The Monkeys Paw (My version.)

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I have to do this for english homework
we had to include a flashback soo its the monkey paw but will my flash back and my future
Hope its o :S x

Submitted: October 08, 2011

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Submitted: October 08, 2011



The Monkeys Paw My version
14th October 1889
My eyes suddenly closed.... slowly drifting off when suddenly the door nob bangs heavily.
BANG BANG BANG!."Whats that"i shrieked. My husband silently walked downstairs anxious of what was going to happen next!What wa going to be on the other side of the door? I lay in bed holding my breathe.......
BANG BANG BANG! the door nob went again. Has my wish worked?Is Herbert my son back?These questions circuled around my head for ages until..... "Its Herbert..... Its my Herbert"I squeal ............
Ding Dong the doorbell went. I walked to the door carmly and opened it. A loud creak crept from the hinges. I saw 2 men in black suits holding there hats by there sides politly. "Hello can i help you?"I spoke."Mrs White can we come in" One man aquanted. I let them in and made a pot of tea.
"So what are you young men doing here"I questioned. "Im sorry Mrs White, we come from the Mog and Meg foundation where i believe your son, Herbert white works,,,,,,,,,,
My heart sunk."Something is wrong with my boy". A tear rolled down my cheek. "Whats happened to my boy?Is he ok?I asked weakly,claping my hands together."He was caught in some machinary,Mrs White. He isnt in any pain anymore"The solicitor explained to me.My heart broke in 2 . My son was dead and there is nothing i can do about it."However you reseave 200 pounds conpensation".
I was shocked my heart skipped a beat. We wished for 200 pounds and we  got it. That stupid monkeys paw.
I run downstairs."Im coming Herbert"I cry. I run to the latch but my husband pulls me back. "You cant answer it im begging you"He screams to me. I run to the door as quick as lightning. A big flash and  big bang came from behind me but i didnt care my son was back and thats all that mattered. I opened the door....
22nd Febuary 1890
Well what can i say......... My husband wished our son away . Apparently i wasnt even my son at the door it was that sergent warning us to throw that talisman away.Im now meantally ill. I have a difficult elationship with my husband after wht he did but i know one thing for sure ..... My son was at that doo and ill prove it even if it kill me...................

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