuality—for it is a sin, but is it?  The Bible, St. Paul, bridling my passion and nowhere for it to go but to be trapped inside—suppressed by “shoulds” and “should-nots”.

Afraid I can’t think of a guy about our embracing arms touching sensual parts of each other’s bodies and not feel shame about it—should I join a religion—the Christian one.

Can’t I take part of Christianity and avoid the Book of Corinthians, where Paul says to “Beware of sexual immorality”?  I want to be the Free Spirit my mother said I was – yet she, the same woman, judged the length of the shorts I wore—my clothing.  It confused me—as it should.  

I am not impure because I have sex without a marriage bond – am I?  Why should love – if it’s pure, real—be judged? Who has that right?

Yet I long for a God I can have and believe in.  The God I’ve been exposed to punishes.  And Christians say if you don’t believe in this God—namely their God—you will burn, there will be gnashing of teeth—wailing unceasing.  Enough.  Enough.

How can love enter with this stranglehold of FEAR?  I see their grubby little clutches around my neck—squeezing and pressing into the skin until I conform.This control is insidious and strong, operating on a mind level of narrow and black.  Yes, it’s black as the night, posing as light.  The way.  The truth.

Of course my mind can’t make it believable as my mind absorbs the complexities of human lives.  

I want ideal Love—but these people want me to be their  brand of pure—but I never was  dirty.  

Please God, I want equality.  Why can’t we just stop with the judgment, the imposed morality—which is really a matter for each person to determine for themselves, and live peaceably?

May I’m a die-hard idealist—but I’m sick of greed, power and sex-lust.  We want to take it, get it for ourselves at others cost—but the choice to ACCEPT people just where they are is always there, if eyes are only open and hate and segregation closes.

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