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a lovely thing

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012





In your little world.

Your voices fill the garden with their hopeful squeaks.

I ask my daughters , ‘ Can you hear them begging ‘Me! Me! Me me me!’. Please me!?’ ‘

Like my three, vying for attention.  They giggle.

Your parents so busy.  Non stop working to fill your bellies with the tiny white worms.

We thought we were busy!  So cautious, so resourceful.  Brave yet fearful. 

I love you little birds, I talk to you, trying to sooth you while I hang out the washing when your parents are out.

Your mum has a tuft like she is having a bad hair day.  All new mothers know that feeling.

Little birds, whose faces we have not yet seen.  You were eggs now you are baby chicks.

Soon you will fly out of the door in the wall into a world as yet unknown.

Does your mother give you lessons on survival, building your confidence? Like I do my chicks?

It is so, so small inside that wall, so dark but so safe. Out here I feel big, the world sunny and safe in our walled garden.  I hope so much that when you peek your tiny heads out of the cool nest you call home, you find the world welcoming and kind, an adventure to behold. 

The same wish I have for mine.

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