Escape From Hell

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

i can't really summarize this without ruining it so read and find out about it.

Daemon stared into the flame, mesmerized by its color, as the fire grew, he had a vision of a tower of flame a thousand feet tall, whirling across the country that he lothed, torching cities and towns, turning rivers to steam, ripping across the ruins of heartland farms and casting the ashes of several million people into the black sky. He watched with dreadful fasination as the flame crawled up the match, and he realized that there on a tiny scale, was both the power of creation and destruction; it could cook food, illuminate darkness, melt iron and sear human flesh.

The fire burned his fingers. He shook out the match and dropped it into the stone ashtray in front of him. A thin tread of smoke bagan to curl up toward the beams supporting the roof.

Sira, Daemons' sister, was sobbing bitterly.

"Don't cry , Sira," he said ",don't waste your tears..."

"Don't cry? We're on the threshold of death...Soon we will be dead...Don't you understand? How could I not cry?"

Daemons' expession softened. He wrapped his arm around his younger sister, she was the only family he had left, everyone else was dead. Death was the only fate the Nadian race ever knew.

Daemon was determined to protect his sister, he knew they would escape. His confidence came from one thing; he had a friend no one knew about, not even his own family had known.

Two robust guards marched through the door, one grabbed Deamon and the other Sira.

Daemon gazed up at the clouded sky, he quickly took action, spinning around promptly, he swiftly tore the guards sword from its sheath. The blade flashed as he ruthlessly murdered the men holding his sister and himself captive. He whisted shrilly two times.

"Get down!" He yelled to Sira. She obeyed and crouched behind an old wagon.

The loud silence was ended by a deafening roar. A great black dragon unfurled his wings and beat down powerfully, cutting the heavy summer air in long, steady strokes. It's bright red eyes darted around, seking out his caller and master.

*Master...what a mess. You just had to get yourself caught, didn't you?* the dragon said, though only Deamon could hear.

*I am forever in your debt , Cormyr.* Daemon channeled his thoughts to the giant beast in front of him.

Daemon slowly walked over to his frighted sister.

"It's all right." Daemon whispered "Cormyr listens to me."

Sira looked up, her eyes wet with fresh tears.

"Cormyr?" she whimpered. Sira peeked around the wagon. "He-Hello..." She rose and hesitently approched the large animal.

Cormyr softly nudged Sira, showing her that all was well.

Daemon lifted the small girl onto the dragons back, then pulled himself up and possitioned himself behind Sira.

*She's terrified...and not of me* said Cormyr *What happened in this place to make her so scared?*

Daemon was silent , he didn't want to think of all the possible torchers they could have put her through. Cormyr then pushed the still air with his powerful wings, straining to work against gravity. Once they were above the city walls, Cormyr inhailed deeply, when he exhailed, instead of warm breath, a stream of fire escaped from his mighty jaws, torching the houses of that acursed place.

Submitted: January 03, 2009

© Copyright 2021 DeeLee. All rights reserved.

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awesome story :D i agree with that comment -points up- anyway, try reading one of my old stories, war of the realms. somethin tells me you like it. its fantasssy :P

Fri, June 26th, 2009 6:53am


thanks! i don't know what to do next in this story, but i do have more for a crimson splash ^.^ awesome i'll check it out.

Fri, June 26th, 2009 10:11am

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