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My reflection.

Submitted: December 07, 2006

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Submitted: December 07, 2006



I look out the midnight sea, but all I see is the moon’s reflection.
How sad the face of the moon looks in reflection.
But then I see my own reflection,
And realize my past is speeding up.

We all have this secret past,
Chained up and locked behind these doors.
Not wanting to open up,
Because it was to horrible or to hard to remember.

The red, white, and blue flag we wave means something,
We always have a purpose for what we attempt and do,

Why is it that sometimes we can be so stupid, but five minutes later
We have fixed it. And everything’s back to normal.

Don’t we sometimes want to put up that symbolic white flag.
And just say “We Surrender.”.
Why must we always make it more difficult than it really
Why can’t we just surrender for once.
At least let us have pride that we tried
Our best. But we can’t do anymore.

And yet still, we still try to kill off our enemies.
One by One.
We are so selfish we it comes to helping.
Like we will only help if they are dying,
But when they need food or shelter.
We just toss them aside.

The evil things that come out of our mouths,
Are they fueled by sadness or rage?
Our reflection is slowly speeding up,
But what will we do when it is beside us?

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