Who I Am.

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Everyone goes through certain changes throughout the course of their lives. There were only two constants throughout my life, my love for writing, and wanting to help others if I could. Of course we all have moments of over indulgence, I know I do.

Submitted: March 25, 2012

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Submitted: March 25, 2012



What I was and who I am, two different things but same in plan, I am still me but not like then, then i was small but now I bend, bend in ways you wouldnt guess, i handle shit and handle stress, i handle yours as much as mine, I push aside what i should find, to hurt me deep i must seem blind, the truth is I dont let your kind, of people bother what i am, no matter what ill lend a hand, small shit never drags me down, i bottle big and never frown, but will if who i care fors sad, i need to help and make them glad, to drown the hurt and block the bad, though i hate when im just some fad, someone to talk to for awhile, someone to help and make you smile, but then forgotten like some file, you pack away for a little while, though i refuse to be put down, i wont accept your words you clown, theres millions like you everyday, your all alike in every way, i know me well i know you dont, dont judge me yet not til iv shown, so dont you think you know me well, til colors true are shown and tell, your friends and what you think of me, cause i dont care ill make you see, im not some douche ill let you be, so let me live be who i am, cause i wont change for simple lamb. 

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