Charcoal Consciousness (Final Diary Entry)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I streched this story out as much as I could, but everything has to come to an end so sadly this is the end....

hope you have enjoyed the journey of Destiny Sanders, as much as I enjoyed taking you on it...

from now on I will be focusing on my horror novel which is called Tenebrous Obscurity, never written a novel before, so I hope people like it, :)

I am Dastiny Sanders and this is the dayI found Ella again.

The last thing I heardbefore Ifell away from realityand into what was now my own private hell was the Charcoal Man's laughter,When I woke up two hours later, I knewI drempt, but could not remember it, which was a good thing, I did not want to see the white eyed demon again,when I opened my eyes I was of cause still in the hospital, I looked overto where dad had be sitting, and noticed that he was gone "DAD where are you" I called out, my voice seemed to echo like I was in an empty building,"HELLO where is everybody" I called out again, but still no one answered, not dad, not any nurses, nobody, I was begining to get scared, I droped my legs over the side of the bed,I felt a sharp pain run down my leg and when I looked to see why my leg hurt, I saw a long cut that ran the length of my leg, 'ah fuck I thought that happened in my dream'I tried to stand up but instead I continued to the floor and landed on my ass, I pushed myself up with my hands and walked over to the door, I steped out of the room and looked down the hall, I could not see anything very well,my eye's were all blurry, like I had had too much to drink, I turned and looked in the oppersite direction, I could see someone standing at the other end of the hall, I rubbed my eyes, but still everything was blurry, I noticed that theperson I saw was getting closer, "NO GO AWAY" I screamed "FUCK OFF" I continued, by now I was sure that it was him again,he came back for me like he said he would, this had to end right now, but what if it is not him, I had to take a risk and hope that itwas the'Charcoal Man'. Istumbled back into the room looking for a weapon, I walked over to the back wall of the room, I could see what looked like a tray with verious sharp things, I grabbed for the first shinny thing I could put my hand on, I picked it up "ARRR FUCKING BITCH",I screamed as I droped the realy sharp thing onto the floor, it was then when the blurrynesscleared up, and I could see was blood and a lot of it, Ihad cut my hand on that sharp thing, the scalpel, had cut into my hand pretty deep, blood ran out of the palm of my hand and ran down over my wrist and dripped onto the white floor, I grabbed a whitefolded up bed sheet, and tore a bit off and wraped it around my right hand nice and tight, it tock a second for the blood to turn it acrimson colour.

I picked up the scalpel with my other hand and turned around, standing right in front of me was none other then the 'Charcoal Man' his eyes had turedthe same colour as the brake lightsof a car, He smiled, and reviledblack fangs, like on a vampire, but why black?I thought to myself, I steped back fromIT, as he reached out to me, I kept backing back until I ran into a window, then he grabed me by the head and pulled me as close to his face as he could, I was frozen I could not move, let alone scream, He was still smiling at me and finily I could see his face, his skin was lose on his face, it was grey and under his red eyes it was a dead green colour, his light yellow lips, were slit like he had been eating razor blades, his checks were sliced, his jaw had skin hanging off reveling hisblood coverd jaw bone, I wanted to stab him in the eye with the scalpel, but I cold only movemy eyes, everything else wasfrozen,like Iwas paralysed, no not like, I was paralysed, death had me in a death grip, my head was beginning to fell like it was about to explode, "her gerrr harr, told you I would come for you pretty girl, Harrrr, you're soul smells so nice, Harrrr,It's a shame I have to take you so young, but it must be done, her gerr harr", I tried to rise up my hand but still I could not do anything, I was, what one would say in this situition, I was fucked big time.

It seemed he was waiting for the order to go ahead and take me, I looed into his soulless red eyes and I could see the eyes of what appeared tobe a million or so souls, It was at the point I realised thathe was death there was no longer any doubt aboutthat,as i looked ito his eyes I realised I could move my hands again, I swung my hand up and cut through the dead skin on his face, itslid off his face reveiling more bloody bone, he did not even flnich, I pulled my hand back and rammed the scalpel into his right eye, black blood spurted across my face, then the 'Charcoal Man' threw me across the room, I hit the window and continued through it, I let of theloudestscreem I had ever done, as I was falling, I could hear my dad calling out to me "Des, Des, Destiny wake up your just dreaming" I opened my eyes, I was not falling out a window I was sitting up in bed screaming at the top of my lungs, dad had both his hands on my face, I stoped screaming when i realised It was a dream, a night-terror to be specific, I turned to dad "When did it get dark?, how long was i asleep for?" he smiled at me "You have been asleep for at least four hours darling, what where you dreaming about sweetie?" I closed my eyes to see if IT was still there, then opend them again "I had a dream of falling" skipping out the rest that lead up to it, but that was all he needed to know "Falling must have been a long fall, you were screaming for three minutes before you woke up, I just could not wake you" he paused for a second then continued "come to think of it your mother used to scream in her dreams too" I sat they for about a minute thinking 'oh god, did mum know she was going to die, did she see the Charcoal Man too' I thought then I looked at dad with teary eyes "Daddy I'm going to die, I can feel it" I realised that saying that freaked my dad out, He swallowed hard, so hard I could see a tear run down his face "That's what you're mum said about an hour before the accident, you are not going to die why would you think that sweetheart" I now realised that my eyes were starting to water "I'm sorry dad, but everytime I dream about him someone dies" He gave me a puzzled look "HIM, who when you dream about who" I took his hand into mine "the Charcoal Man" when I said that I felt his hand tighten over mine, I could see a look i had never seen in his eyes sence the day mum died "Char.....coal Man, did you hear your mother say that when you were younger" I shock my head, "No why" he just sat there in silence "Dad, why, did mum mention that name before her accident?", "Dad answer me" he then losened his grip on my hand and stood up "JUST STOP DES, this is not funny, just cut this shit about this death man" I could sence not anger but fear in his voice, "I never called IT death dad" he swallowed hard again "DES, just fucking stop it ok" I had never heard dad swear, well not since the time at the hospital the day mum died, when he swore at the docter that gave him the news, after he swore he walked out of the room "I need to get a drink" he said as he walked out of the room.

He came back five minutes later, without a drink and sat on the edge of the bed, he looked into my eyes "I'm sorry I got angry at you before darling, you're mother, rest hersweetsoul, you're mother, often talked about this so called 'Charcoal Man' coming to her in her dreams, on the morning of her accident she told me she was going to die, I told her to stop being stupid, when i should have listened, she even drew pictures of this tall guy in a dark grey coat with a hood that blacked out his face, it had bright white eyes, sometimes red from what you're mum told me, she drew a picture of his face without the hood, his heair was bitch black, the skin on his face was dead and rotting in places, and he had big black wings, is that at all like what you have seen",I nodded my head "Yes that sounds exactly like IT, dad", dad smiled and said "Don't worry I wont let'IT'take you,come onI'm taking you home right now", It was a five minute drive from the hospital, but that five minutes was going to last longer a hell of a lot longer, after pulling out of the hospital car park, we turned left down Silton drive.

After driving downSilton for as little as twominutes ablack 4WD coming toward us on the oppersite side of the road slammed its brakes on and slid sideways in front of us, dad swerved to the left, the car slid down an embankment, I could see trees flying past my window, we had been going fast before going off the road and now it felt like we were going twice as fast, I could see the bottom of the steep hill was lined with tree's and beyond that was Silton lake, I braced for impact, knowing that for sure our car would hit at least one of the trees at the base, the car hit a large rock which caused the car to spin around, as we spun the car bashed into a tree, the car went up on two wheels then slammed down again, now the car was rolling with the back facing to the trees at the bottom, I looked over at dad but he was to busy trying to stop the car, to notice the fear in my eyes, I was certin that this is how I die, I looked out the front window just as the back of the car hit one of the many trees, I watch like it was happing in slow motion as the front window shatted but did not break, I could see the sky, as the car spun around the tree and rolled onto its roof, the car slid toward the lake but stopped when it connected with a tree right on the watters edge, with the car still turned upside down I turned to see if dad was ok, but all I saw was an empty seat and the buckled door wide open, "DAD" I screamed, but there was no answer, I looked back out the now broken out windscreen, "NO, FUCK, NO, not now 'Charcoal Man' don't take me now" I yelled out to the wingedgreyness of deaththat was hovering above the car, I managed to unclip my seatbelt, asI fell I hit my head on on the roof,sending a ruse of blood into my eyes, it stung like hell, I wiped it out of my eyes, then crawed out the open door,As I did I could feel pieces of glasscutting intothe palms of my hands, and into my knees, but I did not feel any pain, my body was still in shock, form the initial crash.

I finaly got out of the now junk heap of a car, I looked to see if I could see dad, ingnoring the 'Charcoal Man', after scaning around the car I could see dad laying motionless about three feet away from the car "DAD, GET UP, DAD" I screamedand soped at thesame time, "I'm ok sweetie, I can't moveI think my back is broken", Iused the car to help me stand up, and slowly but surely made it over to dad, I held his hand "dad he's here, the CharcoalMan',can you see him" He turned his head "Yes I can see him, you and you're mum were right, go....go and get help Des", I shock my head "NO, I am not going to leave you here with that thing", I squeezed his hand as he passed out, "RIGHT that's fucking it, take me or get lost", by the timeI said that the Charcoal Man was standing ontop of the overturned car, with a hudge smile, "hergerrr harr, what was thatpretty girl, her gerrr harr,I did not hear you" he said in an even more spookier voice then in the dreams "I fucking said piss off", his eyes turned from white to red as he said "NOOOOOOOOO, Bitch you said take me, and that'sall i needed to her, hergerr harr, now your fucking soul is mine" he jumped off the car and stood -(all 9 feet of him)- in front of me "herrrrrrrr, or maybe I will take daddy dearest instead, harrrrr ha harrrr",I stepped back a couple of steps "NO you can't, you just can't", the Charcoal Manmoved closser to me then put his hand out, I back back as fast asI could, I then lost myballance and feel to the ground, asI hit the ground i felt cold,Ifelt likeI had a really bad cramp in my stomach,Ilookeddown at my stomach,I had landed on a fallen branch, It went through my stomach,I could not feel anythinbelow my my waist, the 'CharcoalMan' was gone, disappeared into thin air, as I fadedoff I could see aman standing over my dad, I heard him say "It's ok siran ambulance will be here shortly", thank you bu.....t daughter, is my daughter ok" dad asked "Shit you're daughter, I see herI will be back" all i could see was a shadow coming toward me, then i saw nothing, no bright light, no golden gates,no firey hell, just darkness, but while I was there I felt calm, and i could no longer feel any pain, I realised my eyes were closed, so I opened them, Iwas in a room with a black floor, walls and ceiling and a bright white light onall four walls, then i heard a familiar voice "Des, Des, I have been waiting for you", I stood up, oh my god is that you Ella",I asked "Yes but why are you here so early", I sobed, not because I was dead but because I had found my Ella, and now she can never be taken away formme "It was a car accident, I don't rememberhow", Bella walked up to me"No one that diesremember's howthey died, that is taken from you" I threw my arms around Ella "I love you, and now I can be with you forever", I have a window thatI look out to watch my dad live the rest of his life, I somethimes feel that he knows I am there keeping watch out for the 'Charcoal Man', I finallyget to see my mother andElla again so i am happy.. My life ended today but in a way a new onebegan...

I am Destiny andthat was the dayI found Ella again.

Submitted: January 23, 2009

© Copyright 2022 Dejected But Symmetrical. All rights reserved.

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I liked that it as a shame it had to end though

nice work -Skye-

keep up the good work
Much love from your good friend -Matt-

Tue, January 27th, 2009 6:59am


Well as they say all good things come to and end :)

Much love -Skye-

Wed, January 28th, 2009 2:07am

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