Na'stirh's Peace

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Something I wrote years ago.

Submitted: May 14, 2008

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Submitted: May 14, 2008



Na'Stirh's blood
Oil of man
Peace in Lander's Fall
Keeping pace with Dragan Talec
Flame of Oglala Stall
Hands of flesh
Beating fiend
Fighting fang & claw
Armour pierced
By Majic might
Closing Veralk's Door
Taking flight
Follow, fight
Back to the Dark homeworld
Keep the Power curled...

The scent of time passing by

Power waning slow

Unused hands & idle minds

Darkness keeping low

Ancient locks and mighty doors

Rotted deep inside

Foes and forebears

Tensed & poised

Waiting for the ride

Words of minstrels dead & gone

Coming back to mind

"Ride the snake" and "break on through

To the other side"...

Blast of darkness

Flash of pain

The path of light deflowered

Outcast foes, friends in war

Like little girls empowered

Kiss your structured past goodbye

The truth is stranger still

Aged and stalwart Guardians

Felled by stronger will

Prey and Hunters

Race the Fold

To end the Aeon War

Slivers beaten down at last

For peace in Lander's Fall

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