The Fervor

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This poem is metaphor. I wrote it while watching the way a flame behaves and reflecting on a recent relationship that came to an end. As the candle burned and it came to its end, I saw such distinct similarities between the life of the flame and the dynamics of a relationship; I was inspired to write it down.

Submitted: January 28, 2012

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Submitted: January 28, 2012



Peer into the windows of my soul and be blinded by the passion
for it burns deep.
Come not close, for the ardor flames eternal, you won't escape
its grasp.
A blaze must have breath to grow wild; you became the essence of it all.
My first beholding--the yearning
Your premiere utterance--the spark
Your foremost embrace--The flame
Your pristine kiss--The fire
Enchantment came when eye to eye with the brilliant shimmering.
The cold of the flame seized my liking
Yet seared more intense than the rest.
Engulfed by desire, obliviously oppressed I became.
Your vow--My inspiration
Your fading--My agony
Your apathy--My solitude
Your forsaking--My vanquishment
And the fervor commenced to dwindle, I offered myself in sustenance.
A flicker, a whimper, and all was dark; the world, my heart, no light
shone there.
My soul, ascending, with the death of the fire, ghostlike and free of form.
The flame--To sunder
The remembrance--My fatal flaw
The passion--Gone astray
Your last words--My final breath

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