Whisper Well

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the evil that women do. but we still love you.

Submitted: November 22, 2012

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Submitted: November 22, 2012



Kevin, Kevin, what do you mean?

The way it looks ain’t really how it seems.

Bruce told me about infinite dreams.

Abuse of the noose, such an infamous scheme.

I try to cut loose, but the mask is me.

A scarecrow applied to a deafening scream.

Patterns in the past reflect vigorously.

House of trick mirrors, can you really perceive?


She said, “Patience is a virtue, I never meant to hurt you.”

I heard you, but you never said a word to refer to.

Whether battling the curfew or chilling with preferred crews,

You took the better part of my heart and let it burn through.

I wish I could’ve learned truth, spoken through a curve tooth.

Ya shoulda stuck around to observe that my nerves grew.

I stay true to solitude for trust is now reserved for few.

Clouded mind keeps me killing time where the birds flew.


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