The Nightingale...

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It is a poem of a boy and nightingale.He describe the beauty of that nightingale.But next day that nightingale has flew away and he feels very sad and alone

Submitted: October 22, 2012

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Submitted: October 22, 2012




At night I look from my window;

One nightingale was sitting at the tree;

Which was looks so good;

And carefree;

At night the light of moon;

Was falling at nightingale;

Which takes ma heart away sordid boon!

And she was looking like the bird of fairy tale;

 After that nightingale;

Shook her head and twitched her tale;

She closed an eye and fluffed her wing;

Than she cleared her throat to sing;

I had forgotten my all pains;

When she sang a song;

This was too good;

But not too long;

Next day I was carefree;

But nightingale was not at the tree;

I search her at branches of tree and everywhere;

But she was not there;

Now I am missing that song

Which she song very beautifully;

And without her;

Now I feel so lonely;

Now I am missing;

The way she twitched her tale

And shook’s her head;

Before going to her bed (nest);

And now whenever I look at the moon;

I remember that beautiful melancholic tune;

Now I feel so woe-be gone;

Because that nightingale left me alone…”







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