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They watch us, all-ways...

Submitted: November 26, 2012

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Submitted: November 26, 2012




Have you ever… seen faces on walls, they never really scare you. They just stay their watching you as you pass by. These things are seen as just imagination by what scientists believed is because when we see random scattering textures, our brain cannot comprehend it so we automatically try to make sense of the image often making us visualise some kind of face.

Do you believe that, I really hope so because if you do you have no idea how fucking lucky you are… …I haven’t slept in a while, my memory is rather foggy but I will try to write it before it leaves me completely. I beg of you if you are reading this to stop… I only write this as a last ditch effort to keep whatever sanity is left with in me to stay.

It all started on a Wednesday, it was summer time but of course here in England out summer was natural consisting of constant down pours so I was quite miserable. At 7:00 am, I woke up from my alarm and groaned, shifting my weight over and trying to force myself to awaken. It was still dark outside, and an opened window blind revealed the dull grey down pour on the streets bellow that even without being outside I could still feel a shiver run down my spine.

On exiting my room I headed for the shower still groggy eyed, this all an automatic motion from day in and day out routine. However half way through something caught my eye on one of my tiles; the random patterns on its creamy surface made what looked like a human face, but it was very faint. It strongest feature was its two beady eyes staring down at me with a look that was so plain and simple, yet it unnerved me, a twisted smile face spread from ear to ear and it appeared to be bold with a warped head top curving and dipping. It didn’t exactly scare me, but the more I looked at it the creeper it became and more and more I could not help but feel, not so alone anymore.

I ignored it and went to the rest of my daily business.

On the next day, I came back into the shower room haven completely forgot about the strange image. Only to meet eye contact by again, this time though my blood ran cold as I saw it’s expression had changed, it was no longer a grinning face and now it seemed to be angry, a fixed line across the random texture made it look as if his lips were lower than normal and trying to hide baring teeth with rage ‘maybe you imagined it different’ I thought to myself, but I could  not help but feel a little nervous now around it and every now and then I would try to look back to reconfirm there was no movement.  Scrubbing my head with shampoo I washed my hair down and as I entered that faze of not being able to see without burning my eyes on the suds,  I was struck with a panic  by the overwhelming feeling and need to gain my sight again. If cool water was not pouring over me I was sure I would have sweated as I horridly tried to cleanse myself of the shampoo around my hair.

After finally washing it all out I re-opened my eyes in panic desperate to lay eyes on the face again, but it was not where to be seen... I felt a prick on my neck a dry breath stroking to my side; I looked to my side, only to be met with the face. It had moved! Its jaws were wide open twice the size possible of anyone to do, his expression filed a grin once more as I slipped over falling from this sudden sight un-conscious.

Days later, I woke up in a hospital ward, my head stung and felt crisp and tight from stiches. I was glad thinking it must have just been a dream or something. That’s when my brother came in “how the heck did you hurt you self that much in a shower?” he asked me.





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