Eyes of a Dragon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
When Hiccup and Astrid are preparing for their wedding a certain gift from a friend proves threatening to the engagement.

Submitted: November 18, 2015

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Submitted: November 18, 2015




The day of the wedding. It would be a wonderful day for the both of them, about 1 year ago hiccup preposed to astrid. They would have gotten married sooner but a certain war sort of postponed it. It took a lot of work but finally the wedding was just a few days away.

All the young and old women of the tribe were gathered on the island the was only known to the twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, they had named the island "burnsite 12" . And before they were to burn it Ruff decided it would be a great place to hold Astrids bridal shower

"Ruff, thank you so much, im so glad you havent burned this place yet," Astrid said as she look at Ruffnut with a pause."are you sure you want to burn this island tho? I mean Hiccup could use this for dragon stables or wepons even."

" well i don"t know Tuffnuts really been looking forward to roasting this place i barley got him to hold of the burning for your party."

Astrid chuckled and rolled her eyes at the thought of Ruffnut and Tuffnut have a fight over weather to burn thier island or not." well i guess this one will be fine but its just that is so close to the mainland that it could be so useful to hiccup, and you know how he feels about you burning useful islands."

"yeah, he threatend to put us in charge of cleaning bucket house . And HE keeps a sheep in there im not gonna clean that up eww"

they both laughed and continude walking to the party. When they finally got there astrid gasped at all the tables that were set up.There were tables for axe throwing compotisions and even more for food and presents.the table of presents was filled with wrapped and unrapped gifts. The wrapped gifts were wrapped with deer skins and tied together with wool string.

Astrid ran over to see all the people who had come to the shower she got hugs from all of them a an extra large hug from big B. bertha.

"oh thank you all, this is amazing!" she said over and over to all of them.

By this time Ruffnut had come over " you like it? I set it up."

Gothi smaked Ruffnut on the head with her staff "oh yeah bertha and Gothi helped too."

Ruffnut got another thwop on the head "OKAY....They set it up. but it my island ok?" she said back at Gothi.

Gothi gave a smirk and nodded her head.

"What do you want to do first Astrid?"  said Big B. Bertha as she layed one huge arm on to Astrids little shoulder.

"Lets do the present first im dying to see what that axe-shaped-gift is." she said with a laugh.

They all headed over to the table each grabbing their present to hand it to her

"Hold on!" anounced Valka who walked from the croud " Now even tho it is Astrid wedding i think she would like to have this one before she opens the others." she held in her arms a a large wrapped gift that was shapless and heavy.

 she sat down next to Astrid on the ground "here you go dear" she wispered to her as she handed it to her.

Back on berk, in the great hall, nearly all of the men and their dragons were yelling and fighting over turkey and potatoes.

"THATS MY LEG!!" shouted gobber.

and at that a plate was tossed at  him like a frizzbe. A fight broke out between gobber and another viking. more and more fight appeared before toothless had enough. He shot a purple flame acroos the large table then hitting the door. All the men and  dragons stood at attention like the most amasing cammand had been givin.

Tuffnut took the oppertunity the leap up onto the table and yanking hiccup with him to deliver a very short speech

"Hiccup," said Tuffnut pulling hiccups hand above his head "Is the craziest hooligan i have ever met and he found a girl who is just as insane"The short speech souded as if it could continue but he had passout almost taking Hiccup down with him.

Astrid opened the gift  reaching inside she felt the soft fur as she pulled it out she saw that it was a beuatiful, long bear skin coat

"oh my gods!" Astrid said under her breath, gently pinching the luxurious fur. "Is this yours?"

"It was," Valka replied "now you can wear it at your wedding."

"It looks old," She said.

"It is. It was my mothers before me and i wore it to me and stoiks wedding day" Valkas ey drifted down remembering.

"Thank you so much."

Valka smiled at Astrid and stood up quikley saying "come lets try it on" she stretched an arm out to astrid and lead her to a rock to stand on. Astrid slided into the coat easily and it complimented her precisely.

It was finally time to open the rest of the presents and there was plenty to open. some were handcarved wooden plates with engraved makings. Big B. Bertha handed her a wrapped axe. it had turquise rocks stuck into the wood and a glistening stone edge. some lamps jewelery and cups wer also given.

At that moment Hiccup had just finished propping Tuffnut up against the table.

"Alright now! LLets all shut up and give the chief his gifts." announced gobber. "the first one from the one and only." Gobber gave Hiccup a big folded fury ...somthing. Hiccup unfolded it and saw that it was a giant cape.

Upon further inspection he realized.... it was Stoiks. Hiccups pupils wided as he admired the beuatiful fur. Hiccup wasen't sad but he felt honor. Gobber brought him out into a circul of torches to show him another gift.

"This one is from me." he said. In the center of the torches was a a cage with a small red dragon in it. It was about the size od a terror and was staring at Hiccup with big, sparkeling, yellow eyes.

"I call him 'Nipper'." said Gobber

"Why is that?" Hiccup asked.

"Ah, he bit Tuffnut about a day ago." Hiccup nodded to Gobber. He then kneeled down to the little 'Nipper'. Hiccup streched his arm through the cage almost touching his nose.

Nipper looked deeply into Hiccups eyes and bit him on the hand. Hiccup pulled his hand away fast. It didn't hurt very much it just felt like two bee stings. However he did leave to tooth marks.

"You guess he got that name for a reason eh?" laughed Gobber.

"yeah i guess so. thanks Gobber." He was laughing too. Hiccup went back inside. Gobber checked Nippers cage.

"GErrrrrrBLAAAArawwwrrrrr!!" growled Nipper.

"Now now you stay put!" Gobber said firmly. He then went in to join hiccup.

Hiccup also recieved gifts such as sheets of leather and lumps of metel, seince Hiccup talked about his projects.Often. He also got a perticularly strong bow with matching arrows. The bow and arrows were gold tipped, and made with strong dark wood.

On the way home hiccup and toothles had to pick Nippers cage up, Toothless crawled onto the little dragons cage with Hiccup already on his back. He balenced himself and latched onto the bars with all four feet. Succsessfully, but wobbly. Toothless took off and headed home.

Toothless honestly tried to keep steady but Nipper decided to bite three of the clawed feet holding him in the air. Even a small dragon like Nipper can weigh alot, so when Toothless was forced to hold him with on foot... he coulden't for long.

Dowwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn fell Nipper.

"Get him Toothless!" Toothless dove down as fast as he could, folding his wings and Hiccup laying flat on the saddle. Toothless dove and dove until he finally caught him about ten feet from the ground. toothless slowly landed and Hiccup got off of him.. Hiccup found some rope and tied it around a few of the cage bars, and then around Toothlesses ankel.They were about half way home when they took off. It wasen't the nicest plan but Nipper only hit a few houses on the way home. When they finally got there, Hiccup put Nippers cage next to the house in the stable.

Hiccup was so tired from the party that when he flopped on his bed after letting Toothless inside he fell right to sleep.


(More coming soon!!!)




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