A wedding day...

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A story about a young lady named Calypso who is betrayed on the the supposedly most beautiful day of her life.

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



A wedding day...


The lady, her face barely visible through the thick lace veil, turned the card over to reveal a folded letter- handed to her by a nervous-looking gentleman. Her name was Calypso; one of the most gentle-hearted and caring person one would ever come across. She was dressed up in a pearl-white, silky gown embedded in glinting brown jewels, radiating white light across the cream-coloured church which itself was coated with elegant pink flowers and sparkling laces of decoration.


 It was the day of her wedding. Her pale, angelic face was gushed in confusion whilst she quivered the words slowly to herself as she read the letter. It seemed like she didn’t receive the message- as she read the letter thrice to comprehend. Then, she looked up at all the glorious relatives waiting for her to-be husband to arrive, who was running very late. Her emerald eyes were scared. She dropped the piece of paper, staring blankly far away into the distance, her body rigid, fearful.


And as she dipped into the world of memories, a play-back of the first day of her college was in motion- lucid and colourful. The same emerald eyes stared into the deep-blue eyes of a handsome young man with bronze hair. She laughed away as he probed her with silly jokes, her light-brown hair flowing behind her- he watched her carefully, his eyes glinting with interest. Then, the memory of their first-prom night together drowned her; she wore a frilly purple dress, with violet flowers pricked in her hair as she slowly danced to a romantic song in the background, with the same man- Luke. His blue eyes darted from here to there- across the prom hall, eyeing all the fancily-dressed women in the room. But Calypso was blinded by love, she only saw him and his cute habits- the world was so much more colourful with him. Her eyes imagined patterned butterflies fly around them, roses blooming in the sunshine, turquoise seas shimmering- as she looked into his eyes. And suddenly, he proposed her, proposed her to be his bride, his lady, his one. Forever.


Calypso was brought back into the real world as all the audience eyed her curiously, waiting to know what she had just read- the short, painful, stabbing words stated in a shabby handwriting that belonged to the man she loved. “Sorry, I can’t marry you- I’m in love with someone else. Goodbye forever.”  Her body started trembling uncontrollably, heart beating faster than ever and eyes burning with vivid, orange fury. She ripped her veil open, shrieking horrendously- thrashing past all the decorations and pretty colours. Her eyes swept past the three-tier creamy cake with a toy groom and bride, holding hands. She took a deep breath and thrust it all around, on everyone that she could see. They screamed, horrified as bits of cake ruined the look of their dresses and, left. They all thought she was saturated with retardation as she continued to destroy all beauties she could see. Once everyone had gone; casting bad looks at her, she cried out aloud- heartbroken and shattered. Then slowly, she looked up at the destruction she had caused; her swollen eyes burning red.


It is rumoured that the same smoking crimson eyes could be seen every night near the wedding place for they were of a banshee’s- who was once named Calypso.




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A wedding day...

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