We have all been through something we don't particularly like to share on a daily basis. All have grown and change through personal experience, how you deal with it will determine an unseen future, as well as who your meant to be.

Some time ago life had a hold, of what i was and how i rolled, a crippled heart a shallow thought, perceptive outlooks on the spot, i thought to much or much to small, i looked at bad accepted fall, rejected self accepted pain, it took me time but had to train, myself to look at other sides, not just the gross infected lies, what i despised would fill my eyes to my surprise the deeper skies, would look at me as i looked back, i found myself or what i lack, the confidence it wasnt there, but started building now the air, brings life to mind in better ways, i see the lights and not the greys, iv been through more then most will know, so look at me and let me show, you there is more to life then downs, there are the downs but ups astound, you must acknowledge what is wrong, what crippled past has changed your song, then write for better sounding days, avoid the dark accept they greys.  

Submitted: March 26, 2012

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