Gcr strory - The missing cookie

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Funny ,Wired, Hillarious and Irritating That's 4 word to describbe us ,everyday is a new day ,a new dawn , and a new adventure.

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



GCR - THE missing COOKIE
( full version)
As always after the boring hour of school i go to my hideout to gather with my friends. Well our small group is consist of me (alex),Rahimi:he is Funny in annoying way,Axel :misterious and funny guy ,love horror stuff.Donny : the cool guy with good sense of humor but if he get angry or bad mood the only medicine is instant noodle. And Last But not least Wan :the plain and typical guy

Alex:hey y'all ( opening the door)
Axel:hey alex here!(shouting to the other)
Donny :hey alex nice to see u again
(the door is suddenly open)
Rahimi:hey guys!
Axel:hey slow down what the bliss ,why are u so hurry?
Axel:yeah are u chased by a dog again
Alex: yeah u look like have been cased by a dong or somethin
Rahimi:(-_-") Sh*t i just buy a cookie for u guys
Axel:whoa really can i have some?
Donny:nice... can i have one?
Axel : dont forget me ,bro
Rahimi:btw where the heck is Wan?
Wan:OIiiiiiii (shouting fro
m the corner of the room)
Wan: wait is that a cookie !
Alex:No its a bag of dieria *u dont say face*
Wan:ewwww why are u guys touching thoose

Alex:should we kill him *yaomingface* (holding talwar )
Rahimi:u said it ,b
ro (holding a sword)
Axel:wait killing is ilegal ,right?
Donny:wait do u two want to do anything wired again (im watching u face)
wan: guys im just kidding, please..... dont beat the crap out of me
Rahimi:yeah wan u can have one (-_-)
Rahimi:okey u guys i m need to go to the tolilet , Beaware if someone dare to touch my cookie i will kiil them.(horror face)
Donny:yeah... we wont

Wan:wait need to wash my hand first ,thats whats mama said.
Wan:auch......(hitting the table where rahimi put his cookie,and the cookie fall to the ground)
wan:wait is that rahimi coockie ,owh no i m so dead the cookie is dirty,better throw it away
(throw the cookiw away)

(Rahimi comming out from the toilet)
Rahimi: my COOOKIE IS GONE..........................!!!!!!!!!!!!
Donny:releax dude no need to shout it all loud (-_-)
Rahimi:Shut up noodle freak(pointing to donny face)

Rahimi :so.... u want to play it this way ,e....(with italian mafia bos acent)
Rahimi :No ONE WILL LEAVE THIS room Until i say so.!!!!(holding a shot gun)
RAhimi: So.... like once i said "look at first the last place u will look."
Axel : dude that didnt make sense at all
Rahimi SILENCE!!
RAhimi:SO it must be u alex u are the one who stole my cookie (mimic the look of a detective )
Alex :What the heck !, i even havent finished the cookie that u gave me yet(showing his cookie)
Rahimi : damn..... u are good , but i m watching u ( i m watching u face)
Alex:(-_-) weired
Rahimi: how about u.............AXEL u must be the one who stole it ! (pointing his index finger at axel face)
AXel: WHAT !? , Dude i was talking to Donny about ur wired behavior .
Donny: yeah he's right.
Rahimi: OKay back to the Case!.
Rahimi:So if its not Donny ,Axel or Alex So it must be the last person in this room when the Incident Happend.
Rahimi : so it was u all along ,Wan!!(pointing at wan face)

Wan: Okay......okay i admit it i accidentally drop ur cookie and then throw it away ( asking for mercy)
Rahimi: WHAT?!, I 'LL KILL U !!!!!!
Wan :owh no ,time to go ( running at the speed at light)
Rahimi:OIIIII Come back HERE!!!!! ( holding and giant axe)
Alex: oi Rahimi ,wait...(chasing rahimi)
Donny:OI wait u guys ,Axel c'mon
Axel : okay

(chasing each other like a bunch of noob in the street)

Alex:Donny u follow them from the back, me and axel gonna take a short cut.

Alex:Axel we gonna take a short cut ,we will take that small alley(pointing at a small alley)
Axel: ok

Donny: damn those two are fast ,Wait is that a warning sign it says "Warning we are fixing the sewer dont get to close"
Donny: Rahimi !,Wan ! Wait there are ..............

( Rahimi and wan fall into the sewer)

Donny:*sigh* i told ya guys but u 2 dont want to listen

Alex:Oi..... Donny(just step out from that small alley with Axel)
Alex:where the heck are those 2 morons?
Donny : there (pointing at the sewer)
Axel: i think those 2 are dead,should we help them?
Alex:*sigh* do i look like have any chooice ,okay cmon bro (reahing his hand to rahimi and wan )
Donny :i will help u alex
Axel:yeah me to


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