...But I Don't Like Boys??...

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Veronica 'Roni' Samuels doesn't have a deep, dark past. She comes from a normal family, complete with her mom, dad, and older brother Jessie. There's only one thing that makes Roni what most consider to be different.... she doesn't like men.

She may find some attractive, but not one has ever made her heart skip a beat, or given her butterflies in her tummy. No explosive, firework, toe curling experiences to write home about. No man has ever made her feel special. So women have to be a better choice, right?

Just ask her FWB, Lisa, who is with Roni for more of her own benefit than Roni's.

Her BFF and roommate, Trent Lewis, has been friends with Roni since their first year in college. They're both now in their last year, and are now as close as 2 friends can get. Trent has never been convinced in Roni's choice of sexual orientation. So he set her up with his long time friend from high school, Gabriel Alvarado. Heart-throb and heart-breaker at your service!!

Who will Roni choose...??

**This is not a gay/lesbian story. I have absolutely NOTHING against anyone who is. I just wouldn't even know how to go about writing a story like that never having been in a same sex relationship myself. Just wanted to clarify. Hope I haven't offended anyone, :)!!**

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...But I Don't Like Boys??...

Submitted: December 11, 2010

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Submitted: December 11, 2010

Chapter 1 All my life I've been a very confused girl. Confused about life, my friends, what's my favorite color, what I want to be wh... Read Chapter