Not so ordinary

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strange thing happen to just an ordinary girl

Submitted: March 13, 2011

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Submitted: March 13, 2011



"You may of thought that every girl is normal untilyou meeet me" Hi, my name is Sarah.I am very popular,but noone  knows how normal I really am!PSYCHE!!I am actually hmm whats the word....."un-normal" There it  goeI bet your wondering whatmmakes me un-normal  ,but you will have to wait because I am going to tell you about my life as a normal teenage girl.I have a boyfriend just like any other girl.I speak english of course!!Or you wouldn't be understanding what I would be saying.I am a cheerleader forthe cougars and I have one enemy that I cant stand :lShe calls me names such as potato nose butter teeth and sometimes booger nose,but honestly I think she is talking to her self :).None of things are true anyways so :).Back to my normal life Im the smartedt  girl in my class but IM NOT ONE OF THOSE STUPPID KNOW IT ALL GIRLS!  Is there anything else you wanna know geez!!?!?!?Thats one of my insecurites!!I have a good attitude so WATCH OUT!

Now,your probably wondering why I won't shutup about that so I am finally goiing to tell you about my not-so-normal life......I have soft hair,but a not so soft attitudeI turn in to a horrible beast on the midnights of the weekend.During the week I have to sleep on a hard wooden floor Momday -Friday.I have one ear that is bigger than the other.Not that big ,orr I would not have been as popular as I am today.I have this crazy magical power that noone knows about.Not even my boyfriend.I know I know your probably like OMG the key to a relationship is honesty ,but sorry NOT FOR ME HONEY!!I can run faster than most guys and girls....Thats why I am the way I am today.I play boy sports sometimes to.I am very unique in many ways.I live my virtual life on stardoll and girlsense I sometimes get socaught up in this drama that it takes over mylife........I live in a orphanage to...These girls and boys get on mynerves I just want to explode!!!!So I have to go before my dukey head of a mother gets home from her jobNow you know about my not so ordinary like asateenagfer !!EVERY IS NOT ASIT SEEMS!!

p.S.tHIS is not real from:the real writer of this storynot Sarah :)) Ciao!

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