chapter two : diamond

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chapter 2

Submitted: November 20, 2013

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Submitted: November 20, 2013



Chapter 2 : Diamond

Diamond was home at this point at 4:00pm in her room wondering why Deion hadn’t called her since he dropped her off this morning. Diamond checked her phone and got on Facebook to check and see if Deion had been on or if his latest chick had heard from him. Her name was keosha she was like 5 feet or shorter and fun sized, with a brown complexion. But aint have nothing on diamond cause she was known and diamond was low key with a body of a goddess and that’s what Deion wanted. Diamond knew once she had got Deion she wouldn’t want anybody else. Diamond had only fucked 2 boys in her life; one was the first boy she went with. On top of that it was only 3 dudes she had gone with so she didn’t have any nigga drama.

A couple hoes couldn’t stand diamond cause who she wanted she got. Diamond couldn’t take it anymore so she got up and put on her white Hollister shorts and a Hollister shirt with a pair of Hollister flops to show off her pretty toes that needed to be done and she walked to the corner store. Diamond walked up the road and many people tried to talk to her and they couldn’t even get a conversation. Diamond had her eyes on somebody, that somebody was Deion sexy ass.

Diamond got her black and mild from the corner store and on diamond way back down the road she saw Deion talking to his lil bro. Deion lil bro was only 15 , hood as fuck but he called em Ant. she was about to keep walking and Deion called her over to the car.

“Aye lil mama come hea” Deion said.

“Wassup my lil secret?” diamond asked blushing at this point.

“Wea you tryna go?  Looking all sexy and shit, might as well get in…” Deion said


Diamond walked around the front of the Camaro and opened the door in got in. Deion leaned over and kissed diamond on the lips and she liked it but she said “how I know were yo lips been?” with a smile on her face and Deion smiled and said “yo pussy...” At this point Deion was handing diamond some purp and blunts and going down the road. Diamond rolling the blunts and Deion driving he looked over at her so she looked up and said “what?” he smiled.

“Damn, don’t play with me diamond you wanna go with me to make this run?” Deion said.

“Why not I’m in the car already and this can help me get my title that I want right?” diamond smiled

“Oh yeah that’s what u tryna do?” Deion looked over and asked

“Something like that! I’m gone make you cuff when I get you, your mine forever I don’t fuck up” Diamond said looking at Deion how he had that wheel game.

“Oh Kay that’s what I’m saying we gone test that shit out” Deion said smiling.


 Diamond had finished rolling the purp and lit it up. She looked over at Deion who was looking at her instead of the road she said “what Deion..?” laughing with smoke coming out of her nose and mouth. Deion just said “nun bae! Since you bae now but I’m telling you don’t try me or shit gone get real...” Diamond knew Deion was dead ass serious so she said okay. Deion phone rung and the name KE popped up across he looked at it Diamond grabbed it and handed him the blunt , he had the blunt in one hand and the other had the wheel. Diamond answered the phone and said “what up?” keosha asked off rip “who dis?” diamond said “you know who phone you called so what up?” she replied “where is Deion?” diamond said “he gotta lady now so what ya’ll have is what ya’ll had and it’s done!” CLICK. Deion looked at diamond and shook his head but before they could speak on it they pulled up to the spot. Deion parked and jumped out and was back in 5minutes throwing money on diamond lap hollered count this and pulled off. Diamond sitting on the side of Deion counted the money and it came up to 5 thousand like it was supposed to be.

Deion said “I like the way you handle shit” with a smile on his face

i said” well thank u where do you want yo paper…”

“It’s yours get 2 ½ put the other under the seat “Deion said with a lil smirk


Diamond did as she was told then asked Deion where they was going he said we going to just chill.15 minutes later they pulled up to the Hamptons. Diamond thought in her head [I knew what that meant cause in my head we had just made it official and I wanted some more of daddy dick cause last night only made me love all of him]. Diamond got out the car and looked at Deion and said “so you trying to kidnap me right?” he just said “you mine so it isn’t kidnapping no more” she laughed and they went straight to their hotel room he had already checked in.

Once Deion and diamond got through the door of the room they went at it like dogs in heat. Deion was in control but diamond wanted it just as bad. They made it to the bed and Deion layed down and diamond took his rock hard dick in her mouth and started sucking. It reminded her of a snicker it was cute to her. This was the first boy diamond had ever put In her mouth but she liked it despite the fact she said she would never do it but she had to practice to learn. Deion kissed diamond on her mouth then told her to lay down and once he got by her belly diamond knew what went down next Deion went to work with her pussy and she liked it cause nobody ever did it like him and that excite her. His tongue move really fast on her pussy, sucking her clit and over both of her pussy lips. Diamond goes crazy when Deion give her head her legs shake and she just can’t control herself. After diamond and Deion did a favor for a favor he was ready to beat it up because Deion could make diamond get really wet and teach her new things about her pussy she never knew. Diamond liked when Deion hit her from the back so he told her to flip over she did as she was told and Deion inserted his dick inside of her and started painting her diamond had her face down in the pillow but her ass was up. Deion pulled on her hair and that just drove her crazy she loved when he did that shit and they both came at the same time. Deion didnt pulled out and layed down next to diamond exhausted and said ya you mine now forrea”. Diamond looked at Deion and said “I know I want to be” and he looked over at her and said “I love you diamond” diamond could have just melted when he said that and she said “I love you to Deion, I won’t ever leave you”. Deion was the first boy diamond liked and it was something about him that had her hooked already and they weren’t even together for too long. That night someone called diamond phone and she answered Deion was gone to catch a buddy he had left while she was asleep and he woke her up and kissed her on her forehead. The caller was diamond ex-boyfriend who she really didn’t care for anymore and she broke things off with him and told him that her and Deion was getting serious. He didn’t agree and said “he will see about that. Diamond wasn’t worried though because Deion didn’t play no games when it came down to it he would shot, kill do whatever he had to do to make sure his people was straight. Its 10 p.m. When diamond was hanging up the phone, Deion was walking inside the room with chic fil a in his hands. Diamond was laying on the bed when she saw Deion come to the bed her eyes lit up like a daddy’s girl seeing her daddy for the first time in weeks. Deion gave diamond butterfly’s and she got nervous round him but she knew she loved him it was no doubt about it in her mind. She loved everything from his fro to his toes, especially those lipsJ . Deion handed diamond her food and asked “you had a good sleep? You was tired so I aint wanna wake you up.” Diamond said “I missed you J I tried to cut things off with my ex he said I will see I told him me and you were getting serious bae.” Deion looked at her and said “dats real Ni, that lil nigga aint no threat cause I will lay his ass down!” Diamond says “I know I’m trying to help him”. Deion got in the bed and said “your food getting cold. “Diamond looked at Deion layed backed on the bed watching the flat screen TV and she got up from the other side of the bed walked around and got on top of Deion and said “but I want you I’m not hungry”. He smiled and started taking her lingerie off with his mouth and diamond was smiling looking shy. Deion said “you aint gotta be shy round me I love yo body and I love you, watch I’m about to show you right now”. Deion kissed diamond on EVERY PART of her body, he teased her and she soaked the bed. By the time Deion was ready to slide in diamond was ready her legs was on his shoulders and as he stuck his dick inside of her she dug her nails in his back and said “daddy….” And at this point Deion mind went crazy he was fucking diamond like a jack rabbit or porn stars off a flick but diamond wasn’t ready to tap out. Deion was hurting her but she loved the feeling it was pain and pleasure from someone she loved and wanted to be with. Deion stopped before he came and put his lips to work and diamond came in 2.5 minutes and came all over Deion mouth when he came up to her face she smiled and said “ I’m sorry baby now it’s my turn to taste you” she took Deion dick into her mouth and started going up and down taking all of him till he finally came all in her mouth with a little in her face. But they both weren’t finish yet and they went to go take a shower. Deion in diamond once in the shower went for another round this time diamond wanted it from the back so that’s what Deion gave to her. With the hot water from the shower dripping on their body’s Deion stood firmly behind diamond with a beast between his legs rock hard and she slightly bent over in front of him and he was hitting like they didn’t just fuck 5 minutes ago. Deion had stamina and diamond was just trying to keep up cause she wasn’t really experienced. Deion came after a while and he nutted inside of her again. Diamond looked at Deion and said “damn you really trying to make a baby” Deion said “of course if I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t just bust in you let alone fuck you raw, but you my baby gone be my wife and I want you to be around so ima plant my seed inside you so in case anything ever happen you will be straight and still have a part of me” diamond smiled because it was something she wanted to hear. They showered each other and layed down to watch TV. Deion rolled a purp joint and the two layed in the bed and smoked till they finally fell asleep so close together like they were on a twin size bed. Diamond loved to be close to Deion he made her feel safe when she was in his arms he was truly her love and she wasn’t gonna let him go because she was ready for the hoes chasing him, his background and all the problems to come.

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