if im good (repost)

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my personal struggle through life, well my life so far, its not bad now but i think its best to express what u feel even if its through poetry
i reposted it because it bothers me that i set it on preview before, i can be a fussy person

i take no claim in doing the picture

If Im good Will you stay? I promise that ill be good If im really really good Will you stay? I promise Ill be quite when you watch T.V really quiet you wont notice me ever so quiet you wont even hear me i promise Ill put myself to bed Every night I wont bother you for a story Or a kiss goodnight i promise Ill punish myself so you wont have too Ill do it real good Ill bruise myself if that means youll stay I promise I'm sorry for spilling juice at the table real sorry I really am Please stop! Ill do anything! ill run a marathon! Ill climb a mountain! Ill cook from now on! Ill do all the chores in the house! Ill never cry again! Ill be silent for the rest of my life I promise! Please.....please dont go. I love you I really do Everything about you makes me smile Your face And how it lights with glee when you smile Your eyes and how they remind me of the sea Your hair and how it reminds me of warriors And how they're prepared to protect their young Please dont go Ill beg Ill cry...... Years have passed since we last met I dont really care that you walked out Intact i couldn't care less. Your smile sickens me That sly reptile like smile And how many lies came out of it I hate your eyes And how they remind me of a deceiver How they trick someone into caring for you and feeling sorry for you But your only cheating them out of what they have That hair

Submitted: October 20, 2009

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i dont have microsoft office yet so please live with this real bad version till i can get it into lines thank you

Tue, October 20th, 2009 2:56am


This is very good! By the way, it's Rachael Smith from school!

Mon, November 9th, 2009 7:09pm

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