The Truth About Food

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Man's True best friend

Submitted: November 09, 2012

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Submitted: November 09, 2012





A tamer of wild beasts,

  The cause of war and destruction,

As well as can bring peace,

  Used at introductions,


Too much can add pounds,

  Not enough can depress,

Some years do abound,

  Yet others do less.


Can’t have parties without it,

  Served at soaring speeches,

People to it always commit,

  Grown at great heights and reaches.


Starvation for torture,

  Contests for fun,

Canned goods for future,

  Banquets to stun.


Friend to all, enemy to some,

  Be they vegetarian or omnivore,

Diabetic, junky, sweet tooth bum,

  Bachelor, cannibal, and more.


Nothing can quite compare to sweets,

  Enjoyed after meals to make it complete,

Be it good and healthy or not,

  No one will let them go to rot.


Chocolates, creams, puddings, candies,

  Jellies, cakes, pies, and cookies.

These are worldwide peace treaties,

  And I’m sure you’ll find that everyone agrees.


Meats come next,

  At least for me,

All different kinds,

  From land, air, and sea.


Birds, fish, deer, and pork,

  Beef, bugs, and such.

Most common utensils, knife and fork,

  Spoons aren’t used as much.


Rare, medium, and well done,

  Salty, seasoned, marinade soaked,

Grilled, fried, we’ve only begun!

  Oven baked, boiled, and smoked.


This type of food,

  Make hearty meals,

Lightens the mood,

  Renews lost zeal.


Strengthens the muscle,

  Makes them like steel,

Except the fast food bustle,

  Your clothes will find hard to conceal.


Plants of every sort,

  To many to name them all,

Simple “fruits” and “vegetables,”

  Are mainly the primary call.


Fixing them up to eat,

  Is much the same as meat,

A few of the extras are,

  Frozen, raw, and steamed.


Fruit cocktails,

  And salads,

Veggie dishes,

  And fruity liquids.


Some great with dips,

  Some not so much,

Most all you’ll eat,

  With fingers touch.


Plants, meats, and sweets,

  All serve us to the end,

Nourishing, sustaining heart beats,

Food, man’s true best friend.

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