I care..

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It's kinda....

Well, read on to find out.

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



At my first glimpse of you
The world seemed new
There were only a few
Who were like you

For moments I stared
Into your blistering eyes
Some thoughts I shared
Along with some lies
In my mind of hopes

Lonely nights I spent awake
Waiting for you to take
Over my mind of good hopes
Waiting in the line of dopes

I hope there's place for me
In your lonely heart
Through which I can see
That we're worlds apart

I wish I could tell you
But it won't be right
Only if you knew
What I felt at first sight

Many nights awake I lie
Hoping for me to die
Because I thought I lost you
Those nights were not few

I wish I could touch your heart
And feel what you feel about me
I hope I can place the dart
In the bullseye of a sea

Many sights blurred I see
It was because of she
Coming into my lonely life,
Dragging me into it.

I still think that you care for me
For which I hope I'm right
I hope I could say 'We'
The next time I set my light

It's only you I dream of
It's only because of you I laugh
It's only you why I cry
It's only you whom with I die

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