letter to myself

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A reminder i can survive this

Submitted: March 27, 2015

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Submitted: March 27, 2015



There it is. Another day, or night, lately i am awake and active at night time,well thank God i don't really put into action the plans i make in the dark hours because in my experience waking up the next day it might or always does change the thought process. No wonder they call it : sleep over. My problem is though i pretty much wake up angrier the next morning especially if my night terrors kick in, but i never end up sticking to my plans. And so i am writing this letter to myself to be read for moments i feel like committing something i will so regret afterwards. This is for you ''better me'': Stay strong and do not under any circumstances give up on your goals, remember how hard it was to get this far; all that pain and sufference it's not going to be worth it if in a moment of rage you do things to compromise that. You need this better life, for you and especially for your beautiful daughter that needs you. Stop plotting your death! It's not worth it. The people that actually matter and love you unconditionally will suffer much more than you are right now. You are nothing but selfish thinking that ending your life will solve all your problems. No one should have that kind of negative impact on your precious life. And if they have the power to drive you to those limits, remember you are worth it in someone's eyes. You are stronger than you can admit right now, i know, it's hard, but believe me when i say i am you. And i know your worth. I know you can do it. I am your own guardian angel. So when you feel all alone like most of the times remember i am here for you, i am the stronger part of your fragile one. So stick with me. Trust me that one day you will make it and things eventually will get better. Remember the dark hours? When you feel that sadness and like you'll never see the sun again? It always comes. And you will wake up to that beautiful sunshine with a big bright smile on your face. Love yourself like i love you. Mental issues and severe depression will be memory. And you can fight them. LOVE ALWAYS   - ''YOU''

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