The Hook Hand

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This is another Urban Legend that I love and I wanted to write it. I do not intend to have the copyright to it. I just love it and wanted to rewrite it.

Submitted: April 13, 2012

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Submitted: April 13, 2012



Danny and Emily were up at Teen's Point. A place that they went to every friday to look at the stars, to see what would happen.

"Look Danny, the stars look like they are telling a story tonight." Emily said.

"Yeah, they sure do." Danny replied.

The couple started hearing a clanking noise outside the car. It sounded like metal scraping the outside of the car.

"What was that?" Emily asked.

"Oh it was nothing." Danny replied a little scared himself.

They continued looking at the stars. They were trying to find Mercury when they heard the clanking again.

"Danny there it is again." Emily said scooting closer to Danny. Danny put his arm around her.

"It is ok, we are fine, it is just the wind." Danny replied looking around outside the car.

They were looking at the moon when they heard the noise again. Getting really scared and angry Emily told Danny that she wanted to go home. Danny had thought the same thing for the last twenty minutes when it began, but being the boy he didn't want to leave becasue he thought Emily would think he was a sissy or something. 

When they got to Emily's house they kissed and she got out and Danny heard her scream. He got out to see what it was and what he saw was a metal hook on the door handle of Emily's side of the car.

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