The Chase for Love's Sake

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Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011




The Chase for Love’s Sake

By DeidraElleannaGrace

Once upon a time in a far-off place

A young noble man led a lover’s race


But before this tale I reveal

There’s a back-story that must be told -for this is real


Two young friends, a boy and a girl

Exploring together the wonders of their world


The girl’s name was Isabella, and the boy’s name was Jack,

And money was something these two did not lack


They became inseparable, and never left each other; they became one

But because of the boy’s statement of affection, this love was undone


Isabella ran away, to Jack, she refused to talk

When she saw him in the town, she sped up the pace of her walk


She fled from the constrains her love

This perfect pair that may have been sent above


Time passed, their parents made a declaration

In marriage, Jack and Isabella would have unification


Once again, the girl ran away

For a night and a day

She went to the town

To find answers, and to look around


Jack became worried, she was gone too long

He waited, and prayed, something must have gone wrong


Back in the tavern there were traders telling tales of wonderful trinkets

Would Isabella like to see one? She could have one; all she had to do was pick it


The traders lured her to their tent, and once she was inside put a bag over her head

She was to be sold as a wife, forced to go to another man’s bed


Jack went into town, and could not find the tent of the traders

Isabella was not there, maybe they had taken her


Jack followed the trail of the trader’s cart, soon he found tracks

He wanted back his love, who was roughly bound by rope from a sack



Isabella thought, “If only I’d told him I love him”,

Jack thought “Now I know I truly love her”


Isabella left behind bit of cloth as clues

For Jack to find, to uncover the trader’s ruse


Finally, Jack caught up, he found the trader’s cart

They were at a foreign castle, known for its ornate art


Isabella was inside, forced to dine with the foreign gentleman

She looked for a way to escape, get out where she can


Jack snuck in that night, and freed Isabella from her bonds

They jumped from the castle window together, into a pond


They ran through a forest, and found Jack’s steed

They were back together, and in love again indeed


They raced back to their hometown

They were finally safe and sound


They became friends, closer than ever

And decided that they wanted to be together forever


They got married, and lived happily ever after

Because of the persistence of Isabella’s man, and how much he loved her










© Copyright 2018 DeidraElleannaGrace. All rights reserved.

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