SaRun Holi hai:

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Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013




SaRun—Holi hai:


Barun walked inside the venue of the Zoom Holi party where he was tagging along the MAMR team as a part of the movie promotion. He was dressed in a white plain shervani , looking relaxed with an amusing smile on his face. He made his entry along with Kavi Shastri and the director of his movie, and moved inside the open air gardens looking around the place not really bothered if he would find anyone familiar. All he was planning was to tag along for some time and make his exit as his plans for holi were different.

He moved along the place making sure he was not drenched with too much of colors; he genuinely declined when Kavi offered to tag along him onto the holi celebrations floor. He said he would join in later; nevertheless, he picked up his Bhang glass from the counter and walked looking at the people on the dance floor and enjoying himself.


He was then caught up by the Zoom press, who bombarded him with questions about his movie, his plans, holi celebrations and everything. Just when he thought that might have been done answering their questions the reporter asked him another.


“Yeh ghalath baath hai Barun, you don’t have any color on your face” she made it a point.


“Oh that was deliberate--” he smiled and answered in his usual bits and pieces.


“You think, you could color your face a bit for us?” the reported asked looking at the camera referring to the audience watching the show.


“Oh no, no! I--”


Before he could say anything more, smooth hands from behind cover the whole of his face making his eyes shut in the split second; the next instant when he opened his eyes, all he could see and feel was green color on his face and his shoulders.


“Happy Holi Barun!!!!!” screamed Sanaya right in his ears standing beside him with green color all over hands as Barun realizes who the culprit was. “What the hell are you doing here?” he said causally hugging her suddenly almost forgetting the camera and the reporter.


She happily wrapped her green-dry colored hands around his white kurtha, making sure the color is totally wiped from her hands as he hugged her. She withdrew from the hug grinning which made Barun smile too and then they both looked at the camera as she tugged her hand at his elbow lovingly holding onto him.


The reporter was by now grinning wide earning a complete paisawassol shot for the day as she held her hand with mike towards them.


“Aapko surprise acha laga Barun?” she asked


“Yeah, vvery--” he looked at Sanaya with a smug on his face as he wiped his color filled face.


“Ye aapka idea tha?” he asked the reporter sarcastically nodding his head.


“No, it was her’s” the reporter admitted. Sure they would have many many scripted concepts and would make the celebs give their interview according to it, however, this surely was Sanaya’s idea. As the reporter roamed around with her mike and camera in her hand, she spotted Sanaya and have earned an interview from her. She then mentioned even Barun is here and if this had met any of her other friends.


“Barun is here?” Sanaya had exclaimed. “Oh yeah?” she grinned as an idea played in her mind.

The reporter was more than happy to play along with her.



Sanaya grinned standing beside Barun as he looked at her shocked. “What in the hell are you doing here?” he asked again.

“Stalking you!” she said and winked.


He then let go off his hand around her shoulder and smiled looking at the reporter if she has anything else to ask.


“Well it was fun meeting you both here, I hope you enjoy the party, happy holi to both of you” reporter greeted and quickly excused herself as soon as they exchanged their ‘Happy holi’s’ in unison to her.



Barun and Sanaya started walking back into the party occasionally looking at each other and smiling; he looked at her top to bottom, she was wearing a pure white salwar kameez with her hair left down and she dint have a trance of any other color on her except the small bit of red on her cheeks which everyone had as it was being applied at the entrance of the venue.


He them held her hand at her elbow and pulled her towards a side stand—“Barun--” she uttered.


“This for not letting me know you’re here--” he said as he applied a handful of dry green color on her one side of the face. “Haaw!!” was all she could utter.


“This for not letting me know even you’ve been invited” he said as he applied another handful of yellow on her other part of the face.


“This for stalking me and spoiling my gorgeous face” he said applying blue to her forehead, all the time making sure he is holding both of her hands together at wrists with his free hand.


“And this--” she said as he lifted the whole plate of colors from the counter and waved it over towards her making the whole of colors splash all over her white dress. Satisfied with it all, he finally let go of her arms—“Is for “Happy Holi!!!!!” screamed laughing with his full theeth.


 “God BArun!!!!!!!” she uttered in huge irritation to such an extent, that he was now fully satisfied.


“Seriously?? What are you a second grade student?” she asked and he laughed out loud.


“Oh ho! ho! Look who is talking?” he said mocking her anger chuckling to himself.


She sighed in anger as she tried touched her dress which by now is totally colorful. “So much for making your boring Holi colorful” she commented with a pout.


“Oh really? By the way you dint really answer me, how come you’re here?” he asked seriously intending to make a proper conversation. She sighed as they started walking again.


“Ah, I don’t know, I wasn’t keep on initially, but then Drasti called up and she wanted me mere, Mohith wanted to go as well, so it was like last minute plan change, I just came in you know?” she said nodding her head at him.


“That explains your clean attire” he said, “Why dint you tell me then?”


“How would I know you are coming? Why dint you tell me?”


“Oh well, how would I kno--” he paused and looked at her sideways. “You know what?  Just drop it, it’s cool, so how have you been?” he asked as they stopped walking and he turned towards her completely.


“Ahh, busy! You?”


He nodded with a grin on his face, like he was about to burst out into a laughter. She watched him for one odd moment and then they together laughed out loud. “This—this usual official greetings is just so weird” she said still laughing.

“Not for normal people Tin-Tin!” he countered and she laughed again.


“What in hell are we doing here?? Chalo Barun” she said with sudden found enthusiasm as she tugged at his elbow pulling him. When he dint move from his place she looked up at him and he had this apologetic face.


“What? Oh you waiting for someone?” she said realizing and let go off his hand still smiling at him.


“No, I mean mujhe jaana hoga, in fact I was just leaving and you showed up” he explained.


“Oh” she said and looked down while he observed her face. “Chalo, fine its cool, par mujhe jaana hai, I’ve to dance today, main jao?” she asked raising an eyebrow at him and raised his shoulders letting to her know to go ahead. She then ran off onto the dance floor where people were still just dancing and throwing dry colors at each other.


She found a group of known people and started off with her own jokes and funny moves. The music was pumping hard with the song ‘Hai junoon’ from the movie ‘Zindagee na milegee dobara’; people on the floor were all jumping to the music and so was Sanaya happily singing along and jumping in air throwing her hands up in the air when suddenly she felt two strong hands holding her tightly at her waist from behind, her mouth was shut from shouting, people infront of her were smirking seeing which she knew someone again troubling her, so she kicked her legs in air as she was being carried away in that position behind the person’s back.


“Put me down!” she yelled being already well aware of who it is.


“Yeah sure” he said and in one swift movement dropped her in the small pond of water.


“Ahhhhh!! Barun!!!!” she screamed her lungs out which only made him laugh more.


“You should be now be completely used to my pranks Tin-tin, I said I’ll leave and you believe me?” he asked still laughing as he watched her trying to stand up in the water and failing each time.


“Damn you Barun! Help me up!!” she ordered and he offered his hand still laughing, which she used to climb up however, once she is up, she went behind him in one split second and pushed him into the water from behind. By this time, people who knew them were all surrounded and enjoying the fun. A few others jumped in the pond and the music continued to play.


Sanaya just looked at him from above as he danced his usual silly moves to the music half standing in the water pond. She was then taken away from there by another group of her friends. She danced more before deciding to look for him again.


Right at the exact moment, there was a song change and she laughed loving the song all the more. She decided against looking for Barun and resumed to the open air dance floor where by now the water machine was on, showering water at the dancing people in a slow pace.


And then a hand holding a glass of bhang appeared in front of her face.


“Hey jai jai shiv Shankar..”  the lyrics started off and Sanaya laughed looking at Barun holding the glass out to her in a dramatic expression making his one eyebrow up.


“What?” she asked in his ear in order to be audible despite the music. He balanced both and her glasses his hand and turned towards her swinging a little to the music.


“Yaad hai, you mentioned once, that you wanted to taste a kind of full on desi—Bhaang?” he asked completely turning towards reaching out to her ear.


Her eyes went wide in realization and she grinned ear to ear. As he was close enough to her already, she wrapped her hands around his neck uttering a thank-you and grabbing one of the glass away from his hand. As she was about to drink it, she brought the glass to her lips and looked at him from the rim of the glass with wide eyes. He nodded with his eyes gesturing her to go on, before bringing his glass to his mouth and gulping the white liquid.



“ek ke do, hmmm, do ke char, hmmm, mujh ko to, hmmm, dikhte hain
aisa hi hota hai, jab do dil milte hai
ek ke do, do ke char, mujh ko to dikhte hain
aisa hi hota hai, jab do dil milte hai
sar pe zameen panv ke neeche hai aasman ho --sau rabid….”


By this time they were out into the lawn singing along the lyrics, dancing completely out of control, not at all drunk, just acting drunk and were enjoying themselves as they made silly expressions to the lyrics.

She then noticed a water pipe on the grass and picked it up. She threw her third glass of bhang aside and started targeting the flow of water from the pipe onto Barun as they continued to sing the song along with it.


“Raste mein, hmmm, ham dono, hmmm, ghar kaise jayenge
ghar wale ab hamkokhud lene aayenge
raste mein, ham donon ghar kaise jayenge
ghar wale ab hamkokhud lene aayenge
kuchh bhi ho lekin maza aa gaya meri jan ho. sau rabid….”


She continued the water war onto the others as well around them and they enjoyed equally as Barun did, however when one of them grabbed the pipe away from her and repeated the same onto her, Barun came onto her side as both of them together enjoyed dancing to the water flow.


“Jai jai shiv shankar kanta lage na kankar, ke pyala tere nam ka piya
ho o o gir jaoongi, main mar jaoongi
jo tune mujhe tham na liya, o sau rabadi

are bajao re bajao imandari se bajao he he..”


They danced for random songs in the same crazy funny manner for the next half an hour continuing to have their bhaangs, before admitting to be tired. They made themselves comfortable on the nearby couch which rather looked like a desi mattress like the one you would find in the Panjabi dhaabas which was part of party theme. As they lay side by side facing the almost evening sun, Sanaya started teasing him more tickling his sides and talking all non-sense that would come to her mind.





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