Are You Walking About?

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A few days before a girl and I stopped talking, and shortly after she told me things between us would never work, I sent her this text message. She e-mailed it back to me in poem layout just before the end....

Submitted: March 05, 2009

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Submitted: March 05, 2009



January 15, 20095:36pm
Are you walking about?
Look to the sky, set your eye on the sun.
That is our sun.
That same sun that I look to now,
The same sun that warms my soul as it does yours.
It brings us life and joy and love and tears,
But it is ours.
It’s ours to share and keep forever.
But sometimes a cloud will move into view
And block the warmth from reaching us both.
And when it does,
I hide in the weeds and pretend I'm not there,
And I cry.
I cry with a mask of nothing to care,
As though the sun were never there.
But I know clouds will go
And pour their rain down
Like cold, tired tears of longing and pain.
And from those showers of sorrow and fear,
The light will break through,
And you’ll once again find
That I’ve not drifted away into puddles of rain,
Washed down a ditch of my own disdain.
I’m right where you left me when the sun fell behind,
When the earth grew dark under shadows of clouds.
I’m right where I hid in the heat of the night,
And right will I’ll stay until it is light….

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