Dead and Awake

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Ever wonder why sand becomes glass? Maybe it's a gateway. Maybe we just need to open our eyes to see...

Submitted: March 24, 2012

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Submitted: March 24, 2012




Every day has the sun stream rays of warmth for us to enjoy. Several other wonders of the world exist, such as the oceans. They are birthplaces and graves, for the imaginations in this planet. Time unfolds like the perfectly pleated blanket, which it is.

And slowly, the marvels hidden, are gingerly beckoned to the surface. But not all greatness makes it from point A to B. Sadly, like our lives on the planet’s surface, there are ordeals beneath our soles. Trouble, despair and pain are all elements present in more than one layer of Life… and they are the main culprits that hinder our ability to connect with the positive offspring of reality.

So once again, I will take note of the sunlight, which bathes my copper wings, and aids me in my hunt. I tucked in my left wing and banked for the shores, and the prey laying in oblivious wait for my talons.

Just as before, and every preceding moment, I felt the ebb and flow of the torrent of Power in my joints. In a trice, my lax essence had been imbued with the ferocity of a hunter, fine-tuned for killing, and the lack of remorse, which follows.

Now, with nothing holding me back, I could begin.

Tssseeer! The dive commenced.

I have intentionally left out what it is that I swooped for, as well as urgency of the pursuit or the scene it occurred in. All of these details will be made known to you in the same amount of time it will take for an Idea to make it to Earth’s surface.

But as my shadow began to grow on the reflective surface expanding swiftly beneath me, I felt an Idea surge.

Another had arrived.

Like a shout in a storm, my descent ended in a muffled cry. My target – a sparkle on the sand – had been successfully captivated by my imposing shadow. In the same moment that my arduous task was complete, I felt the impalpable adrenalin seep into the ground. Once again, I was free to stalk the clouds’ laughter until the layers of Inspiration called again.

My fatigued wings spread out again, and this time, took me to the realm of repose. Where I soared to was a palace of solitude for me to avoid the ravenous plight of Imagination, and the missions, which followed.

This haven was also a domain where I could more readily explain myself to you, my eager reader.

Generous thermals filled my wings and carried me to my refuge. As the shores and waves shrank below, my mind began its ritual cleanse by the chilling air. By fifty thousand feet, I could feel my own thoughts come back to my mind. I’d never felt so alive before…

It was time.

My name is Adair Laves, and I am one of the messengers of the sky. And as a bearer of such a noble title, my life is incessantly hounded by the ordeals created by Akuji. Akuji is my benefactor of will… and a very close friend. But even familiarity is lost between the master and the servant.

A scenario we inexorably draw closer to each passing day.

“What are you doing in the stars’ embrace?” Akuji questioned from the heavens.

“Why do you care, friend?” the last word was a jibe at our crumbling amity.

“Has another come to learn of the Origins?”

I ignored the question and rose higher to the winds. Akuji, as powerful as he was, was not omnipresent. And that was a flaw I was going to exploit.

“Do you flee to your shelter, Adair?” he taunted with the rumble of thunder and aerial earthquakes.

“I retire,” I corrected coldly. Then, having heard enough, I ordered my pinions to carry me to the Sun.

“Oh, do wait for me,” Akuji called childishly.

To my horror, he had left his office of Nirvana and came soaring after me in the form of the Basilisk, his former love interest.

“Do you assume that form to taunt her?”

Akuji stared blankly with his fatal eyes. “I think eating her for brunch was revenge enough,” he laughed.

“Fair enough…”

“So which tale do you seek from the Sun?”

“Of your namesake,” I explained nonchalantly.

“There are many lies of my ancestor,” Akuji answered softly. “Of which category do you plan on plucking?”

“The lenses.”

“Hmm…” Akuji slithered upwards, and in the opposite direction of the Sun. “Then follow me for the truth.”

“The Sun sees all,” I reprimanded curtly.

“My home was made during an eclipse,” Akuji responded with uncharacteristic calm. “That was not seen by the Sun.”

Reluctantly, my trajectory inverted on the x-axis, and had me stalking after Akuji’s sliding figure.

“Where to, Jiji?”

The Basilisk craned its serpentine neck to get a better view of me. “When’s the last time you called me that?”

“During the sandstorm,” I uttered softly.

The serpent shivered noticeably. “Don’t remind me.”

Seconds later, our seraphic beings landed on the sandy basin of the Moon.

“Akuji, Adair!” Arenos smiled on the surface. The isolated panther was as happy as ever to have company. “What brings the two of you down here?”

“Oddly, this is up from where we came from,” Akuji chuckled.

I shook my beaked helm in frustration. “I have a reader with me.”

“I sensed their gaze,” Arenos purred on her back.

“And I wish for them to hear it as it was set…”

“You’ve come for the truth?” Arenos asked in shock. “Most everyone goes to the Sun for answers. Heavens know Sol has plenty of fun.”

“That’s actually where Air-head was head -- ”

“I feel the truth is what this reader needs,” I added swiftly.

With some difficulty, I prevented my talons from raking at the snake’s grin.

“Okay, then,” Arenos nodded. “Let’s begin.”


Her mystic voice pierced the dark of the moon, and enshrouded our minds with quicksilver lull.

“Sisters are two lasses bonded by blood or deeper to forever remain. You cannot meet two ex-sisters, but you may see two sisters who have forgotten each other. And that is the solemn tale that I wish to share.

“It is an old story, which is known to only those who were present… during the Eclipse of Origins. In this shadowed event, the Sun was blinded by the earlier arrival of his counterpart, the moon. And thus, he left the happenings to Selena’s gaze.

“The two sisters, Gaia and Akuji after eons separated, had finally come together again. Their meeting place was a stage unfit for such emotion and power, and its crumbling surface was a swift indicator of it. As quickly as she could, Selena, the moon, pulled in a devastating force from orbit, and redirected it to your planet. She hoped to shatter the perilous reunion before its leaking fury corroded all Life and the stage fast burning from the sister’s confrontation.

“She was not fast enough to stop it all… but some success was reached…”

“The extinction of dinosaurs, and the birth of imagination,” Akuji ended.

Arenos nodded gracefully.

“Is that all?

“The second part of the story still remains,” Arenos offered.

“May we hear it?”

She bowed her head in reverence. “The restarting of Life, shattered both sisters and woke them up to the aftermath of their power. With Selena’s help, they came to a compromise. It was a non-verbal agreement that the siblings will always be able to communicate with each other. Furthermore, they consented to the knowledge that when Imagination was ready, it would set a pathway in Life, for the two sisters to meet again.”

“The Eclipse, Arenos,” I urged. “Tell them of its significance.”

She purred softly and then resumed. “The pact of separation was overseen by Selena and signed with her blood. She used this blood to coat the world, and seal Akuji off until Imagination was ready.

“Several millennium later, Akuji still sends messages to her sister in the form of Ideas, and it is Adair’s job to retrieve them.”

I shuddred slightly from some of my more… memorable experiences.

“And every waking day, the blood of Selena – the sands which litter Earth – are eager to make the humans aware.

“The first recorded incident of Selena’s blood opening a gateway into Akuji’s realm was around 3000 BC.”

Arenos paused. Evidently she had the same thought as me - For you, the reader, to fully comprehend what she’d stated.

After a yawn, the tale continued. “What had been discovered was the link between sand and glass. But never, even to this day, has this interesting relationship been explored.

“The reason a substance as powerful as sand, becomes so brittle and fleeting when heated, is because of the potential desire stored within Selena’s essence. Once exposed to such potent energy, each atom feels impelled to link the sisters together again.

“And that is the significance of an Eclipse – to align the sand-filled Moon with the intense heat of the Sun’s rays, and allow Gaia and Akuji to see each other once more.”

“But the two can meet,” Akuji the snake, noted.

“Where you listening at all?” Arenos snapped. “The humans are too blind to link the sisters together. They bask in the superficial presence of glass’ beauty, but never do they have the brains to look a little deeper!!”

“It is because they are unaware, Arenos,” I comforted. “If they knew of the beauty, and light, which lingers on the other side, they would all have their eyes plastered to windows.”

Arenos perked her ears with interest. “Wouldn’t it be amazing? For them to bear witness to elegance incarnate? And to listen to euphony’s pinnacle?”

“It would be amazing,” I agreed wholeheartedly.

But Akuji, always the realist, had more harrowing views. “Even then, those fools would be to blind and deaf to understand what awaits them.”


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