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Summary of an (un)evil life.

Submitted: May 13, 2008

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Submitted: May 13, 2008



I'm not one of the fallen

I was already here

I’ve left my pain so far behind

I no longer know fear

Some fanatics think I’m evil

They want to show me the way

But they don’t know the half of it

There’s no way I’m gonna stray

I’ll follow no lord or master

I won’t worship the beast

But I’ll treat you bad and fuck with your head

I’m a bastard to say the least

I’ve been around for the longest time

I’ll never go away

I love the life on the darkside

Cross me and I’ll make you pay

You might think I’m the meanest

Man you’ve ever met

But I’ve done things you’ll never think of

And I’m not finished yet

At least I don’t fuck children

And I don’t hit my wife

I’ll leave that up to the holy men

And get on with my life

I’ll torture you if you fuck with me

Your pain will never end

You’ll beg me to release you

And you’ll break after you bend

I’ll go after your family

I’ll make your dear wife bleed

I’ll stick a big knife in your son’s black dog

And I’ll feed your daughter’s greed

I’ve been sent here to destroy you

I’m the Shiva of your life

I’ll watch you disown your children

And make you leave your wife

The nuns think I’m a righteous man

The padre thinks I’m unreal

I take the money from the orphanage fund

And then I make them steal

That ‘good’ people have an evil streak

Is part of what makes it fun

I easily evade the local law

Though I’m never on the run

I like a warm gun on a cold, dark night

And I like a cold steel blade

I shy away from the noonday sun

I work better in the midnight shade

I enjoy the taste of human flesh

Curvaceous girls are best

I’ve tasted every shape I could

And I don’t much like the rest

I’ve lived enough to know human nature

I know how people feel

They’ll never admit their dearest wish

But they’ll die before they’ll kneel

I try hard not to mince my words

I strive to speak the truth

If you don’t like what I’m saying

Then you can jump off the roof

I’m the stranger you were warned about

There’s none stranger than me

Push me to the edge

And then I think we’ll see

How fast you can run

When I attack.

Hell was full

 So I came back

You’re a puppy

I’m a wolf

I’ll tear you apart

But I’ll leave no proof

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