Herobrine's Servant

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My name is Jared. my friend accidently summoned Herobrine. We fought. I had a knife thrown threw my hand and multiple zombie bites. I tricked Herobrine into healing me. He did, then I shot him. I found Darren and Alice in hte sewers. Alice killed Herobrine, but Darren forced me to shoot him so we could escape.

Submitted: December 16, 2012

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Submitted: December 16, 2012



" Let's just go back, Jared." "No way Alice. I'm not leaving Darren behind. He saved my life, I'll save his." "But you shot him." " I know, I just never got a chance to say good-bye." " Then why do we need all of this gear?" "You saw what Herobrine can do!" "Exactly. So why are we going!?"   "Shut up! We're already here." We climb down the ladder. When we get down, Alice asks "Isn't THAT where his corpse was?" "Ya. Where is it? It's not here?"  Then, in the darkness, we see two glowing balls. "Oh shit." I say. "Herobrines here!" Darren revealed himself. He had white, glowing eyes like Herobrine. Like we got possessed. I can hear Alice scream "Oh my god! Darren, what happened to you?" He smirks, then says "Herobrine saved me from this world. I cannot die. He tells me what to do. He says now"- he pulls out a long sword- " I need to kill you." I yell "Darren your possessed!" But he doesn't listen. He doesn't care. I scream again. "Darren! Shut up and listen!" He walks over, and grabs my wrist with both hands, dropping the sword. He yells "Don't talk to me like that AGAIN!" as he breaks my wrist. "Darren, what happened to you?" Alice says sadly.

"I've told you. I've changed." He says. I yell back at him. "Okay Darren, where is Herobrine. I start to question him. He replies back, very short. "In hell." "Okay Darren, quit fooling around!"  He stops, than yells "THAT'S IT!!!! IV'E HAD IT!" Then, sadly, he picks up his sword, and jams it right into Alice's arm.

I push him away, and yank the sword out. "Alice." I shout. "Alice!" But She didn't hear me because she blacked out. I look at Darren. I scream "You monster!"   He replies "Soon you will join her, Darren." "Oh, fuck you! Take me to Herobrine! Tonight! 10:00! Wait, don't you need to sleep?" He looks at me, then says "Don't you understand Jared? We never sleep." I tug Alice up the ladder, but it was pretty hard. I bring her to the nearest hospital. I hear myself say "Don't worry Alice. I will avenge you."

It's 10:00. I climb down the ladder. Darren looks at me, saying "Your late. It's 10:01." "Ha-ha." I reply. "Take me to him." "Your not coming. Instead I brought him HEAR!" As usual, the door behind me explodes. He does that pretty much every time. NOOOOOO, he doesn't OPEN the door, he explodes it. He comes out. Darren bows before him. He looks at me. Saying "You see, Jarred. Look at Darren. as lifeless as he is, and yet he listens to me." "WHY?" I plead.  "Why? WHY!" He asks but screams. "Your friend would have DIED if it wasn't for me."   I reply angrily. "He died BECAUSE of you. Look at him. He already dead INSIDE you bitch!" I get ready to punch him, but he holds a hand up and leaves me floating in the air. I start to bawl "You killed my friend. You killed my friend. And YOU!" I point to Darren "YOU almost killed my other friend. He replies. "I did it because he told me to!" I reply, angrily. "STOP! Stop listening to him! Your being brainwashed!" He walks over, and strikes my left cheek. I turn to Herobrine. "If you let Darren go, you can possess ME!" He thinks about then nods. "Go." he yells. "Come back down here tomorrow. Same time." I'll have to  make the decision of a lifetime.  As I climb up the ladder, I hear Darren yell up "Mommy!"  I yell back down. "I'm not your fucking mommy!" And slammed the manhole lid shut.

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