SaRun Still HoliHai

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Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013






The music from the dance floor was distant and the sun was ready to be setting in the evening dawn. They both laughed hysterically as they lay beside each other, the strong Bhaang completely taking over their consciousness.


After laughing at silly things, they fell into a comfortable silence as both of them just lied there staring at the sky. The sun rays from the side disturbed Sanaya’s gaze, as she struggled to cover her eyes. Barun then brought his hand from behind her head towards her left and shielded her side of the face leaving his own palm in air above her eyes.


“Better?” he asked looking at her.


She looked up at his hand and then turned to look at him and laughed out loud again as he joined in too.


“You-you know what Barun? You would make a very good partner” she complemented still laughing or rather giggling in her slightly drunk tone.


“You are drunk!!” he exclaimed.


“Huh?” she asked and giggled again.


“You just said something positive about me!!”  he said dramatically. “Tintin phir se bolo na mujhe record karna hai and I’ll play it to you when you are sober”


“I’m SOBER Barun!” she exclaimed when a hiccup escaped her mouth and both of them giggled again together before they fell into another comfortable silence.


“Par you know what?” she started and she turned to him again.

“I’m not all that good!!” he said as he adjusted his hand below her head noticing which she made his hand drop down in a comfortable position and brought her dupatta over the side of her face smiling at him—he smiled back adjusting his hand more where her head rested.


“Kyun?” she asked.


“I don’t know, I’m like cancelling our plans a lot, you know? When I shouldn’t be doing” he confessed.


“I really do love her” he said plainly and she looked at him. “You do?.” She asked with a glint of excitement in her eyes. “Like the serious wala?” she asked still smiling.


“I don’t know.. but she is really a great person yaaaar and I’m not being good you know?” he said laughing in the end.


“Yeah?” she said and popped herself up turning towards his side brining her hand in elbow position to support her head.

“Kya kiya tune?”  she added.


“Karna kya hai yaar mil hi nahin paraha hoon, I mean jab bhi plan banthi hai kuch na kuch ajatha hai, kabhi Rajan ki party, kabhi shoot, uff the last time I had enough time to spend evening with her, she had an emergency” he said looking at her every now and then during their conversation.


She laughed again in that silly giggling manner. “You know it’s like you know you have to be somewhere else, but you are just not getting your butt up to make a move” she said and he looked at her shocked.


“Exactly my point!” he grinned before turning towards her and repeating her action of resting his hand on his hand in an uplifted position.


“I mean you know what is right and somehow you are not doing it” he added.

“Yeah, kabhi kabhi holi party ajatee hai, you know you have to call him and let him know that you’re already here and tell him the address, but you just wouldn’t take your phone out to make the damn call!!” she exclaimed blinking her eyes.


“Right, like you know you have to really make an exit from the party, but you just wouldn’t!!” he added with almost same drunk tone as her.


“Wait a minute” he said “Mohith ko yahan ka address nahin pata?” he asked in sudden realization.


She nodded to and fro making her lips straight. ‘Voh actually we received a combined invitation, but he wasn’t in the city, I was giving the address, he couldn’t hear at all. He said he will find out and will come directly” she explained.


It was his turn to laugh out loud. He chuckled to himself before noticing her pout. I should really change my initial statement--- “WE are pathetic partners!” he commented and she laughed again.


“Oh yeah we are!!” she said and rested her head on the mattress as her hand was no longer strong enough to hold her head in place.

She turned around on her back to look up at him. He in still his head uplifted position, looked down at her and smiled. “Kya hoga humara Tin-tin?” he asked in a mock dramatic tone.


She laughed at his expression and he laughed along with her like her laugh was the most injective thing in the world. “You think we should try more Tin-tin?” he asked after a comfortable laughter in a slight serious tone.


“I don’t know anymore” she groaned. “You have something in your mind?” she said lifting her eyebrow looking up at him.


“I was thinking, maybe I should ask her to move-in with me?” he said not meeting her eyes this time.


“You—you what?”  She asked in sudden negative shock which surprised her own self.


“I thought she would feel happy if I asked and then we will have time as long as we are together?” he murmured not really meeting her eyes. She looked away from his gaze for one odd moment before resuming her wide smile back.


“That would be such drastic step!”  she exclaimed still grinning. “she would be really happy! I mean I’m really proud of you!” she complimented.


“Hayilla!! Ek hi din main do do compliments!! Aaj toh main gaya kaam se, you are so really drunk!! “ he said at which both of them laughed again, the laughter dying down in the next minute as their gaze met with an awkward silence.


“You think she will agree?” he asked her .


“Pagal hogee voh” she paused as he grinned if there is another compliment on way.. “If she DID” she added and smirked which made me laugh too.


“I’d love that” he said grinning and they again fell into another awkward silence as their gaze locked for a split second.


He then involuntarily brought his hand onto her hair and nudged it grinning at her weird reaction.. “I’m too much drunk Tin-tin” he admitted.


“Ha ha Ha! Ab kya karne waale ho tum mere saath?” she asked and winked her eye.


“Kuch bhi” he smirked.


“Acha kuch bhi?” she probed raising an eyebrow as she traced her finger along the side of his face mocking the fake sexy expression.


He laughed out loud nodding his head in exasperation as he dropped his hand from supporting his head and rested his head too on the mattress.


“Tu mere liye itna nahin karegaa Barun!!” she teased him in mocking dramatic tone and he continued to laugh more.


“You remember humare intimate scenes?” she laughed “Ab mere liye itna nahin karega???” she said and giggled. “Gosh!! That pregnant belly kiss waala prank?” she raised an eyebrow.


“Oh no!!  You were one mad woman!! You still are!!” he laughed again.


“Barun forehead kiss tingles yaar!!” he mocked her voice and laughed. “You never can compose your laughter can you?” he teased hitting her head a little.


“Oh my god!! Barun tu mere liye itna nahin karegaa?” she said again and started tickling his sides. “Oh hahaha!!” he laughed more giggling trying to hold her hands.


“I knew you are ticklish, idiot!!” she said and they both laughed more lying beside each other. “Shhh secret!” he said and laughed again not really noticing that they had been laughing for the whole evening without a proper reason.




“Barun!!” he heard a sudden change in her voice and opened his eyes that were closed as he had been while he was laughing only to find an empty space beside him.


“Yahan!!” he heard her and turned around to face a standing Sanaya in front of him all worked up.


“What??” he asked showing his disappointment in his voice—“We are going already?” he asked.


“nahin chalo aur Dance karthe hai” she tugged at his arm.


“No!!! I’m tired please yaar!!” he talked as he got up and walking behind her already.


They reached the dance floor only to find the DJ was not on and people were all just having fun in their own groups. She pouted looking at him and he laughed. “Serves good for you for disturbing my arrraaaaaaaam” he poked her nose.


“Barun! Tu mere liye itna nahin karegaa?” she mocked the tone again.


He groaned internally—“Ab kya karna hoga mujhe?” he said with his hand I air.


She looked at him and then gestured to him to look behind him, when he turned he could see the ‘Dhol’ and stick lying unattended at the side of the dance floor.


“Seriously?” he asked and she nodded in her drunken manner.


He then smiled at her and took the thing over his head and started beating up the drum in a total non-rhythmic manner. She laughed out loud looking at his color filled attire, nevertheless danced beside him or rather tried to dance to his beats, when everyone turned around looking at them.


Soon two other men joined him picking up the remaining dhol and the beat became to a bit more rhythmic manner when just a couple of people accompanied Sanaya as she danced in drunken state to the offbeat music as the evening was setting down into the dark.




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