Whoever said we were friends?

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When a poor gamer girl is liked a little to much by her peers, the battle for her affections turns ugly, one friends obsession going too far...... far enough to become something unnatural.

Submitted: January 21, 2013

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Submitted: January 21, 2013



Whoever said we were friends?


Was there ever any question on how much they loved her? Maybe a little too much or maybe not enough, but as the dust cleared across the night sky, the mirrored blade flashed in their hands as tears feel upon it splitting the blood that now darked the slivery surface.

Jolene was beautiful, not very popular in a general sense but she had a unique beauty that attracted people to her.  A sexy girl in a gamer boys universe was a rarity that everyone in both sexes clamoured to acquire, Jolene was just so a treasure as she was a complete and utter bombshell nerd. Her black straight hair flitted with rainbow colours, hung down past her waist as her tight Evanescence singlet cut deep into her cleavage line which distracted the eyes away from her holy skinny leg jeans and beaten up chucks she shuffled along in. A typical heavy metal rocker in appearance, the black makeup could fool anyone into believing she was a depressive, untamed women until she open her mouth.

“Panda!” Jolene’s nickname in her community and alter ego which resembled that of a 5 yr old child, but everyone loved her regardless of who they encountered. They adored the temptress gamer who wasn’t afraid to be one of the boys when it came to DVD night and pizza and beers, while still going giddy over the cute girly side that was unleased when Jolene was perfectly happy.


Beloved by all, Jolene had her small group of friends that she adored more than family. The gathering of boys and girls was the wonderful retreat that the 25 year old had to look forward to each week. As the group gathered into her small lounge room to watch the newest weekly sci-fi’s and then spend the rest of the early morning hours playing games, Jolene was unaware of just how little she knew of these people.

“Sugarcube!” Mel’s Texan accent rung out from behind the screen door.

“Hey Sweetpea,” Jolene answered back while opening the lock on the door. The girl flung herself in and all over Jolene tossing her shopping bags full of treats onto the computer table.

“I missed you.” The half sane headed girl exclaimed reaching for a kiss while Jolene wormed her way out of the grip like a hilarious cartoon character trying to get out of a sticky situation. Mel just pouted and went into the kitchen.

“Is anyone else here yet?” she yelled from her diving exploration in the now wide open fridge.

“Please help yourself.” Jolene said leaning against the door frame and flicking her long hair back.

“Don’t do that..... “ the girl grumbled while shoving a piece of leftover pizza in her mouth. Mel was beautiful to Jolene but in everyone else’s eyes she was your punk dyke. The half shaved head, shorts with converse high tops, the long stripped socks hiding her tanned over worked skin and her rough smile that made her so sweet. Couple with the over compensating jacket and plain blue jeans, Jolene was just happy to have a girl to talk to for a bit before the ramble of men arrived though truthfully they both were very girly at all.

“So who’s coming tonight?”

“The usual, you me, Nas, Eric, Speeds, Mack and Jason.”

“Jason not that creep.” Mel almost spat out the coffee she had now made from the warmed peculator on the kitchen bench.

“What’s wrong with him? He’s always been nice to me?”

“Yeah wonder why” Mel rolled her eyes as they both walked back into the lounge. “He’s always so quiet and follows his brother like a puppy dog”

“I think they are so cute like that, and those boys have been my friends for years, I love my Knights as brother plus I get to be their Princess now don’t I?” she giggled and stretched out on the well worn couch. Mel’s eyebrow twitched as she began to slink forward, Jolene closed her eyes for a mere second before seeing the stubborn girl almost on top of her. Mel had been obsessed with Jolene for almost 2 years now and after being rejected more than once in several comforting ways; Mel still hadn’t quite grasped the meaning of the word no. She envied her, wanted to be with her, wanted everything about her life for her own and persisted to try to seduce the miracle of a girl underneath her.  As she tried to slightly get a move in the door bell rang.

“Am I interrupting?” Nas waltzed in adjusting her thick black rimmed glasses to see the two girls sprawled all over the couch.

“No,” Jolene said pushing Mel off into the pile of stuffed toys between the couch gaps.

“I was just telling Mel who would be coming tonight.” Jolene stood up and fixed her ruffled singlet making Nas blush bright pink.

“Oh no, not you too.” She sighed and greeted the timid IT nerd with a hug.

“Me? What?” The girl blushed again under her heavy fringe as Jolene offered her a beer. Nas sat beside Mel who gave her an immediate death stare.

“I’m sitting next to her got it?” Nas epped and shifted couches.

“Im sitting on the floor got it!” Jolene shook her head and popped a beer open for herself.

Not even half way thought he first swig and she heard the roar of a very expensive motor bike pull up onto the short driveway followed by the matrimonial banter of what you would think was a newlywed husband and wife.

“What do you mean you couldn’t buy the new toaster? I gave you the money!”

“And how was I supposed to carry it home on the bike?”

“You and this bloody bike! Go marry it if you love it so much!”

Jolene opened the door and sat back down on the computer table chair she had dragged out as both Eric and Speeds fought through the door.

“Hello my boys!”

“Jolene!” The boys grabbed hold of the girl and started to almost motor boat at her chest.

“Get off!” she said before giving them each a large hug and a slap to the back of the head.

“Sorry were late, dingas here didn’t fill up the bike before we left nor did he get a working toaster!” Eric yelled and punched Speeds in the arm. They were very much salt and pepper, one clean and neat the other a disgusting mess of dirt and tangled hair.

“You’re not living up to your name these days hum?” Jolene handed Speeds a beer as the boys greeted the other girls and took their places in the lounge room. Finally after putting out some snacks and more beers in the fridge, Mack and Jason arrived stumbling sluggishly though the door. They were a brother duo who had known Jolene since their school days and had been her loyal brothers in arms for all those years. They looked extremely similar both brown hair and blue eyes, the boys were skinny and dressed like they worked on a back dock, standard issue white singlets, ripped bagging jeans with stains on them and men’s work boots. Though the differences were visible as Jason as far shorter than his towering brother.  Not immune to the Venus’s charms, the boy’s respected her enough to be polite in front of the guests but slightly more verbal behind closed doors, what Mel had been referring to Jolene knew all too well. As much as she loved having friends and people loving her back, the hysteria created by her perfect personality and grand looks created more than just rifts between acquaintances. For years she had watched friends leave or even die because of her and once she had smashed a glass table with her face only wishing to mutilate the curse she had been given.

It was a burden being hit on constantly but no one in the circle had over stepped the boundaries too much yet. She always knew for all the talk no one would actually hurt her in anyway so putting the ugly thoughts out of her mind, Jolene closed the front door and grabbed the movie for the night.


After the next 6 hours of yelling at the TV screen, swearing and drinking, most of the party had gotten nicely plastered and were deciding which game to excitedly laugh at for no reason next.

“MARIO!!” the drunken Speeds screamed before falling onto of his housemate.

“You big idiot!” thankfully Eric was not too tipsy and still had wits enough to drive them home it seemed as he was beginning to sober up.

“Oh you’re no fun!” Speeds slurped at his beer almost pouring it onto himself.

“I know let’s play Smash Brothers, no wait Tekken, no wait, RAVING RABBIDS!!!!!!” the hysterical laughter from Mel on the couch was joined by the now well sozzled Nas as the ladies giggled at everything they saw. The brothers sat back more or less falling asleep than contributing to the party as Jolene changed the disks over.

By the time the clock hit 4am, Jolene was nicely sober while most of the party had either passed out or were being to sober up as well. Eric carried Speeds to the bike and flopped him over his shoulder as he kissed the hostess’ cheek goodnight and scooted off home. Nas had sobered up enough to walk the 2 blocks back to her apartment so with a large yawn and stretch she said goodbye as well leaving only the two brothers and overly affectionate Mel behind. Seeing as Jolene only had one bed and wasn’t about to let some drunk, horny people stay over she woke the three up and grabbed her car keys.

“Come on guys, I’m driving you all home, your all in no shape to drive so I’ll look after your cars and you can come grab them tomorrow.” The mumbled groans were ignored as the three piled into the small hatch back, the boys in the rear with the girls in front. Everyone lived rather close so it was no trouble if it meant getting a sleep - in the next morning and not fighting off her friends out of her bed. As Jolene drove she started to think on the topic and sighed a little more wondering why things always had to happen like that, but as the traffic lights approached she shook her head and turned the corner onto the western back roads to drop the boys off that their lodge on the edge of the suburb.


Their father hated the city but he wanted the boys to have a decent education so he moved on the cusp of town. Jolene had to past the “fake” Forest to even find the street. The forest was manmade and trees planted to create the illusion of a wildlife reserve in the suburb but no one ever went there. Mel stammered in her sleep as Jolene’s eyes began to sink on their own as well. Why had she gotten so tired all of a sudden? The air became thick and the haze of the night began to cloud her vision. The dark road seemed endless as she drove on. The car seemed to change colour, it was all grey, all full of smoke and suddenly in her rear view mirror she saw a flash and everything went black.


Was there ever any question on how much they loved her? Maybe a little too much or maybe not enough, but as the dust cleared across the night sky, the mirrored blade flashed in Jason’s hands as tears feel upon it splitting the blood that now darked the slivery surface. Mel cocked her head to one side looking at the pale moon lit corpse now lying half out of the crashed car.

“You moron she could have killed us.”

“ I... I.....” Jason stammered as he dropped the blade.

“You have what you wanted now can we go?” Mack boldly stepped in for his clearly distraught brother.

“No.” Mel bluntly informed them. “You belong to me now, you’re my knights and this is our secret, after all, I keep your murdering brother’s past to myself and you keep this under wraps, told you he would do it again.”

The boys made no attempt to argue as Jason merely cried into his blood drenched hands.

“What are you going to do with her?” Mack asked trying to comfort his brother.

“I’m going to wear her skin as a suit, pretend to be her and her friends will all like me more than they used to.”

The two boy’s barley visible in the darkness when the car had run off the road into the heavy ditch that rolled into the thick forest below, were shaking. Not like mice but men, shaking and quivering in the muddy darkness.

“You would pull us down to indulge yourself?”

“Yes” the blunt reply came as Mel moved off towards a cluster of trees. The boys dared not stray from the ground upon which they stood from fright. Mack thought he was still drunk, he was injected with horrific nightmares while falling asleep drunk before and wanted to believe so much that this was one of them. But all that hope sank as he heard the engine of a car start up. Turns out Mel had caught the bus to Jolene’s that night and left her car hidden here. Everything in this event had been planned out far beyond the boy’s involvement.

“Go home.” The girl instructed as she began to drag the fresh body to her car, the blood from the stab wound to the heart racing down her arms. The boys needed no more instructions as they bolted from sight.

“I hope everyone wonders where you are tonight my Princess; you will never be seen again for what you really are.”


1 week passed and everyone was starting to become uneasy at the false life built for the missing Jolene. The crafted lying email/text message about having to go out of town for awhile wasn’t sitting in everyone stomaches so well and suspicions had begun to arise.

“I’m getting worried about Jolene, has anyone had any contact with her?” Nas chewed at her worn nails, a childish habit she never could kick.

“I tried her Facebook, her phone, her email but I haven’t gotten anything! She can’t have dropped off the face of the earth.” Eric said while texting someone else.

“I haven’t seen Mel around either.” Speeds agreed sipping on a milkshake. The gang was waiting for the brothers to turn up but they were late as usual. “Think they eloped?”

“Sorry guys.” Mack panted holding his brothers hand. Jason was a wreck, he’s teeth chatted in the heat of the day, his bloodshot eyes now darting all over and he couldn’t grip harder to his brothers hand before cutting off the blood circulation.

“What’s with him?” Eric poked.

“Nothing” as Mack hastily sat his paranoid lump of a brother down.

“Ok that was short.”

“Can we eat?” Mack flipped up the menu he knew better than his license plate and pretended to read.

Suddenly a familiar sight turned up but somehow not exactly the way the Knights had remembered it. Jason started to gasp; his whole body trembled in fear and the person began to approach the group.

“Hi everyone!” the sweet sickening tang of a Texan accent was now coming from behind the lips of a rocker bombshells body.

“Jolene!” Nas got up and quickly hugged the awkward looking friend. “We were getting worried about you.”

“Im fine, just had to go see the family for a bit.” She smiled and sat down.

“So now it’s just Mel that’s missing.” Eric said tapping his folk on the table impatience for his meal.

Jason was trying to speak; he couldn’t even move his mouth it just hung there like an open fly trap starring at the now walking corpse he had killed. Mack finally looked up to only scream and jump back. At least he had more fight that his stupefied brother.

“YOU!” the man struggled to get out.

“Hi Mack, what are you doing?” suddenly a bright flash hit is eyes as a distraction and Mack saw the same butchers knife that Mel had been carrying that night.

“Sorry I just didn’t see you walk over.” The slurred speech from him as he sat down didn’t seem to faze anyone as the conversation continued. The lies poured out of the hideous creature as the brothers were restricted to sitting and staying quiet for the duration of the party. Jolene looked like herself but someone didn’t fit, it was like her exterior was too big for her body. Amazingly the group were not putting 2 and 2 together yet, although her accent was bizarrely familiar as the fake girl laughed away the afternoon. But the brothers knew this wasn’t real, it wasn’t happening to their most adored friend. They couldn’t take the abomination Mel had caused to the puppeted Jolene so after the gathering had ended the Knights followed the Queen back to her castle to find out the truth about what had happened to the real Princess.


“So you like my new look? I think pale suits me don’t you?” Mel spoke with her dry unmistakable Texan accent.

“What did you do?” Jason yelled wanting to fight but Mack held his distraught brother back. “Where is she?”

“Why don’t I show you?” The boys were gestured towards the couch that sat in the main front room of the two story house. Expecting to be lead away to some underground basement or locked room, the boys confusedly sat down. The grey seats felt like nails against their skin, as they sat to face the blackened TV screen ahead of them.

“And so you don’t leave during the movie,” Shackles dropped from the ceiling onto the boy hands faster than the reaction time they had realised that they were ultimately chained down now.

“Let’s start the show!”

“You sick bitch!

“You think I’m sick? You have no idea what sick is boy.” The face of a girl he once loved and admired for so many years now was messily perverted onto another terrible sound hiding behind its moon like surface.

The click of the DVD player began the horrific events that happened that night unfolded.


“Are you watching????”

Mel’s face pulled in front of the mounted camera. The room was poorly lit, it looked like an empty bathroom almost, just tiles and a hose. It reminded the boys of the showers they used after gym class. The slumped mess of Jolene was behind the ginning face of their so called friend who now held a series of knives in her left hand.

If you’re watching this than you are after the truth and I have you chained up on my sofa as well.” A bone chilling giggle escaped her lips. “Jolene, just like the song, you are beautiful and you can steal any one you want, man or women, you capture everyone’s hearts. You’re so beautiful, so graceful so slender.” Mel walked over to the corpse stroking the frozen arm of the girl.

You could never look at me could you? Always looking at someone else, I was never good enough” Mel drove blades into the shoulder of Jolene, letting the dead blood congeal.

“I've been dreaming about you in a pool of your own blood for so long, to watch you drown in it to watch it form around me so that I can lay with you in it, that’s all I ever wanted.” Mel kissed the corpse, sitting in her lap as if they were the fondest of loves. Then she began to slash, not moving just slashing, blood seeped onto everything, she looked like a 21st century Elizabeth Bathory downing herself in the blood of a lover instead of that of virgins to keep her youthful.

“If I can’t have you, NO ONE WILL HAVE YOU. I wanted to be you; I wanted to be with you, I want to be you, I want everyone to love me the way that pine over you.”

The camera was too far to see the intricate network of pipes spanning the room’s exterior. They spat invisible, freezing, numbing gases and formaldehydes, toxins that would kill anyone for more than half an hour of exposure. The wall began to shift on the right of the room, a table slowly retracted out on the side as Mel lifted herself ending the molestation of the fair Princess.

“I love you so much, I could have never have been what you wanted me to be, could I? Do you ever love me? How much do you love me?” the short bursts of emotional love gave away a small human side that was left in the maniac. Mel’s heart couldn’t stand the pain of breaking again and again and again so it hardened and blacked within her chest to the point that her delusions flowed within her veins replacing her own blood.

“What you didn’t know is that I’m dying. I have been dying ever since I met Jolene. I poisoned myself after the first time she refused my heart. My skin is rotting, turning with my rage and pain.” Mel lifted her shirt to expose a green black flesh, the holes in her back as if someone had taken a melon baler to her body.  None would have known, no one could have known, she always wore her baggy jacket to hide anything. Mel dropped her shirt and proceeded to lift Jolene’s body onto the table.  The sound of water began to flow, trickles from the hose and shower heads hidden in the ceiling poured water bursting the room. The blood defused to a pink in the pooling water now slowly reaching up for the girl’s ankles. Mel slowly picked up a knife; it flashed a reflection at the camera before Mel turned around. She started to cut. She was cutting her skin. Peeling away the dead cells, the bone-chilling screams echoed against the cold walls of her icy chamber as large sections of her skin were struggling to tear itself away from her heaving. The carefully cut pieces dropped into the murky water below and Mel was skinning herself alive. The blood discharged from the musclier structure now manifested in the white space. Streaks’ of red and white arms, torso and legs stood before the camera.  The miracle that she stood from the utter agony of under flesh touching air was thanks to the gas that had well and truly filled the chamber. The weakened monstrosity of the Texan stood bare in the middle of the room, the knife slipping in the blood on her still “covered” left hand. The creature walked towards Jolene and began to peel away. The stash and hack job from before was a precursor to this moment. The white flakes of skin ripped away from the veins and muscle tissue with difficulty. Mel pulled and tugged stretching it off as if it were bubble gum stuck to a chair.

“I will become you” the chant muttered over and over, red ooze spitting from her dripping mouth as the white husk finally came free. It was a living nightmare, the drowning girl now held her idols skin clean off her body. She was weak from the chemicals and extensive blood loss and the floor had now transformed into a bath of purification.  Mel hung the skin on the lamp above the table and then stumbled towards the camera. She gripped woozily at the screen, smearing blood across the lens and placing it closer to the table. Jolene lay still. A mangled mess of slashes and dark red patterns, but Mel wasn’t satisfied with the torment just yet. She moved over the body putting the knife beside Jolene, she proceeded to place her hands upon her lover’s eyes and pushed down. She gouged out Jolene’s eyeballs with her thumbs, fluids leaking all over the torn apart face. Half smashed eyes stuck to her fingers and a dying cackle came from the monster that stood in the room.

“I’m going to keep you all to myself.” Panted words rasped from her throat as the table suddenly started to resend back into the wall while another one replaced it from above. Mel grabbed at the skin, pulling it onto herself like a misshapen costume, settling into the new skin she was to adorn. The slushing noise of the flabby lose exterior slapping against bare innards rebounded in the confided space. Mel sliced off the last of her skin on her left hand and lifted the suit over her bald head. She was a masked person, a deranged lunatic under someone else’s face.  She waded through the water to the table, lay down and disappeared into the wall just as Jolene had done.


The movie cut in and out, snippets of Mel trying on clothes she had stolen from Jolene’s house during the week. Again the video fizzed into Mel brushing her new coloured hair, then it crackled to her pulling back a panel in her walls and placing something inside it. Another cut scene of the same thing just in another part of the house but the vocal track from the hidden girl spoke:

“Im going to hide you in my walls so your body will never be found shhhhhhhhhhh” then crackled into a snow screen.


The boys had vomited. They were crying in their own mess at what they had been subjected to watch. Each wished to turn away but to know the truth they endured the heaving, wreathing images that had just played out before them. The couch had nail marks dragged across it, the floor was coated in bile and tears and sweat.  Jason was the sickest of both, he had driven her to this, all to save his own skin in the end. Was it worth it? Not in any lifetime. Mel stood up and clapped.

“That was wonderful! I think I should win an Oscar for it?” she joked adjusting her lumped breast in a ill fitting bra.

“I want to kill you.” Jason broke. She lashed at the chains like an animal unable to escape his prison.

“Hahahaha, be careful otherwise I’ll put you under the floorboards as well, so both your perfect perfume’s will be my justification for settling a score!” The boys looked to the floor only to see between the lines, the gaps showed the squished eyes balls of the lonely and decapitated Jolene who now sat for eternity under the panels of Mel’s living room floor.

“What have you done?” Mack yelled as his brother vomited another round of stomach lining.

“I got what I wanted.” Mel sneered. “All I wanted was her but she was too good, too obsessed with everyone else, too obsessed with you.” The truth finally was relieved. For months Jolene had been dating Mack in secret, the boys had to be strictly silent about the affair since the group would become jealous and Jolene would have more than one sad friendship lost of the disagreements. Unfortunately Mack had given her no choice, he wanted her to move in with him and his brother, he wanted her to be a real member of his family and Jason was just as overjoyed to have her as a sister, but the happiness was postponed. The brothers had Jason’s secret to keep even though Jolene had said she didn’t care about the past, Mel had found out about everything. For months she had been stalking from the shadows, trying desperately to change Jolene’s mind through messages and phone conversations. Mack knew it was going on but wasn’t concerned, Jolene’s faithfulness was limitless to him and the trust they shared for all those years was unbreakable. Though he had been distant for a few weeks he still showed her he cared until Mel caught hold of them and this entire plan was constructed.

Mack had a choice, who to protect? His one and only fairy tale Princess or his faithful standing brother who had protected him in all those times of need and suffering. A surge of emotions filled him as the chains began to shift. Adrenaline coursed though his worker ant body as his brother saw the same realisation. Together they began to pull; they yanked at the chains with brute strength using the couch as a leverage.

“Stop that!” Mel screamed as she saw the boys break free of their bondages that held them merely for moments. Now standing like two masculine shackled giants, now towered over her, and Mel for the first time had a sprig of fear fly into her eye.

“Time that we fixed this problem, for my Jolene.” Mack breathed over her.

“You’re Jolene! I’M YOUR JOLENE NOW!” Mel ran. She had to get to the vault downstairs that’s when she had an escape. Money, food, a bed, everything was there for her to wait and then become untraceable, but no matter how fast she bolted around furniture there was someone starting to corner her in like a sheep at a dog show. Mack charged with the might of a bull and knocked her to the floor with a resounding thud. He wanted to pin her down but the squirming un-evenly grafted skin was making it hard for him to grip onto her. Mel scratched and wreathed, worming her way from beneath Mack’s strong hold but she unfortunately could not shake the great man above her.

“What? Is this what you did to her? Did you pin her down and have her?” Mel spat in his face.

“I loved her; love is something you will never know you whore!” The tears began to sting his eyes, tears of hate for not only the girl that now had stolen his loves identity but for himself for letting it happen.

“Don’t cry my love, I can still be your Jolene, we look the same, see everything about me you can have as well, I promise to love her just the way she loved you.” Mack’s body shuddered, his eyes wanted to roll back into his head looking at her. He couldn’t stand the site any longer so he decided in the bolt of the moment to end everything the only final way.


The ripping sound was indescribable. Flesh pulling at direct flesh, like pulling the membrane off a raw piece of meat. Jason held Mel’s arms down as his brother torn away, his short finger nails driving past layer upon layer of red flesh. Her shoulders were almost bare when Mel stopped screaming and fought back, a swift kick to the crotch brought Mack to his knees and made Jason lose his hold. She got up and turned to face the two Knights now huddled together on the floor.

“You hate me so much as to tear though her just to kill me?” Mel shrieked.

“You will never be her; your insides are a rotten core compared to the gold in her heart.”

Mel looked around, everything was coming down, and did anyone care at all about her? Would anyone? She had been so isolated all her life, been so trapped, grown up in a family of boys, and treated as one of the pack. There was no one left in this world no matter what she did to herself that would love her, no one to make a home for, and no one to have a family with. After her parents died she inherited the house as her brothers moved on and away and she was alone. So she got down on her knees and began to plead her case to what invisible god was listening.

“Dear mother, I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough, dear Father, forgive me because in your eyes I never added up.  I couldn’t be who you wanted me to be; I couldn’t be that for anyone. I regent nothing of what I have done and I will do the only left I can do, I was right and I will always be right!” Mel reached under the furthest dining room chair she had almost slumped against. Her body was haemorrhaging fluids, the carpet now soaked with a crimson stain; she pulled out a small kitchen knife. They were concealed all over the house, it was the only way she had to feel safe. So with a final dragging thrust, she drove the dagger into her chest, hacking away at the already dishevelled layers of skin. She tossed the dagger aside and started to peel it off herself, the agonizing screeching ripping flesh and surge of juices spilled out of her penetrated figure. She tore at her face craving out her new mask, holes and ruptures broke out across the unstable parchment of her visage.


When the sirens rang out ago the quite night air, Mack could only blindly stumble into the ambulance. Jason was already on his way to the hospital when his brother made sure the 2 corpse’s even though scattered across the house, were recovered and put into the body bags they were destined for. The corner was astonished at the incredible things he had seen but more bewildered at how both boys had managed to come out of the ordeal alive.

“You got an angel watching over you my friend.” He spoke with a thick Irish accent.

“Yeah I know.” Mack said zipping up the bag that held the chunked remains of his beloved Jolene. Turns out the room below the house was room built after Mel had inherited the house. It was originally a space panic room for the family but out of her madness she turned it into a modern age surgery. The side wall was a chamber with surgical technology way beyond the comprehension of any doctor. Parts sold across the shady experimental underground corporations, the top compartment had the capability to graft skin between fresh bodies and was to be tested on willing patience in 3 years time, the equipment was still in developmental stages as far as he knew. The below compartment was a meat grinder to put it politely. Jolene’s body have been sliced up into small nugget sized portions then pumped into the goop that had been placed into the walls. Only the head remained in a solid block by the end.

“You got one hell of a story to tell mi boy.” The man told him while loading Mel’s peeled body onto the truck. She had killed herself in front of them. She keep stripping her skin, her muscles, her tissue, her organs everything away until she had lost enough blood and mobility that she dropped to the floor. Jason called the police right after and the two boys waited outside with the head of Jolene between them until the squad arrived.

For the rest of his life Mack had never forgotten about that night. He and his bother moved out of the area that week, after explaining the media coverage of the gruesome murders that had happened to their dearest friends.  Sometimes in the darkest of the night, sleeping in his single bed, Mack would still dream about the bloodbath he had endured. He could still smell the cooperish tang in the back of his nose, the rank smell of the room and fresh sweat mixed into his mind. But then he would get on his knees in the linen sheets and bow his head in the blank room to the cross on the wall. It was the one false muse that he believed would make him escape from his madness while his brother giggled in strapped bed beside him all night long.






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