Closed chapter

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The Closed chapter

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013



It was chilly windy day. Rachel pushed opened the cafe door . The wind gushed in and the wind chimes sung there different tunes.
The charming lady barista smiled at Rachel and confirmed “Regular cappuccino.” Rachel smiled and noded. She settled down in a cosy corner and started texting “gm honey. left early today..c u in the evening at our favt place..havn’t been there for long time..”
The lady called “Rachel your cappuccino “Rachel was still busy texting “will have nice dinner and then ..”

“Your coffee dear” a familiar husky voice pulled her away from her world.
She couldn’t believe her eyes. Dressed in rugged jean and a leather jacket his usual style , he was holding her coffee.
“Terry… ” she stood.
“Have your coffee first, I know you prefer your coffee steaming hot” Terry replied.
Rachel took the coffee, she needed it. She took a sip .Terry pulled the chair and gestured her to be comfortable.
“How are you Terry?”
Terry smiled “Better not ask that question. You tell me, are you glad to see me ?”
“I am surprised to see you. I didn’t know you were in town. What a co incidence you are here”
Terry grinned ” Its not co incidence, I am stalking you for past few days”
Rachel smiled “Your sense of humour is still bad”
“Well who says I am trying to be funny.anyways I want to catch up with you, so how about today evening at our favourite place”

Rachel couldn’t refuse. There was a storm of emotions flowing within her since Terry’s presence. She couldn’t push away the opportunity to escape from the cafe and prepare herself before she faced Terry again. She pretended to be in a hurry and locked herself in her car.

Her phone vibrated “hello love, I guess you left early today, call back when your are free”.Rachel glanced at her incomplete message, she was relieved she had not send her earlier message. She was not yet prepared to talk to anyone , she messaged back “busy day today, will be back home late, u tc”

The day moved fast. Rachel’s heart was eager to meet Terry and mind sub consciously preparing to face him again. She parked her car near the cemetery. She walked in the botanical cemetery ,all buried memories started popping up one after other. It was an unusual place to meet. But Terry and Rachel always loved to meet at this place, as among all the stillness ,they loved the beauty of there togetherness.

Today again she saw Terry waiting for her near the chapel. Terry’s eyes brighten as she approached towards him.

“You look beautiful” replied Terry
Terry smiled “I miss your kiss and the hug, every time you did it,when I said you looked beautifull.Rachel why are you so nervous”
“I am not”
“I know you too well , you always do that when you are nervous” explained Terry, pointing at her attempt to hold her lips tight.
Rachel tried to dodge that question and answered “so why are we here , what do you want”
“What do I want. I want to hold you tight and kiss you hard. But I guess thas not what you wanted.”
“Terry , It was not easy for me as well, I too loved you.”
“Yes your love, tha’s a good joke, that’s why you left me”
“I loved you and always wanted to be with you but your dreams ambitions were more important for you than anything else”
“You mean to say you didn’t want to spend your entire life with a struggling musician. You wanted someone with a good bank balance. I hope the one you are sleeping with now pays for all your luxuries”
“Terry please stop your nonsense. His name is Chris and he is the loveliest person in my life.I am lucky too have him.He loves me a lot”
“Do you love him Rachel? “
Rachel smiled “It was hard to go away from you Terry. Tha’s why I just packed my bags and moved away from you without even talking to you. But I had to do it.I was not scared of spending my entire life with an aspiring musician, but I was not ready to deal with the man who pushed me away when failure hit him. Every time you had some rejections you poured out the frustration on me.Did you even care what my dreams were”
“Rachel my dreams were for us.I wanted us to be happy. You were always a part of my ambitions my dreams”
“When Chris came in my life, I was not sure about my future with him. I always compared him with you. There was a time when I wanted to leave him and be in your arms. Then my mother got sick and I had to leave the town to nurse her. Chris had to choose to move with me or stay here and build his lucrative career .He decided to move with me .I asked him why he said “Rachel you are my dream. I am just following my dream” “
“I hope I have answered all your questions Terry. I need to go back, Chris is waiting for me and yes I forgot to answer your question I love him more than any one else I ever did”

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