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Loss of Moral values

Submitted: May 25, 2012

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Submitted: May 25, 2012



 Moral values have been deleted from Society we have become political Zombies

Afraid to look at the truth, Have we lost our minds? What side of the line

are you on? Are we brain stain, Have we all gone insane ? Have we become

addicted to the pain?

Are we dying to chase Death, have poor health become the new wealth?

We are living an illusion with no solution, being spoon  fed lies, while

drinking death in a bottle, hating the life we breath, living has become

a disease , the time is now take back your life fight for what's right inhale

truth, be on the edge step back from the roof, the revolution begins

with the youth. I don't know what you heard but freedom is more than a word!

I refuse to live in a cave , I refuse to be a slave to this machine , what does it all means

when you loose your soul?

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