I Once Knew A Boy

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Love and loss.

Submitted: February 26, 2009

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Submitted: February 26, 2009



I once knew a young boy, who, too, knew a girl.
With her he shared dreams
and pain alike
for not once did he think of her less than a god.
To him she stood high
above all the disdain
that for so long she’d absorbed
through tears and her scars.
But even the boy’s friends,
those who loved him the most,
warned him of deceit.
“Beware. The girl’s not what she seems.
You put too much faith in the ill at heart.”
And to them all he scoffed
for never before had he seen so clearly
that spirits were speaking
through this angel of his.
And he knew there was more.
He would never let go.
And through the next days,
the boy sought out the girl.
He journeyed for miles
each night to her home
where for hours they sat
in a candle-lit room.
They talked to no end
of what most twisted their hearts
and yearned to break free
from the tightening grasp
of their limited lives.
And they wished as a pair,
together in hand,
that someday soon,
a change would bring hope,
a path that made sense
for the girl and boy both.
But while the boy prayed
for his new bird to fly near,
the girl knew better
than to trap herself so.
And in return for the care
and compassion she’d had,
she only gave fear
for the young boy to stow.
The girl flew away and never came home.
Not a sound of her call would echo again
for she’d sworn to the boy
that all feelings were dead,
and nothing they shared ever had been.
And the boy sat alone
in his wide and tall chair,
his eyes set in stone
with a deafening stare.
He stayed in his house
for no less than three nights,
remembering what now
were no more than sad dreams.
He wondered if
what he thought he knew was
and if the girl that he’d loved
ever felt such a thing.
And in that dark sea of brewing distrust,
the young boy grew up
and turned a cold cheek
to the beautiful things
that for so long had brought warmth
and passion and joy
to his wide open heart.
For never again
could he feel as he had
and not think for once
that love is a game.
The innocence gone,
his spirit turned in,
the boy moved on
and never again
will he see her the same
as he had once before.
And forever from now,
the boy must let go.
And never again
will the boy feel at whole.

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