The Herobrine Finale.

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How am I still alive? i don't know. With my friend possessed and all. First, I got to save Darren.

Submitted: December 16, 2012

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Submitted: December 16, 2012



I walk into Darren's old house, when he was human that is. It's so sad. We used to have great times here. I walk into his bedroom. I look around. Everything was normal. Except for an unfamiliar box on his dresser. We have been friends for a long time, so I know that box was strange. It wasn't here when we escaped the house. I take it down. Feeling the box, and as i open it up, I gasp. In the box was one vial and a syringe. I took out the vial. Rolled it between my hands. It was labeled: HEALING, in capital letters. I could use this for so many things! I take out the syringe. Now, I don't really wanna say the next part. But let's just say I woke up ten minuets later with an empty vial, an empty syringe, and a throbbing wrist. So many things are going threw my head. But one of them stands out, giving me an idea. I run. Fast. Into the night.

I run into the hospital. Running and pushing threw the crowds. Up thirty flights of stairs, and burst into Alice's room. She was watching T.V. She look's at me. "Oh my god Jared! Your alive! What happened to you?!"   I reply "Darren called me his mommy. But that's not the point. Stay still." She does so. I walked up to her,  and held her head. My veins start to glow white and my hands move around on different sides of her head. Then they push it to the side. My veins simmer down. I look at Alice. New flesh and bone grows almost instantly in the sword wound. I look at her "Darren had a healing power in his room! Isn't that great!"  She looks at me, smiles that says "lets save Darren!" We ran out of the hospital, tripping over lots of things such as people and rocks. We make it to the sewer and go down the ladder. When we get down, we see Darren, sitting against the wall crying into his hands.

I walk up to Darren. He looks up at me. I ask "Darren, do you want to become YOU again?" He says "Herobrine left! Will you find him?" I reply "No, WE'LL find him." In my head I'm thinking "I hop this works." I stand over my possessed friend and but my hands on his head. He fights back, but stops as his Eyes turn from glowing white, to red, to black. The they close. "Darren!" I yell as I slap his face. His eyes open. They're normal. "Darren? Are you YOU again?" He replies "I don't know am I?"  We tell him what happened. "Thank you. I can't believe I did that!" I reply "You didn't do that." We walk back home. If we can't kill him in our world, maybe we can kill him in his.

My name is Darren. I got possessed by the ultimate dick Herobrine. Jared cured me, and I'm alright. When we got home, we went upstairs to the computer. He was there, probably knowing we we're gonna come. He looks at me. "Hello Darren. I see you have betrayed me again."  I reply. "Shut up. We're gonna play a little game. It's called, guess who just called the cops and reported your sorry mother fucking ass!" He laughs. "They can't get me in a COMPUTER, Darren. Come on in, so we can finish the job. We crawl into the computer. Where we end up is.......

The gold room. We land into the gold room. What's different is the room is surrounded by lava. Lots of lava. Lava that goes down all the way into the earth. I look at the swords on the wall. I use my power to take a sword from the wall. Herobrine's staring at the lava. He turns around and I stab him in the chest. He pushes me away and takes my sword, and holds it against my heart. "Hahaha! I've always had a THING for you Darren!" In my head I'm thinking "Is he a homosexual?" Just about as he is going o stab me through the heart, an arrow comes right out of Herobrine's hand, knocking out the sword he's holding. There was Alice, holding a bow, going Katniss Everdeen style. She fires multiple arrows into his chest and he falls off the cliff, and down, down into the magma deep in the earth. We walk back in the portal ending up in my room. It was over. I look at my two friends, then look out the window. The sun was setting. Then I turn back saying "Anyone wanna play Minecraft?"

Epilogue: 20 years I wake up to the sound of crashing and banging. I follow the noise to the computer room. there, was my 5 year old son, with a bloody wooden base-ball bat. I look at the victim. sword slashes, bullet holes in his chest, including a big one in his forehead, arrows sticking out of him, melted flesh, white glowing eyes, and a diamond sword. I look at the computer, it was broken and knocked over. I turn to Billy. He looks at me. "He came out of the computer daddy. He said he was gonna eat our souls. So I killed the bad man." I look at him. Proud he killed Herobrine, but worried for my family that he was back. "Should we tell Uncle Jared what I did?" "Not know. In the morning. Go to sleep."  He looks at me. "Don't you understand daddy?" His eyes start to glow white and there was nothing left in them. "I never sleep."

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